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THERE were three sales last week, with 1910 head sold.

On Wed­nes­day, 1439 head were sold. Th­ese av­er­aged $817.92/head which was back on the pre­vi­ous Wed­nes­day’s sale. The av­er­age weight was 287kg. Juanita Trus­tum topped the veal mar­ket, sell­ing one head at $1452. S&M Noakes topped the cow mar­ket with one head sold at $1606.

Ge­orge & Fuhrman held an EU dis­per­sal sale on Thurs­day with 434 head sold with good num­bers of cows and heifers. Prices were strong.

Ramsey & Bul­mer held their bull sale on the Fri­day with 37 head sold. Top price on the day was $12,000.

Wed­nes­day: Bul­locks avg 182.6c/kg, top 188.2c/kg; bulls avg 248.4/kg, top 266.2/kg; cows avg 206.3/kg, top 234.2/kg; heifers avg 243.5/kg, top 255.2/kg; steers avg 273.8/kg, top 313.2/kg; vealer avg 335.4/kg, top 410.2/kg; year­lings avg 306.9/kg, top 388.2/kg; year­ling heifers avg 325.7/kg, top 330.0/kg; year­ling steers avg 277.1/kg , top 346.2/kg.

Thurs­day: Bulls avg $3300/head, top $7500/head; cows avg $1711.33/head, top $2020/head; cows calves avg $2467.78/head, top $2540/head; heifers avg $1358.01/head, top $1720/head; steers avg $911.15/head, top $1100/head.

Fri­day: Bulls avg $4848.48/head, top $12,000/head; heifers avg $3625/head, top $4000/head.


THE num­ber of cat­tle yarded eased for a total of 705 head. The yard­ing con­sisted of a good sup­ply of young cat­tle, how­ever grown cat­tle num­bers were down. The pen­ning of young cat­tle con­sisted of a few more veal­ers and wean­ers, along with a good sup­ply of year­lings.

Qual­ity of the young cat­tle was fairly good with some good runs of well fin­ished and well-bred steers and heifers through the sale.

The mar­ket was vari­able, although good qual­ity and well-bred cat­tle con­tin­ued to meet keen de­mand. Re­stocker vealer steers were slightly eas­ier, sell­ing to a top of 392c, while the heifer por­tion sold to a top of 364c/kg for light weights un­der 200kg.

Feeder and re­stocker year­ling steers sold firm, from 300c to 365c/kg for feeder steers. Feeder and re­stocker year­ling heifers var­ied in prices, de­pend­ing on breed and weight, reach­ing a top price of 344c/kg. The few trade heifers topped at 325c/kg.

The yard­ing of ex­port cat­tle saw num­bers well down, es­pe­cially cows, with qual­ity and num­bers well down on pre­vi­ous sales.

Grown steers sold to a top of 289c and heifers to 276c/kg. Heavy cows sold to a top of 228c, while 3 score cows av­er­aged 220c/kg. The bull mar­ket was very strong with the top heavy bull sell­ing to 304.2c/kg.


IN A sim­i­lar yard­ing to last week, 620 mixed qual­ity cat­tle were penned. There was a good of­fer­ing of cows, wean­ers and year­ling cat­tle, but a short­age of grown steers. Most of the reg­u­lar buy­ers at­tended.

There was good re­stocker com­pe­ti­tion on most lines of wean­ers with pro­duc­ers buy­ing be­fore the end of the fi­nan­cial year.

Year­ling steers showed an up­ward trend to be slightly dearer while year­ling heifers were also dearer. Heavy cows were sim­i­lar to last week, but lighter con­di­tioned cows had an up­ward in­flu­ence due to in­creased re­stocker ac­tiv­ity. Heavy bulls re­mained firm.


ON TUES­DAY 390 cat­tle were sold at Lis­more Saleyards. Qual­ity was mixed and the mar­ket showed a cheaper ten­dency.

Prime light and medium weight veal­ers sold to meat op­er­a­tors from $2.80 to $3.10/kg, on av­er­age 10c/kg be­low last week. Well bred weaner steers sold from $3.20 to $3.70/kg de­pend­ing on weight and con­fir­ma­tion.

Cross bred and bos in­di­cus wean­ers gen­er­ally sold from $2.90 to $3.30/kg. The weaner heifers were mainly of plain qual­ity and sold from $2.80 to $3.40/kg.

The cow mar­ket was a shade cheaper with the heavy weights $2.10 to $2.26/kg. An an­gus cow sold on ac­count of the Gil­lies fam­ily re­turned $1538. Medium cows sold from $1.65 to $2/kg.


THERE were 784 cat­tle yarded at Grafton on Wed­nes­day. A very good line-up of grown cat­tle was pre­sented that saw bul­locks sell dearer by 10c/kg, cows sold firm to dearer.

In the trade sec­tion vealer to the pro­ces­sors sold eas­ier with most sales between 300c/kg and 315c/kg. Re­stock­ers were still strong on qual­ity lines of Bri­tish breed wean­ers.

Jikero Part­ner­ship bul­locks sold to 282c/kg, weighed 540kg to re­turn $1622/hd; JR and BA Carl­ton bul­locks sold to 285c/kg, weighed 670c/kg to re­turn $1844/hd; Depart­ment of In­dus­tries bul­locks sold to 285c/kg, weighed 568kg to re­turn $1615/hd.

RC Child feeder steers sold to 314c/kg, weighed 445kg to re­turn $1389/hd.

Hang­ing Rock cows sold to 232c/kg, weighed 632kg to re­turn $1440/hd.

Kevin Cowan heifers sold to 270c/kg, weighed 640kg to re­turn $1697/hd.

Jikero Heifers sold to 277c/kg, weighed 463kg to re­turn $1277/hd.

Heifer Sta­tion cows sold to 225c/kg, weighed 595kg to re­turn $1339/hd.

Ramornie Sta­tion an­gus cross weaner steers sold to 378c/kg to re­turn $996/hd to re­stock­ers.

Saro Pas­toral an­gus weaner steers sold to 398c/kg to re­turn $955/hd to re­stock­ers; CJ McGrath an­gus weaner steers sold to 410c/kg to re­turn $1012/hd to re­stock­ers; IE and VA Pre­ston an­gus weaner steers sold to 410c/kg to re­turn $816/hd to re­stock­ers; GA and JM Miller an­gus weaner steers sold to 390c/kg to re­turn $966/hd to re­stock­ers. RF Mor­gan an­gus steers sold to 434c/kg to re­turn $950/hd to re­stock­ers.

SR and JV Tay­lor murray grey steers sold to 382c/kg to re­turn $784/hd to re­stock­ers.


Ann Mc­Cabe of See­lands was se­lected as the Ven­dor of the Week at the Grafton Prime Cat­tle Sale on Tues­day. The ven­dor sold one heavy bran­gus cow and 11 “sappy” brah­man-cross veal­ers off the im­proved pas­tures of her fer­tile See­lands prop­erty. The best of the of­fer­ing were three vealer steers that sold for 336.2c/kg at an av­er­age weight of 250kg to gross $840.50/head. Pic­tured be­ing pa­raded in the sell­ing ring is a pen of six heifers, which sold to pro­ces­sors for $728.05/head. The of­fer­ing was sold by Ray Donovan Stock and Sta­tion Agents.

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