Meat and cows’ milk not nec­es­sary for hu­mans

The Morning Bulletin - - OPINION -

To RM, (SMS 15/5) we hu­mans don’t need to eat meat be­cause we are not nat­u­ral car­ni­vores. Nat­u­ral car­ni­vores have claws, dag­ger like ca­nines, pow­er­ful jaws, strong diges­tive juices and a short gut for fast elim­i­na­tion of pu­tre­fy­ing flesh. Man has none of th­ese.

We far more closely re­sem­ble the ape whose diet is pre­dom­i­nantly plant

based. And, since we are not baby calves, we have ab­so­lutely no re­quire­ment for the breast milk of a mother cow. If you con­sider it un­ac­cept­able to kill un­born hu­mans why do you con­sider it ac­cept­able to kill fully grown non-hu­mans - such as cows?

We are all an­i­mals and we all feel pain in much the same man­ner. If we can live with­out harm­ing oth­ers then surely that is the best way to live. Jenny Mox­ham

Mon­bulk, Vic

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