Faye Per­riam-Reed on cre­at­ing neater in­tar­sia

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Q I’ve tried in­tar­sia, but my fab­ric al­ways looks messy. Any tips?

A In­tar­sia knit­ting looks fan­tas­tic when done well, as our ‘Teign’ shawl on page 43 shows. There are a few sim­ple tricks to achiev­ing a neat fab­ric. First, it’s help­ful to wind bob­bins of the dif­fer­ent colours you’ll be work­ing with be­fore you start to knit.

1-2 When chang­ing colours, al­ways pick up the new yarn from underneath the pre­vi­ous one and gen­tly pull up to tighten its last stitch. Try to keep an even ten­sion as you knit - keep check­ing by smooth­ing out the knit­ting to make sure it will lie flat.

3 Be­fore block­ing, neaten the stitches. On the wrong side, pull up the loose strands, then check the right side and straighten the stitches. Work on both sides un­til the knit­ting looks uni­form. When weav­ing in your ends, weave into the loops at the yarn change, be­ing care­ful not to weave in too many ends in one area, as it will leave a lumpy fin­ish.

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