Stop serv­ing cru­elty on the din­ner plate

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FRANCES Klein writes about a video, that re­cently went viral, of a man bash­ing his dog (Teach an­i­mal wel­fare, 10/1/18).

She then re­minds us that there are other ar­eas of cru­elty that we may not think about – such as fail­ing to de­sex our dogs.

I’d like to draw readers at­ten­tion to other ar­eas of cru­elty to an­i­mals that they, like­wise, may not think about.

How would you feel if you saw some­one drop a puppy into a minc­ing ma­chine?

Well, this is what the egg in­dus­try rou­tinely does to male chicks.

And imag­ine how ap­palled you’d be if you took your dog to the vet to be cas­trated and, with­out giv­ing him any anaes­thetic, he whipped out a knife and pro­ceeded to cut off your scream­ing dog’s tes­ti­cles.

Well, calves and piglets rou­tinely have their tes­ti­cles cut out this way.

On many farms, calves are forced to en­dure de­horn­ing, cas­tra­tion and brand­ing all at once.

Please watch: watch?v=Xm­n76Ny­oFKs and learn about more cru­elty that is in­flicted on farmed an­i­mals.

These an­i­mals have the same ca­pac­ity for suf­fer­ing as a dog – or us.

Frances con­cludes by say­ing we should teach our chil­dren to treat an­i­mals with “re­spect and love”. I agree.

And the best place to start is at the din­ner ta­ble by serv­ing up cru­elty-free non-an­i­mal fare only.

— Jenny Mox­ham, Mon­bulk, Vic

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