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● VERTIGO. LSC ratepay­ers get noth­ing from the mil­i­tary us­ing 23% of the shire’s land. There is a mil­i­tary ex­er­cise on at present. Any­one feel­ing an eco­nomic boom from it? Yet all the big whingers carry on about paid park­ing at the la­goon or sky high debt? Is that log­i­cal? If the com­mu­nity bands to­gether, great out­comes can be achieved. Just needs great lead­er­ship LSC Mayor AND Coun­cil­lors. Unite the com­mu­nity.

● ANON. The sharks are only at­tack­ing hu­mans be­cause the hu­mans are eat­ing their food and they have to come into land ar­eas to try to get food it’s noth­ing per­sonal I’m sure.

● DTOC. I re­ally think it is the outer chan­nel at the Cause­way that needs to be dredged. Used to be able to take the kids fish­ing there and have a chance of catch­ing some­thing de­cent now you can walk across it at low tide.

● RJR. Went to the pub Satur­day with mates to have some bets we al­ways drink can beer cost 40c more for 4cans,Asked­has beer gone up no you now pay for the can your beer is in so when we bring the cans back to the bar do we get the 40c back No u pay the same again,We will take the cans home with us No u can­not take the cans Away from pub,Went out to the bot­tle shop $3 more for my car­ton of beer what an­other ripoff to the pub­lic.

● JD R’TON. 100 years since end of The Great war. As we re­mem­ber the the fallen and Great Bat­tles it’s seems we have been en­gi­neered not to pay at­ten­tion to the pol­i­tics (Lies and de­cep­tion) that caused WW1. In­deed back in the day if the sol­diers knew the full truth they would had turn their guns against our so called lead­ers in a heart­beat. It hap­pen 100 years ago what has it got to do with us to­day you say!. If you do not pay at­ten­tion to his­tory it shall re­peat it­self. WW2 Korea Viet­nam Iraq Afghanistan and even fic­tional war on ter­ror (for po­lit­i­cal gain) has been en­gi­neered for their own con­ve­nience to keep the pop­u­la­tion in fear and ac­cep­tance. War is when a politi­cian (pup­pets for rul­ing elite) will tell you who’s the en­emy is, rev­o­lu­tion is when you work it out for your­self. Re­mem­ber the fallen and the re­turned but don’t let a politi­cian add an­other gen­er­a­tion of na­tions youth to the list.

● GUN­NER (EX BOM­BARDIER). With armistice day (re­mem­ber­ance) this sun­day,i re­call mem­o­ries of old past com­rades from the 1960s,and on read­ing the queens­land rsl mag­a­zines last post ,( death no­tices) sec­tion, i re­al­ized t ha ti am the solo mem­ber left of the fox­trot gun de­tatch­ment(7 crew), delta troop,105 field bat­tery,4th field ar­tillery reg­i­ment, now all have trans­fered to the great gun park up above,god bless them all!

● MIKE. The penny just dropped, on read­ing the amount of money our Queens­land gov­ern­ment re­ceived from coal roy­al­ties, I re­alised why Anas­ta­sia and the greens are against Adani. They have found it phys­i­cally and to­tally im­pos­si­ble to spend that much money in the south east cor­ner.

● CC INGUNA. I was with a mob of new start peo­ple once do­ing some tax funded work train­ing. The in­struc­tor showed us his $400 steel­caps and said we should get a pair. Some of the dudes in the class were coach surf­ing and pay­ing big rent com­pa­ra­ble to their dole for the priv­i­lege. I would have pre­ferred boots rather than the train­ing be­cause I found a job and it wasn’t rel­e­vant to the train­ing. So it was a tax waste.per­haps small com­pa­nies could be en­cour­aged to pro­vide de­cent footwear for a tax cut.?

● ATBS. These politi­cians are all for new coal mines etc but could not give a stuff about buis­ness own­ers who have in­vested all their hard earned money and time into build­ing up their busi­nesses. This ring road or what­ever you want to call it will be a killer and for what? The first three rules of busi­ness Po­si­tion Po­si­tion Po­si­tion and that is just what is be­ing taken away.

● GAZ. Dare we cel­e­brate? We seem to be get­ting a break from all the an­noy­ing fu­neral in­sur­ance ads with their pa­thetic act­ing. Per­haps they thought they might be next on the Royal Com­mis­sion list as I’m sure they are dodgy. Rock moose de­pot hill we think Cricket in Aus­tralia is go­ing through tur­moil at the mo­ment. West Tigers and Pen­rith sorted ev­ery­thing out, coaches done and dusted although it cost the Pan­thers nearly a half mil­lion. Just wish the Bron­cos and the Rab­bitohs could sort their crap and just swap be­cause ap­par­ently the bun­nies play­ers are spit­ting chips how­ever the Bron­cos play­ers are tight lipped but must be seething

● COLT. The pol­lie that wants the sharks culled, only one mes­sage for you, lets get rid of some dumb pol­lies?

● BT. The Rocky by­pass will not hap­pen for many, many years. Just be­cause a elec­tion is com­ing up early next year and the prime min­is­ter is in cam­paign mode and is mak­ing promises doesn’t mean it’s go­ing to hap­pen in the near fu­ture. It is all elec­tion hipe. The 4 lanes through Parkhurst ground works has started. Our lo­cal fed­eral mem­ber wants you to be­lieve that the Grace­mere 4 lanes of road­works is start­ing next year. It doesn’t all hap­pen that quick or so many big projects hap­pen­ing all at once.

● ANON. Let’s change the some­what bor­ing dis­cus­sion of re­new­ables ver­sus coal-fired elec­tric­ity gen­er­a­tion for a mo­ment in time. And let me rem­i­nisce the by­gone days when elec­tric­ity sup­ply was af­ford­able for all, or most of us who chose to re­side in re­gional Queens­land. When im­por­tant de­ci­sions re­gard­ing our elec­tric­ity sup­ply and con­sumer costs, were made by ex­pe­ri­enced, suit­ably qual­i­fied per­son­nel. Peo­ple who had a work­ing knowl­edge of not just one facet of the in­dus­try but all four; gen­er­a­tion, trans­mis­sion, dis­tri­bu­tion and re­tail. Sadly, to­day our in­dus­try has suf­fered from the in­ter­fer­ence of, to be kind I guess, well in­ten­tioned politi­cians. And many of the past key de­ci­sion mak­ers once em­ployed in our elec­tric­ity sup­ply in­dus­try, have been, with re­spect, re­placed I am told by shiny back­side pa­per shuf­flers; or in­de­pen­dent, but Gov­ern­ment paid ex­perts. Oh well, it’s time for my af­ter­noon snooze zzzzz.

● BSL. Must be good money in pol­i­tics if both Palmer and Latham want back in.

● GH, ROCKY. Won­der if the new fed­eral gov­ern­ment next year,will fix the Bruce High­way it’s still un­safe,it’s for­got­ten about just a bandaid gets put on it,noth­ing gets done prop­erly un­der the cur­rent fed­eral na­tional party.

● LMW WAN­DAL. Thank good­ness for ABC ra­dio oth­er­wise those of us with no Fox­tel, a smart tv and un­lim­ited down­load would have no ac­cess to ODI cricket matches. Shame.

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