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“THIS FEM­I­NINE shrug is knit­ted in en­trelac con­struc­tion,” says de­signer Jen­nie Atkin­son. “This tech­nique gives an in­ter­est­ing tex­tu­ral fin­ish, but is dif­fi­cult to shape! Be­cause of this I have used it to make a large shrug – which doesn’t re­quire much shap­ing. A drop­stitch pat­tern at the cen­tre of each rec­tan­gle adds in­ter­ested to the de­sign.” Jen­nie’s shrug is knit­ted in Fy­berspates Vi­va­cious DK, a soft yet tough merino that comes in hand-dyed colour­ways.


The en­trelac pat­tern is worked in lev­els - or ‘rows’, start­ing with a base of tri­an­gles, fol­lowed by a row of right-slop­ing WS rec­tan­gles with tri­an­gles at each side edge, fol­lowed by an­other level of left-lean­ing RS rec­tan­gles. WS and RS rec­tan­gles al­ter­nate to form the fabric. For more in­for­ma­tion on the en­trelac tech­nique, plan­et­purl.com has pro­vided an ex­cel­lent tu­to­rial on YouTube: http://bit.ly/ppen­trelac The shrug is knit­ted side­ways in two iden­ti­cal pieces, then seamed at the cast-on edge to form the back seam. A back V-neck is shaped by leav­ing part of the seam open to form the neck edge. The ribbed col­lar is worked along this edge, while a ribbed edg­ing is worked around the body from neck cor­ner to neck cor­ner.


Us­ing 4mm nee­dles, cast on 88 ( 99: 110) sts. Rows 1-2: K2, turn, P1, Sl 1, turn. Rows 3-4: K3, turn, P2, Sl 1, turn. Rows 5-6: K4, turn, P3, Sl 1, turn. Rows 7-8: K5, turn, P4, Sl 1, turn. Rows 9-10: K6, turn, P5, Sl 1, turn. Rows 11-12: K7, turn, P6, Sl 1, turn. Rows 13-14: K8, turn, P7, Sl 1, turn. Rows 15-16: K9, turn, P8, Sl 1, turn. Rows 17-18: K10, turn, P9, Sl 1, turn. Row 19 (RS): K11. Do not turn. Rep rows 1-19 7 ( 8: 9) times more. Turn.

***LEVEL 2

Left Edge Tri­an­gle Rows 1-2: P2, turn, K2, turn. Rows 3-4: PFB, P2­tog, turn, K3, turn. Rows 5-6: PFB, P1, P2­tog, turn, K4, turn. Rows 7-8: PFB, P2, P2­tog, turn, K5, turn. Rows 9-10: PFB, P3, P2­tog, turn, K6, turn. Rows 11-12: PFB, P4, P2­tog, turn, K7, turn. Rows 13-14: PFB, P5, P2­tog, turn, K8, turn. Rows 15-16: PFB, P6, P2­tog, turn, K9, turn. Rows 17-18: PFB, P7, P2­tog, turn, K10, turn. Row 19: PFB, P8, P2­tog. Do not turn. WS Rec­tan­gles **Pick up and purl 11 sts across next sl st edge. Turn. Rows 1-2: K10, Sl 1, turn, P10, P2­tog, turn. Rows 3-20: Rep rows 1-2 nine times more. Rows 21-22: K10, Sl 1, turn, P5, yo, drop next st, P4, P2­tog. Do not turn. Rep from ** 5 ( 6: 7) times more. Right Edge Tri­an­gle Pick up and purl 11 sts across next sl st edge. Turn. Rows 1-2: K10, Sl 1, turn, P9, P2­tog, turn. Rows 3-4: K9, Sl 1, turn, P8, P2­tog, turn. Rows 5-6: K8, Sl 1, turn, P7, P2­tog, turn. Rows 7-8: K7, Sl 1, turn, P6, P2­tog, turn. Rows 9-10: K6, Sl 1, turn, P5, P2­tog, turn. Rows 11-12: K5, Sl 1, turn, P4, P2­tog, turn. Rows 13-14: K4, Sl 1, turn, P3, P2­tog, turn. Rows 15-16: K3, Sl 1, turn, P2, P2­tog, turn. Rows 17-18: K2, Sl 1, turn, P1, P2­tog, turn. Rows 19-20: K1, Sl 1, turn, P2­tog, turn.


RS Rec­tan­gles Row 1: Sl 1, pick up and knit 10 sts down sl st edge, turn. Rows 2-3: P10, Sl 1, turn, K10, SSK, turn. Rows 4-21: Rep rows 2-3 nine times more. Rows 22-23: P10, Sl 1, turn, K5, yo, drop 1, K4, SSK. Do not turn. Pick up and knit 11 sts down side of next sl st edge. Turn. Rep rows 2-23 6 ( 7: 8) times more, then rep rows 2-21 once more. Next row (WS): P10, Sl 1, turn. Next row (RS): K5, yo, drop 1, K4, SSK. Rep Lev­els 2-3, 2 ( 3: 4) times more.

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