Vic­tory Col­lege awards night turns spot­light on stu­dents’ suc­cesses

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Vic­tory Col­lege prin­ci­pal Brett Costin’s ad­dress to the re­cent awards night at the Pavilion. IT SEEMS a life­time ago that I stood at the first assem­bly look­ing over the sea of faces to ad­dress the stu­dents that were be­fore me.

The ex­pec­ta­tion on the stu­dents’ faces, the ques­tions they seemed to be ask­ing: what was this year to be­hold? What was the new prin­ci­pal like? Will I have a good year? What will I achieve? I was ask­ing my­self some of the same ques­tions.

Now I am look­ing back at a year that has un­folded with jux­ta­pos­ing mo­ments of won­der­ful suc­cesses and im­mense chal­lenges. I can­not ex­press enough the joy of get­ting to know the stu­dents and com­mu­nity, and as­sist­ing to build our Col­lege vi­sion; to help ev­ery child find their el­e­ment, pur­pose and pas­sion for learn­ing.

This year we have watched as our Kindy (MyKindy) ex­panded their num­bers.

Our pri­mary school con­tin­ued to see won­der­ful re­sults in read­ing de­vel­op­ment, not only in the lower pri­mary where our re­sults from our Read Write Inc. pro­gram were so pos­i­tive that our Di­rec­tor of Lower Pri­mary was flown to Syd­ney to share the suc­cesses of our stu­dents, but also in the up­per pri­mary where the in­tro­duc­tion of the Daily Five pro­gram has wit­nessed out­stand­ing re­sults in our stu­dents read­ing com­pre­hen­sion growth.

In se­nior school, the young ner­vous lead­ers that started the year, like jacaranda trees, have blos­somed into won­der­ful lead­ers we are all so proud of. I re­mem­ber them won­der­ing if any­one would turn up to their first or­gan­ised event – the Sun­day Clean up Aus­tralia day – as we were the first school in Gympie to hold an event on the ac­tual Sun­day of the clean-up. They were so pleased that our col­lege com­mu­nity had sup­ported their ini­tia­tive. Their first step of lead­er­ship was a suc­cess.

As with suc­cess there is al­ways chal­lenges and this year young (stu­dent) Tris­tan’s heart-rend­ing ac­ci­dent im­pacted our com­mu­nity greatly, we don’t un­der­stand all things but we know God was able to al­low a river of His love to flow in the ocean of de­spair. The sup­port, love and ac­tions of our car­ing stu­dents, staff, par­ents and the wider com­mu­nity demon­strated the val­ues that our col­lege is built on, faith, hon­our, ex­cel­lence, un­der­stand­ing and ser­vice.

I was hum­bled to be part of our col­lege as I wit­nessed our stu­dents, es­pe­cially Tris­tan’s mates, and our amaz­ing staff as­sist with the Day for Tris­tan where the whole col­lege came to­gether for a greater cause. We have also wit­nessed Tris­tan’s great courage to con­tinue to fight for his own re­cov­ery. It is not in suc­cess but in ad­ver­sity that we see what we are re­ally made of, and in these mo­ments we have wit­nessed our Col­lege com­mu­nity re­flect the val­ues that the col­lege was built on. Thank you to PHOTOS: CON­TRIB­UTED

Pas­tors Ge­orge and Mar­garet, our pre­vi­ous prin­ci­pals, staff, par­ents and stu­dents that have built such a le­gacy.

To our Year 12 grad­uands, when you started school, flip phones were the go with the lat­est one megapixel cam­era and the smaller bet­ter. There wasn’t a thing called Face­book, the so­cial me­dia world was ruled by Mys­pace and a new video shar­ing site called Youtube was about to be launched.

Since then things have changed, but so have you. You have gone from a lit­tle prep child learn­ing sounds and writ­ing on a black­board to a young adult learn­ing al­ge­braic equa­tions and us­ing in­ter­ac­tive screens. I pray through this time you have learnt to hold on to the val­ues the col­lege has given you.

I would like to leave with two pieces of ad­vice: 1. life is not about you and 2. it’s all about you. That sounds like an oxy­moron or para­dox I know.

One, you started each morning at col­lege with prayer and thanks to God; don’t ne­glect it. It helps you re­mem­ber life isn’t about you. Hon­our God, be thank­ful to God for what you have, it will keep you hum­ble. Talk­ing to God will keep you balanced and re­mind you of the val­ues that will make your life, mar­riage, friend­ships and fam­ily a suc­cess. It will also mean you have hope when it seems hope­less, dreams when dreams are shat­tered, love when the ones you love dumps you, it means you’ll look up when you fall into a pit and see a way out. Talk­ing to God means you are never alone.

Se­condly, It’s all about you – I would re­mind you, as Matthew McConaughey once said, “have a hero to chase, and make that hero the you, you want to be in 10 years’ time”, then set daily goals to be that per­son you know you should be a per­son that loves more to­day than they did yes­ter­day, gives more to the com­mu­nity to­day than they did yes­ter­day, shows grit when it’s tough, picks your­self up when your fall. Each day you have 1440 min­utes, how many you use to move to­wards your goals will de­ter­mine whether you reach the won­der­ful po­ten­tial that we all see to­day.

Your po­ten­tial is just that – po­ten­tial. It will not lead to suc­cess, it is just po­ten­tial, but the daily choices and pat­terns you set each day,

they will be what will de­ter­mine if you be­come the hero that you hope to be. As Ed­ward E Hale said, “I am only one, but still one. I can­not do ev­ery­thing, but I can do some­thing, and be­cause I can do some­thing; and be­cause I can­not do ev­ery­thing, I will not refuse to do the some­thing which I can do”.

Some of those choices, val­ues and pat­terns Vic­tory Col­lege and your par­ents have en­cour­aged and helped you – now it is up to you. Be all that we hope and know that you can be. I sup­pose Je­sus summed this up in the two com­mand­ments he gave: love God and love your neigh­bour as you love your­self.

See it’s not about you but it is all about you.

We look for­ward to hear­ing your sto­ries as you build on the po­ten­tial that God has placed within each of you and share your unique gifts to the world. Con­grat­u­la­tions on grad­u­at­ing I can truly say you are the best grad­u­at­ing class I have seen at Vic­tory (of course you are the only one) we are all so proud of you.

Tonight, at this mo­ment, it is all about you. Go and be awe­some.

Har­riet Taun­ton-Bur­net (left), Abi­gail-Rose McAl­lis­ter and Aaron Brad­ing.

PROUD MO­MENT: Gympie Mayor Mick Cur­ran with Jack Breb­ner and Rhi­ley Davey.

Rose­mary Horn con­grat­u­lates Abi­gail-Rose McAl­lis­ter and Jade Elk­ing­ton-Har­ris.

Award win­ners Har­riet Taun­ton-Bur­nett (left) and Alichia Snow­don with Cathy Cooper (cen­tre).

Mem­ber for Gympie Tony Per­rett con­grat­u­lates Shaun Lehman.


Vic­tory Col­lege awards night.

Mem­ber for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien (left) with award win­ners Jac­que­line Pekar, Alichia Snow­don and Jon Can­til­lana.

Lach­lan Roche.

Mayor Mick Cur­ran with (from left) Ruby Aitofi, Mia Ket­terer, Kye Stevens and M’Kaila Start.

Cal­lum Lehman, Eli­jah Allen and Kayla Dono­hue.

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