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There was just the one sale at the NRLX last week, with 496 head sold.

Whilst num­bers were low, prices im­proved on the pre­vi­ous week.

Veal av­er­aged 266.6c/kg (up on the pre­vi­ous week), with an av­er­age weight of 245kg.

The veal market was topped by Ray Trus­tum with one head at $1152.90.

Robert New­son had the top cow price with one head at $1297.20.

Best price for the sale was a Jim and Jenny McCor­mack bull at $1689.60.

- Bul­locks av­er­aged 228.8c/kg, top 238.2c/kg

- Bulls av­er­aged 203.2c/kg, top 224.2c/kg

- Cows av­er­aged 186.6c/kg, top 217.2c/kg

- Cows and calves av­er­aged $700/head, top $710/head

- Steers av­er­aged 273.9c/kg, top 318.2c/kg

- Vealer av­er­aged 266.6c/kg, top 340.2c/kg


Re­port from Far­rell Mc­Cro­hon.

266 cat­tle yarded at Grafton this week after the ex­cel­lent rain over the week­end.

Ev­ery cat­e­gory sold dearer with bul­locks sell­ing to 271c/kg and cows to 222c/kg.

Veal­ers to the trade sold to 295c/kg, which was bet­ter by 10c/kg.

Re­stocker calves saw the great­est im­prove­ment with a in­crease of 20-40c/kg.

An­gus weaner steers sold to 374c/kg.

Tank and Marg Gray steers sold to 275c/kg to re­turn $1344/hd to feed lot­ters.

Lacey and Pass­low Friesian bul­lock sold to 250c/kg, weighed 725kg to re­turn $1800/hd.

Ross and Fay Conroy cows sold to 215c/kg, weighed 540kg to re­turn $1157/hd.

Swamp Pas­toral cows sold to 221c/kg, weighed 685kg to re­turn $1508/hd.

IM Bailey cows sold to 220c/kg, weighed 560kg to re­turn $1228/hd.

MP Davis heifers sold to 244c/kg, weighed 300kg to re­turn $1216/hd.

Barry New­ton Charo­lais cows sold to 218c/kg to re­turn $983/hd to re­stock­ers.

HJ & NF Ens­bey & Sons veal­ers sold to 294c/kg weighed 260kg to re­turn $762/hd.

G &J John­ston Limo weaner steers made 310c/kg to re­turn $819/hd to re­stock­ers.

TA Carter year­ling heifers made 290c/kg, weighed 335kg to re­turn $965/hd.

LJ Ir­win an­gus steers made 374c/kg to re­turn $596/hd to re­stock­ers.

M&S Hast­ings an­gus steers made 386c/kg to re­turn $684/hd to re­stock­ers.

GJ & DL Lee veal­ers made 290c/kg, weighed 180kg to re­turn $521/hd.

GW& JR Hay an­gus steers made 314c/kg to re­turn $676/hd to re­stock­ers.

MJ & RJ Fal­lon an­gus steer made 304c/kg to re­turn $620/hd to re­stock­ers.


There was a slightly in­creased pen­ning due to good rain through the dis­trict, with ven­dors hold­ing back to take ad­van­tage of fu­ture rain.

There were no veal­ers to quote apart from lim­ited lo­cal butcher calves. These sold on firm to dearer trends on last day. There were slightly in­creased num­bers of steer and heifer year­lings, but fewer cows.

All pro­ces­sor and feeder or­ders were in place with re­stock­ers also ac­tive.

Light year­ling steers to feed showed dearer trends, up by 20c, while the medium and heavy weights saw rises of 10-15c/kg.

Sim­i­larly, the light weight heifers sold up by 15-20c/kg.

The medium weight heifers sold to firm trends, but qual­ity was an is­sue.

There were few grown steers from last week to quote onto this sale, how­ever, the grown heifers showed dearer trends of 4c/kg.

The light two and three score cows were firm with drafts of light PTIC cows going back to the pad­dock.

The bet­ter con­di­tioned four score cows sold to dearer trends of 10c/kg. Bulls were firm to 3c/kg dearer.


It was a rain-re­duced pen­ning with year­lings mak­ing up the bulk of the of­fer­ing.

Qual­ity was gen­er­ally good with lim­ited num­bers of sec­ondary qual­ity young cat­tle on of­fer. There were some very good qual­ity lines of young cat­tle avail­able. There were only a lim­ited num­ber of well-fin­ished heavy grown steers and a re­duced pen­ning of cows.

The usual buy­ers were in at­ten­dance, how­ever, no South­ern pro­ces­sors op­er­ated for the sec­ond week in a row.

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