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■ GUN­NER, YEP­POON. The sun smart let­ter (TMB 16/05/18) is a con­cern to me, ev­ery day I ob­serve many school chil­dren and the pub­lic, with­out any hats on, out in the blaz­ing Qld sun, it is ob­vi­ous that the sun can­cer mes­sage is not get­ting through, per­haps a new ap­proach to this deadly prob­lem is re­quired.

■ ATJY. About 10 years ago we moved out here to Grace­mere. I re­ceived my ac­count from the in­sur­ance com­pany to pay my house con­tents bill which I paid. About three weeks later I re­ceived a cheque for $25 from them. I said to my wife I’m not cash­ing this as the in­sur­ance com­pany did not say what it was for. So I rang them up. They said Grace­mere was a quiet and crime free town. They had over­charged us. It would not hap­pen to­day.

■ MOOSE, DE­POT HILL. Re TMB 16/5 page 4. How is it that peo­ple can be named in court for mis­de­meanours how­ever a “Busi­ness­man’s meth dis­as­ter” case war­rants no men­tion of his name?

Ed­i­tor’s note: In that case it was be­cause of the do­mes­tic vi­o­lence vic­tim in­volved.

■ DOC. Lat­est ig­ures show a slug­gish jobs growth, slug­gish wage growth and un­em­ploy­ment ris­ing from 5.5% to 5.6%. ScoMo to go Bowen in.

■ MMC, ROCKY. I fully sup­port recog­ni­tion and tra­di­tional re­nam­ing of places cared for for 60,000 years. p.s. “Anon (g) (sic) No latte sip­ping for me. I pre­fer strong and black.

■ OLDTIMER. I re­mem­ber when plas­tic was in­tro­duced to re­place glass which was con­sid­ered too dan­ger­ous when bro­ken. I won­der what the Greenies will sug­gest we use now in place of plas­tic?

■ JM, KOONGAL. Ro­broy and WRS (TMB May 16) I agree, and if you are male, for­get about join­ing the De­fence Force for a while.

■ MICK. I had a quiet chuckle af­ter read­ing A Yank in Oz col­umn re­gard­ing Mac­cas new Grand Mac I per­son­ally haven’t ate a Big Mac for a decade or two mainly due to the af­ter ef­fects of con­sum­ing a Big Mac and a while later hav­ing re­peated con­ver­sa­tions with the porce­lain. The obe­sity prob­lem is be­com­ing rife in Aus­tralia and for Mac­cas to of­fer a larger burger is a sad re­flec­tion on our so­ci­ety but with our wham bam world what do you ex­pect

■ MATT, YPN. RM St Lawrence Well there ap­pears to be more of us than you, may the light shine bright.

■ ANON. To RDT, not al­ways par­ents to blame. Law won’t al­low cor­rec­tion of chil­dren. And used to be moral sto­ries and Bi­ble read­ing

■ CLARENCE JR, ETNA. Gee Baron what are you tak­ing . For a rugby league tragic you should know that at the mo­ment we al­ready have a six tackle rule. The four tackle rule went out years ago . And as for the fe­male com­men­ta­tors they are much bet­ter on the eye and bet­ter to lis­ten to than some of the male ones we have now.

■ DOC. To B.B. NROK Thank you for kindly point­ing out my er­ror. How­ever my ar­gu­ment does not al­ter the fact re sig­nage, it would fall un­der hate on racial and reli­gious grounds. ps Photo of sign and ve­hi­cle’s num­ber plate has been given to the po­lice.

■ TOM, KOONGAL. I don’t care what they change the names of Mt Jim Crow and Mt Wheeler too, I will con­tinue to call them by those names.

■ DAVE. Dis­ap­pointed about the name change of our moun­tains be­cause of the of­fence peo­ple feel. Mate, it was way in the past. Why don’t you el­ders spend time and ef­fort on the present in­stead.

■ BGI. Hey how about the TV sta­tions sign up Belinda Slee­man as a com­men­ta­tor if they want some­one who knows at least some­thing about the game.

■ BR. Now WM hav­ing both names on the sig­nage would be com­mon sense and would not cre­ate any con­tro­versy.

■ ANON. So a multi-mil­lion waste of tax­pay­ers’ money by the Govt into union ac­tiv­i­ties. Not one charge has been proven. Yet the Bank­ing Royal Com­mis­sion will have scalps by the nos, tell me what Govt has done this?

■ TIRED OLD NURSE. Can some­one please ex­plain to me why it is ac­cept­able to as­sault paramedics, ED nurses, po­lice when they are do­ing their jobs. Why can’t th­ese peo­ple have a safe work­ing en­vi­ron­ment? Does any­one ac­tu­ally care? It is im­per­a­tive th­ese peo­ple go home safe af­ter work ... it is not hap­pen­ing.

■ BG. Seems to be a lot more break ins in the Yep­poon area of late. The only way we can de­feat the grubs is to be ob­ser­vant and look out for your neigh­bours. Make sure you lock up even when you are at home.

■ MOOSE, DE­POT HILL. My ad­vice to us Blues sup­port­ers. Don’t go crow­ing yet. Many years ago Wally Lewis was in­jured so what did Queens­land do? Moved Peter Jack­son to No

6. Did it work? Too right it did. Take no no­tice of the ex­perts it will still be a very hard series.

■ CHRIS. To the Jock/Doc duo. Think­ing farm­ing is easy is show­cas­ing your ig­no­rance. Do you eat food? Where does it come from?

■ FRENCHVILLITE. Bruce Simp­son says that he be­lieves that if a per­son is not qual­i­fied or good enough, re­gard­less of their gen­der, they should not be nom­i­nated for Par­lia­ment. Funny how he only gives ex­am­ples of women though when I am sure there are males and peo­ple from other groups that are also not good enough to get nom­i­nated and yet do.

■ ANON. Sorry but as good as Cam Smith is a statue of Al­fie Langer should be the first choice or maybe all three to­gether Alf Cam and JT.

■ RM ST LAWRENCE. In all the angst and hand-wring­ing re tax; re­ally, why should peo­ple who work hard, and long hours, pay more tax than those who are sat­is­fied to just do what’s nec­es­sary to get a pay packet? The old saw does hold true, “the harder you work the luck­ier you get”. Surely there needs to be in­cen­tives for busi­ness peo­ple to em­ploy more work­ers?

■ J, G’MERE. Good to see Aus­tralia Post used their com­mon sense and re­jected a post code change for Grace­mere. It would be ridicu­lous for ev­ery­one to have to change their ad­dresses just to suit a cer­tain lo­cal busi­ness per­son and a lo­cal coun­cil­lor who have bees in their bon­nets about the sub­ject.

■ ANON, YEP. What re­ally an­noys me is all th­ese name changes that are wanted by groups.

Just look at to­day’s pa­per Mt Jim Crow for one. Then there was Bris­bane. I re­spect their idea. But hey didn’t we say sorry when Kevin Rudd was PM. How much more do they want?

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