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re­main, con­tin­u­ing to work with­out shap­ing from Chart un­til foot meas 4 ( 5) cm less than to­tal de­sired foot length.


Round 1 (Dec round): *Knit to 3 sts be­fore mrk, K2­tog, K1, slm, K1, SSK; rep from * once more, K to end. Round 2: Knit Rep Rounds 1 and 2 un­til 40 ( 44) sts re­main. Next round: Work Round 1 only un­til 16 ( 20) sts re­main. Graft re­main­ing sts to­gether us­ing Kitch­ener Stitch. Weave in ends. Block gen­tly, fol­low­ing any yarn care in­struc­tions on the ball band. Work se­cond sock the same.

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