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Dec1: Dec 1 st by K2­tog at the beg and SSK at the end of a RS row, and P2­tog at the beg and P2­tog tbl at the end of a WS row. M1pw: Make 1 purl­wise. Use the bar that is be­tween the stitch you have just purled and the one you are just about to purl. Pick it up with the left-hand nee­dle from back to front and purl into the back. RT: K2­tog and leave sts on the LH nee­dle, knit the first st again, then slip both sts off the nee­dle. LT: With RH nee­dle be­hind work, skip the first stitch and knit the se­cond st through the back of the loop, leav­ing it on the LH nee­dle, then knit the 1st and se­cond sts to­gether through the back of the loop. Slip both sts off the LH nee­dle.

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