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LEIGH TURN­BULL. I would like to pub­li­cally put my sup­port be­hind ONE NA­TION. I had great hopes when my name sake be­came PM. How­ever our two ma­jor par­ties take too much no­tice of the mi­nor­ity’s and ONE NA­TION, al­though con­tro­ver­sial may get us think­ing as a na­tion I have one com­ment to ONE NA­TION please vet your can­di­dates care­fully. We need de­cent hu­man be­ings to rep­re­sent our na­tion

SN, YPN. ADF says a study into the po­ten­tial so­cial and eco­nomic im­pacts of its SWB land­grab is un­der way and due to re­port mid 2017, has al­ready started ac­quir­ing the land! Is the ADF out of con­trol?

OLD­TIMER COKY. The ex­ist­ing S.W.B army area was once graz­ing prop­er­ties, the homes and liveli­hood of fam­i­lies. Hav­ing your home, land and chil­drens fu­ture taken away can never be fully com­pen­sated for. Like­wise, gen­er­a­tions of hard work, plan­ning and management have gone the prop­er­ties in the ex­pan­sion area. We must value our gra­ziers more and stand up for them. We need our food pro­duc­ers. They should be at the top of the ‘eco­nomic plan’ not over­seas mil­i­tary and mines. Do not let more good land be wasted!!

SN, YPN. Mackay air­port ter­mi­nal for Adani is a bid to steal what may be Rocky’s share of the jobs. RRC must re­spond quickly with a counter of­fer or see our share of the eco­nomic ben­e­fits go to more proac­tive Mackay!

TG ROCK­HAMP­TON. Peo­ple are rightly out­raged about politi­cians and in­ap­pro­pri­ate travel claims and mis­use of tax payer funded re­sources. I think most would be more shocked if the waste and in­ap­pro­pri­ate use of re­sources in our pub­lic ser­vice was ex­posed.

There is cer­tainly a cul­ture of en­ti­tle­ment alive and well in our gov­ern­ment de­part­ments and the quan­tum of the in­ap­pro­pri­ate or mis­aligned use of tax­payer dol­lars would dwarf any­thing our pol­lies are do­ing.

TYTO, ROCKY. Un­til Landry and Cana­van say over my dead body to the SWBTA ex­pan­sion plan, and swear to vote against it in par­lia­ment, they have no cred­i­bil­ity in CQ. Stop waf­fling Michelle: the an­swer to this plan is a sim­ple NO.

RM, BERSERKER. Now that the army is tak­ing all that prime graz­ing land i guess the road trains through Rocky streets wont be needed?

RATEPAYER. Thanks for look­ing at us ratepay­ers’ in­ter­ests Mar­garet. Would you now be able to get some­one to fix the dirt track that lower Ibis Av­enue has de­gen­er­ated into? Yes, we ratepay­ers are ask­ing and yes, I be­lieve the Ave is still part of Rock­hamp­ton. Thanks Ed­i­tor’s note: Mayor Strelow has been ap­proached for com­ment.

CHEVY. It’s about time that the thieves who op­er­ate the lo­cal ser­vice sta­tions are brought to ac­count. I was un­der the im­pres­sion that the ACCC deemed that col­lu­sion was il­le­gal so how do these par­a­sites get away with jack­ing up the price of fuel all at the same time. Michelle Landry needs to in­ves­ti­gate why we are be­ing ripped off.

DE AMAL­GA­MA­TION. So how­many peo­ple who live in the Rock­hamp­ton ratepayer re­gion go to the Capri­corn Coast to en­joy the won­der­ful fa­cil­i­ties pro­vided by the Liv­ing­stone Coun­cil ! Re­ally Mar­garet it cuts both ways. Never re­ally got over de-amal­ga­tion.

COL RKX. Thanks to your re­sponse to my text, NWH TIMMS. I’d say most peo­ple would not have known about the “Lima Dec­la­ra­tion” but there’s one thing for sure, they should fight to over­turn it.

RM ST LAWRENCE. The Phan­tom is very vi­o­lent at present; where are the "one punch " po­lice ?

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