The Knitter - - Falaise -

Work as for Sweater to ** Edg­ing round 1: Purl. Edg­ing round 2: Knit. Edg­ing round 3 (eye­lets): (yo, K2­tog) to last st, K1. Edg­ing round 4: Purl. Edg­ing round 5 (dec): K3, (K3, K2­tog, K3) 9 times, K3. (69 sts) Edg­ing round 6: Purl. Work pi­cot cast-off as folls: Cast off 3 sts, *slip st on RH nee­dle back onto LH nee­dle, cast on 2 sts, then cast off 5 sts, rep from * to end. Com­plete as for Sweater from ***, leav­ing garter st edg­ing open at bot­tom edge.

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