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The Knitter - - Eve River - Barb Brown

“THE EVE River me­an­ders along near my home town in Canada, with leaves float­ing in the qui­eter pools, and rip­ples and waves in the faster cur­rents,” says Barb Brown. “The pat­tern on th­ese socks re­minds me of the river; it’s a com­pli­cated-look­ing stitch that is easy to ex­e­cute.” The socks are knit­ted in a lux­u­ri­ous yarn from Sweet Ge­or­gia, which has a touch of silk and mo­hair.


Us­ing 2.5mm DPNs, cast on 63 ( 72: 78) sts us­ing the pi­cot cast-on as folls: *Cast on 5 sts us­ing the knit­ted cast-on. Cast off 2 sts, re­turn re­main­ing 1 st from right nee­dle to left nee­dle.** 3 sts to­tal cast on. Re­peat from * to ** un­til de­sired num­ber of sts is cast on. Pm for beg of rnd. Do not join. Row 1: K1tbl to end, inc 1 ( 0: 2) sts. 64 ( 72: 80) sts. Row 2: Knit. Join for work­ing in the rnd, be­ing care­ful not to twist sts. Rnd 1: (K1, P1) to end. Work K1, P1 rib for 14 more rnds. Next rnd: Knit to end. Next rnd: Purl to end. Next rnd: Knit to end. Work 2 com­plete re­peats of the chart for your size.


Next row: (Sl 1 pwise, K1) across the first 32 ( 36: 40) sts for the heel flap. Place re­main­ing 32 ( 36: 40) sts on hold for the in­step. Row 1 (WS): Sl 1, purl to end. Row 2 (RS): (Sl 1 pwise, K1) to end of row. Rep last 2 rows 14 ( 16: 18) more times. Work Row 1 once more.


Row 1: K16 ( 18: 20), SSK, K1, turn. Row 2: Sl 1, P1, P2­tog, P1, turn. Row 3: Sl 1, K2, SSK, K1, turn. Row 4: Sl 1, P3, P2­tog, P1, turn. Note that you are knit­ting or purl­ing to­gether the sts be­fore and after the gap cre­ated by turn­ing, and work­ing 1 more stitch each row. Note that the last 2 rows may end with work 2 tog. Con­tinue in this man­ner un­til all sts have been used, end­ing with a purl row. 16 ( 18: 20) sts. Knit across heel sts, pick up and knit 18 ( 20: 22) sts up left side of heel flap, pm, knit across in­step sts, keep­ing to pat­tern as es­tab­lished, pm, pick up and knit 18 ( 20: 22) sts down right side of heel flap, K8 (9:10) heel sts. 84 ( 94: 104) sts. Move beg of rnd mrk to cen­tre of heel.


Rnd 1: Knit, keep­ing in­step in patt as set. Rnd 2: Knit to 3 sts be­fore in­step mrk, K2­tog, K1, slm, work in­step as set, slm, K1, SSK, work to end of round. Re­peat rnds 1 and 2 un­til 64 ( 72: 80) sts re­main in round.


Work rnd 1 only un­til foot length is ap­prox. 6cm less than de­sired length, end­ing last round at mrk be­fore in­step. This marks new beg of round.


Rnd 1: Knit to end. Rnd 2: *K1, SSK, K to 3 sts be­fore mrk, K2­tog, K1, slm, K1; rep from * once more. Re­peat rnds 1 and 2 un­til 32 ( 36: 40) sts rem. Work rnd 2 only un­til 16 ( 20: 20) sts rem. Graft toe sts us­ing Kitch­ener stitch. Sew in ends. Block care­fully, fol­low­ing any yarn care in­struc­tions on the ball band.

Lace stitch pat­tern is easy to work

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