The Knitter - - Diagonal Dance -


With RS fac­ing, us­ing 3.25mm nee­dles and A, pick up and knit 164 ( 166: 166: 170: 172) along left front, from start of neck shap­ing to cast-on. Work 12 rows in moss st. Cast off in patt.


With RS fac­ing, 3.25mm nee­dles and A, pick up and knit 164 ( 166: 166: 170: 172) sts along right front, from cast-on to start of neck shap­ing. Work in moss st for 5 rows, end­ing af­ter a WS row. But­ton­hole row (RS): Patt to last 36 sts, *cast off 4 sts, patt un­til there are 10 sts on RH nee­dle af­ter last cast-off; rep from * once more, cast off 4 sts, patt to end. Next row (WS): Work in patt, cast­ing on 4 sts over each set of cast-off sts. Work 5 rows more in moss st. Cast off in patt.


Us­ing 3.25mm nee­dles and A, cast on 35 ( 39: 43: 47: 51) sts. Work 1 row in moss st. Cont in moss st, cast­ing on 5 ( 6: 6: 7: 7) sts at beg of next 10 rows, then 7 ( 7: 8: 8: 8) sts at beg of foll 2 rows. 99 ( 113: 119: 133: 137) sts. Work even in moss st un­til piece meas 8cm from last cast-on. Cast off in patt. Weave loose ends back into own colours. Join shoul­der seams. Join side seams and sleeve seams. Set sleeves into arm­holes. At­tach col­lar. Sew but­tons op­po­site but­ton­holes. Block lightly to mea­sure­ments, fol­low­ing any yarn care in­struc­tions on the ball bands.

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