Ed­u­cated cor­rectly at school, take note

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MR Timms’ let­ter to TMB 08/01 quot­ing Ein­stein is cor­rect be­cause I’ve seen a down­hill slide in al­most ev­ery­thing over the last 20 years.

Cou­ples/fam­i­lies spend all day call­ing each other on their phones, so they’ve got noth­ing to talk about at night.

Lit­er­acy is also very much in de­cline be­cause gram­mar is no longer taught in schools and most to­day don’t know the dif­fer­ence, for ex­am­ple, be­tween “there, their and they’re”, whereas when I was at school we were all ed­u­cated prop­erly.

Also, it seems to take for­ever for peo­ple to ac­tu­ally get mo­ti­vated be­cause ev­ery­thing is geared to­wards tech­nol­ogy and even­tu­ally, as Ein­stein said, the world will be full of id­iots.

This is true, be­cause if you get an idiot and mo­ti­vate him, all you will have is a mo­ti­vated idiot. — T Robert­son The Range

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