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AS A ratepayer, would like to ask the coun­cil what the hell hey are do­ing to our shire.

All we see is waste, waste and more waste.

The way I see it, as far as coun­cil is con­cerned, there is only one area and that is Gympie. Just use the other ar­eas as the money for every friv­o­lous idea these peo­ple come up with.

Now I read they are at­tack­ing the same peo­ple who pay the rates they squan­der.

In The Gympie Times was a work­ing fac­tory that has been go­ing for 25 years and help­ing the lit­tle com­mu­nity it’s in.

If these peo­ple have been okay un­til now why does one “no” vote against it give you rea­son to close it?

I see Mark McDon­ald has his say. It would be bet­ter if he looked af­ter the area that voted him in but, no.

Next we have a beau­ti­ful fam­ily liv­ing here who have spent their lives pro­vid­ing a safe and se­cure home for chil­dren from bro­ken homes etc. They do this us­ing the horses they have.

Now you have the nerve to is­sue “get out or be fined” or­ders to them.

What sort of coun­cil are you?

Mick Cur­ran, you of all peo­ple should know the ben­e­fits these peo­ple pro­vide. Or don’t you care?

The Har­ries are my neigh­bours and they have chil­dren who are the most well man­nered around.

They work hard and you want to wreck their world.

What would you like them to do with the chil­dren’s horses and the fos­tered chil­dren too?

The area where these horses are is not used and they have cleaned up the bush area.

I have never been so dis­gusted with a coun­cil as I am with Gympie at this time. — Janet Patzwald, Cooloola Cove

Send some of the $120 mil­lion on com­mu­ni­ca­tion

I AM re­ally writ­ing to the Prime Min­is­ter via your­self be­cause a let­ter to him would likely re­ceive no con­sid­er­a­tion.

I would write to Tel­stra or email them but would prob­a­bly end up try­ing to con­verse with some­body who has scant knowl­edge of the English lan­guage, some­where in In­dia.

Hope­fully one of these peo­ple will read this.

Re­cently my very good friend died.

My first de­sire was to con­tact my fam­ily for sup­port but, since I live in Kilki­van, there is rarely any ser­vice for my mo­bile phone, the only de­vice I own.

Then I tried to text them and other close friends to just, you know, talk. Help ease my trou­bled mind. “No ser­vice” said my phone.

Well, you would think, what about the in­ter­net? No ser­vice there ei­ther.

What a pity the Prime Min­is­ter spent what?… $120 mil­lion on a plebiscite to dis­cover how many Aus­tralians want to al­low gay peo­ple to call their union mar­riage in­stead of in­vest­ing a small amount of that on cor­rect­ing the in­ad­e­qua­cies of our com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tems.

Why heck, they’d prob­a­bly have enough change to in­vest in the over­stretched med­i­cal sys­tem or the fail­ing fight against the ice epi­demic. They might even have enough to help counter ter­ror­ism.

Mean­while, while the lead­ers of our coun­try swan about in their blue ties and tell us they are do­ing a fine job, I have no means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion other than for a cou­ple of hours in the morn­ing if I’m lucky.

They live in cities or large cen­tres where com­mu­ni­ca­tion is not such an is­sue so they prob­a­bly wouldn’t be­lieve me. Or wouldn’t care to be­lieve me.

My be­wil­der­ment is only as­suaged by the warm, fuzzy feel­ing I get when I con­tem­plate the hap­pi­ness of ho­mo­sex­ual peo­ple be­com­ing one in the sa­cred form of mar­riage and I can only imag­ine those

$120 mil­lion will make them feel part of so­ci­ety in their quest for equal­ity. It all makes so much sense. Af­ter all, the gay lobby has gone all out to get us to vote yes.

To take my mind off such a quandary I would lose my­self in the make-be­lieve of tele­vi­sion… ex­cept there’s no ser­vice there ei­ther.

So it’s back to smoke sig­nals for re­gional Aus­tralia.

Now that sure is mov­ing for­ward, don’t you think? — Marnie Wal­ters-Burgess, Kilki­van

Put cam­eras in school zones

I READ your “in brief” re­gard­ing speed­ing through school zones.

An easy an­swer to this is to have fixed speed cam­eras at both ends of the zone, which would ac­ti­vate only dur­ing the al­lot­ted times.

One must re­mem­ber that the re­quired speed should be reached when en­ter­ing the zone not, as I of­ten ob­serve, af­ter en­ter­ing the zone.

Surely the rev­enue gath­ered by said cam­eras would quickly pay for any ini­tial out­lay and keep our youngest in a safe en­vi­ron­ment. — N Smith, Tin Can Bay

Can’t park in Smith­field St any more

COULD some­one please tell me why the coun­cil is against wheelchair park­ing?

I have a rear load­ing van with a hoist (which is quite com­mon, there are a few of us around town) and I can rarely find a park­ing space.

Some­times I used to get lucky and could park in Smith­field St, but since that has changed I don’t fit now.

The bays don’t al­low room for the hoist to un­fold.

I can some­times find an empty bay be­hind the Park Gates, but the slant of the road doesn’t let the hoist down level.

I can’t park in Mary St as the hoist holds up traf­fic (I have been abused for that). — Judy King, Gympie

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