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■ RM ST LAWRENCE. The ABC never misses a chance to crit­i­cise the Gov­ern­ment; on Break­fast this morn­ing, Michael, sober face and se­ri­ous voice, told us that “some peo­ple are fill­ing out nu­mer­ous forms that have been sent to units where past res­i­dents haven’t changed ad­dress “(re­ally ???) For­got to men­tion that the bar­code is counted only once, so the smart#&*%s achieve noth­ing !! La­bor’s ABC, it was ever thus.

■ GINA. So a bloke that bashs his wife and kids (or vice versa) gets to vote on same sex mar­riage? what a crock...

■ LMMK. Re ANNA. Def­i­ni­tion of Mar­riage as per Dic­tionary “The le­gally or for­mally recog­nised Union of two part­ners in a per­sonal re­la­tion­ship (his­tor­i­cally be­tween a man and a woman). His­tor­i­cally?? A mo­ment in time - past event. Times change Anna and peo­ple make new his­tory... There are many types of mar­riages - Civil Re­li­gious - There’s Monogamy (Ex­clu­sive) - Polygamy (more than one spouse) - Polyandry (one wife sev­eral hus­bands) Bos­ton (be­tween two women not nec­es­sar­ily sex­ual). What about Open mar­riages -Sham mar­riages - mar­riages of Con­ve­nience - Post­hu­mous (af­ter death, le­gal in France). Let’s not for­get Sex­less and Shot­gun mar­riages. The list is long... Per­son­ally if it’s not harm­ing any­one, I fully sup­port any type of mar­riage as long as it doesn’t in­volve me... So we might just have to add a more de­scrip­tive mean­ing of mar­riage in the dic­tionary. No big deal hap­pens all the time. As for rewrit­ing “The Book” many fairy tales have been rewrit­ten over the years why not that one??? (Whoops !!!! .... Did I just say that out loud .... sure to ruf­fle a few feathers) If it’s not af­fect­ing you Anna why all the fuss .... Long Live Love .....

■ JAMES PA. Gov­ern­ment waste mil­lions on the ques­tion of gay peo­ple get­ting mar­ried. i voted no cause there are not

a man and women which is the mean­ing of the work. Hu­mans change the rule to get a ad­van­tage. stop wast­ing mil­lions we are in a lot of debt do some­thing that low­ers it and do your job.

■ RM, FRENCH. well nsw now with only one team left out of the four in the semi fi­nals af­ter a great game by the cow­boys

■ A QUEENS­LAN­DER. How sad for nsw that there is only one chance of get­ting a team from nsw in the grand fi­nal. Qld have a chance of hav­ing two of our three teams (oops two teams) in grand fi­nal.

■ GH, ROCKY. Se­ri­ously we the worst fed­eral govt ,they can’t de­cide on gay mar­riage them­selves,yet they quiet happy to give us sub­stan­dard nbn in­ter­net,lnp fed­eral thumbs down !!!!!

■ KB, MT ARCHER. Anna, yes, just as they both have been many times be­fore ...... which is in­ci­den­tal why it’s ridicu­lous to quote them as proof of why SSM shouldn’t go ahead.

■ WOR­RIED TAX PAYER. Is it true the emerald hos­pi­tal is clos­ing the ladies baby wing. If so where will all the births hap­pen.

■ DINGO. NRL Ref­er­ees . We can crit­i­cise Don­ald Trump, any Aus­tralian politi­cian , re­li­gion , but not ref­er­ees . How come they are a pro­tected species?!


NO­MAD @ MACKAY, no loss to Rocky, you wouldn’t have spent any money any­way, as you wouldn’t have spent in Mackay ei­ther. How many places did you freeload “around Aus­tralia “,(doubt if you’ve seen much)bet you didn’t pay camp fees ei­ther?

■ FRENCHVILLE MICK. an­other good sms from jack ‘the ea­gle ‘lewis let­ting his ri­val writer baron ‘larger than life ‘ large know that in a per­fect world the the dragons would be in the 8 . Lit­tle know fact ‘the ea­gle ‘ is not just a league fan but also seen reg­u­larly at Jnr soc­cer with harbo, fol­low­ing the mighty mag­pies. Well done jack.

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