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WAV­ING his home­town news­pa­per The Morn­ing

Bul­letin around in the Se­nate yes­ter­day, Matt Canavan spoke pas­sion­ately on the ef­fects Adani had on Cen­tral Queens­land.

Sen­a­tor Canavan, who is also the Min­is­ter for Re­sources and North­ern Aus­tralia, ex­plained what the Rock­hamp­ton FIFO base an­nounce­ment for the Carmichael Mine meant for busi­nesses in the re­gion dur­ing Ques­tion Time today. He used The Morn­ing

Bul­letin’s front page re­port on tight­en­ing rental va­cancy rates as an ex­am­ple of the rip­ples the an­nounce­ment has made on the com­mu­nity and hous­ing mar­ket.

Here is a tran­script of the en­tire pro­ceed­ings:

Sen­a­tor O’SUL­LI­VAN: My ques­tion is for the Min­is­ter for Re­sources and North­ern Aus­tralia. Can the min­is­ter ex­plain what the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine means for busi­nesses in Queens­land? Sen­a­tor CANAVAN (Queens­land – Min­is­ter for Re­sources and North­ern Aus­tralia): I thank Sen­a­tor O’Sul­li­van for his ques­tion. It means more busi­ness and more jobs, be­cause we’re al­ready see­ing that im­pact in Cen­tral Queens­land, where I’m proud to have my of­fice in Rock­hamp­ton.

As I was say­ing, we’re al­ready see­ing an im­pact, be­cause last month Adani an­nounced that thou­sands of jobs would be based in Rock­hamp­ton and in Townsville, a very im­por­tant de­vel­op­ment for the peo­ple of North Queens­land, and on the front page of The Morn­ing Bul­letin this morn­ing they re­port that the Rocky re­gion is see­ing the Adani fac­tor hit, and va­cancy rates are down.

In June this year, the va­cancy rate in Rock­hamp­ton was seven per cent for land­lords. That was one of the high­est in the state of Queens­land. Last month, it was re­ported at four per cent—al­ready fall­ing—and there was pos­i­tive news from the Adani Carmichael mine.

A real es­tate agent from Rock­hamp­ton, Tara, says, “There’ll no doubt be re­wards for land­lords from the FIFO jobs an­nounced, just as there will be re­wards for the wider busi­ness com­mu­nity through the eco­nomic boost of em­ploy­ment.” And real es­tate agency owner Pat O’Driscoll says, “Con­tracts are al­ready be­ing signed all over Rock­hamp­ton, with in­creased in­ter­est in the re­gion as a whole.”

This is ex­actly what the peo­ple of Rock­hamp­ton need. They need an eco­nomic shot in the arm.

That is why we on this side of pol­i­tics are not shy in supporting the jobs and in­vest­ment that they need.

When I walk down the mid­dle of East St in Rock­hamp­ton, peo­ple want jobs, they want em­ploy­ment, they want more busi­ness com­ing to the town. And that’s why they want a po­lit­i­cal party that stands up for their de­sires and their be­liefs, and does not sac­ri­fice their in­ter­ests to chase in­ner-city votes in other ci­ties. If you want to rep­re­sent the peo­ple of Cen­tral Queens­land, you’ve ac­tu­ally got to act on what they want—and what they want is jobs and in­vest­ment.

They want a po­lit­i­cal party that stands up for what they need in the fu­ture — and we are not shy of do­ing that.

The PRES­I­DENT: Sen­a­tor O’Sul­li­van, a sup­ple­men­tary ques­tion. Sen­a­tor O’SUL­LI­VAN: Can the

min­is­ter up­date the Se­nate on what peo­ple in Cen­tral Queens­land are say­ing about the Adani Carmichael project?

Sen­a­tor CANAVAN: There has been a lot of commentary on this project in the last cou­ple of weeks. Today in the

Glad­stone Ob­server two lo­cal res­i­dents, Lawrie and Carol Kyte, said they were con­sid­er­ing vot­ing for La­bor for the first time at this elec­tion but only if they sup­ported the Adani Carmichael mine.

Un­for­tu­nately for the La­bor Party, they pulled their sup­port for that mine and that project. What Lawrie and Carol Kyte want is a bet­ter fu­ture for their chil­dren. They have two sons who cur­rently have to fly in and fly out to the Wheat­stone LNG project in Western Aus­tralia. They would pre­fer that their sons had jobs close to them, but the La­bor Party doesn’t sup­port that de­sire. Lawrie Kyte said in the pa­per, “Any­one who is go­ing to turn down thou­sands of jobs is crazy.” But that is what the La­bor Party are do­ing.

Last week we saw Justin Owen, a con­creter from Lo­gan, say di­rectly to the Pre­mier, “Un­less you’ve lived in the re­gions and seen how hard the lo­cals do it, you don’t un­der­stand. I’d like to get out there, make a few bucks, get ahead in life and pay off my mort­gage.” I sup­port Justin and I want him to have a job and be able to pro­vide for his fam­ily.

❝ When I walk down the mid­dle of East St, peo­ple want jobs, they want em­ploy­ment, they want more busi­ness com­ing to the town.

— Sen­a­tor Matt Canavan


NA­TIONAL NEWS: Matt Canavan waves The Morn­ing Bul­letin around in the Se­nate yes­ter­day to make an ex­am­ple of the ef­fects of the Adani an­nounce­ment.

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