One Na­tion a big chance at next state elec­tion

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JUST read your ar­ti­cle on­line Dated 12/1/2017 about Pauline Han­son’s plan to win the state elec­tion.

One Na­tion is in with a great chance next elec­tion due to the fact most of the Aus­tralian pop­u­la­tion is sick of be­ing treated like fools and be­ing dic­tated to by the two ma­jor par­ties.

The two ma­jor par­ties are so far out of touch with what is best for Aus­tralia and its peo­ple.

Both par­ties’ mem­bers are too busy lin­ing their own pock­ets and us­ing the purse as a free for all.

The def­i­ni­tion of in­san­ity is “do­ing the same thing over and over and ex­pect­ing a dif­fer­ent re­sult”. Noth­ing rings more true than that in Aus­tralian pol­i­tics.

Ev­ery elec­tion we vote one of the cor­rupt out and an­other one of the cor­rupt in.

One Na­tion might not be the an­swer, but we are at the stage where both the La­bor and Lib­eral par­ties are truly not.

We have seen lead­ers of both par­ties change at will and have had no real di­rec­tion in mov­ing for­ward as a na­tion in the last 10 years. Maybe next elec­tion we will all vote a bit more wisely and let the “big two” know we, as the peo­ple of Aus­tralia, have had enough of the po­lit­i­cal games. — Steve Hawker Frenchville

POL­LIES: Rock­hamp­ton MP Bill Byrne, Liv­ing­stone Mayor Bill Lud­wig and Queens­land Sen­a­tor Pauline Han­son.

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