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IAN Weir & Son re­port that 300 cat­tle were sold at the Lis­more Sa­le­yards on Tues­day. Prices for most classes im­proved by 10c/kg.

Prime medium and light veal­ers sold to meat pro­ces­sors, 310-330c/kg, but re­stock­ers out­bid the meat­works on heavy veal­ers/wean­ers. An­drew Matthew’s an­gus cross steers sold for 320c/kg, $1060 and David Hunter’s blue roan steer re­turned $1071.

Good re­stocker de­mand is high on the back of re­cent rain­fall and sea­son prospects.

Steers weigh­ing around 200kg gen­er­ally sold from 335-350c/kg de­pend­ing on qual­ity for re­turns of $700.

A good yard­ing of cows and bulls sold to good com­pe­ti­tion. Heavy cows sold from 220-233c/kg for good re­turns of $1020 to $1211. The Gre­gory fam­ily’s an­gus bull re­turned $1991.


NUM­BERS im­proved to 327 cat­tle at Grafton this week, re­ports Far­rell McCro­hon. Bul­locks sold dearer, top­ping at 277c/kg; cows sold stronger to top at 230c/kg. Veal­ers to the pro­ces­sors sold to 322c/kg, which was dearer as well.

Re­stock­ers were once again very ac­tive through­out the yard­ing push­ing heavy feeder steers to 305c/kg and weaner steers to 382c/kg.

Joe and Bar­bra Carl­ton bul­locks sold to 271c/kg weighed 645kg to re­turn $1743/hd. Phil Kennedy feeder steers sold to 295c/kg to re­turn $1286/hd to feed­lot­ters.

T J & L G Keough heavy heifers sold to 256c/kg weighed 575kg to re­turn $1467/hd. Saro Pas­toral cows sold to 227c/kg weighed 570kg to re­turn $1290/hd.

Chapman Fam­ily cows sold to 228c/kg weighed 540kg to re­turn $1221/hd. Scott Kroehn­ert heavy bull made 264c/kg weighed 680kg to re­turn $1790/hd.

R J Ot­toway an­gus steers made 330c/kg to re­turn $1000/hd to re­stock­ers. Kahuna an­gus weaner steers made 342c/kg and re­turned $1030/hd to re­stock­ers.

Jill McGre­gor An­gus weaner steers made 372c/kg to re­turn $1083/hd to re­stock­ers. Trevor & Leanne Keough veal­ers made 322c/kg weighed 267kg to re­turn $854/hd. Ellem Fam­ily an­gus weaner steers made 382c/kg to re­turn $775/hd to re­stock­ers. LS Timms year­ling heifers made 306c/kg weighed 280kg to re­turn $850/hd. Cow­per an­gus cross weaner steers made 332c/kg to re­turn $991/hd to re­stock­ers. Adam Chapman veal­ers made 320c/kg weighed 255kg to re­turn $811/hd. Lacey & Pass­low an­gus cross weaner steers made 380c/kg and re­turned $867/hd.


Wed­nes­day, Oc­to­ber 18 THERE was one sale last week with a to­tal of 967 head sold. Num­bers were up on the pre­vi­ous week with prices still rel­a­tively strong. top steer price reached 450c/kg while the top veal price got to 454.2c/kg.

Veal av­er­aged 312.64c/kg with an av­er­age weight of 227kg. The veal mar­ket was topped by G & D Jar­rett with one head sold for $1156.32.

MF & MJ Ni­cholls had the top cow price again, with one head at $1672. This was also the high­est price for the sale.

Bul­locks ave. 236c/kg, top 250.2c/kg; Bulls ave. 199.6c/kg, top 230.2c/kg.

Cows ave. 203.9c/kg, top 235.2c/kg; Cows & calves ave. $1046/unit, top $1240/unit. Heifers ave. 235.3c/kg, top 253.2c/kg: Steers ave. 271.9c/kg, top 450c/kg. Veal­ers ave. 312.6c/kg, top 454.2c/kg. Year­lings ave. 270.9c/kg top 285.2c/kg; Year­ling steers ave. 295.7c/kg top 320c/kg.


IT WAS a slightly re­duced penning of 2480 good qual­ity cat­tle, 350 head less. Year­lings dom­i­nated the yard­ing with some very well-fin­ished cat­tle com­ing on the mar­ket. There were only a few veal­ers penned, and there was a re­duc­tion in grown steers and heifers yarded and a very lim­ited cow penning.

All the reg­u­lar pro­ces­sors and feed­ers op­er­ated with a south­ern or­der on lines of plainer con­di­tioned, but well-bred heifers.

Veal­ers were in short sup­ply, and th­ese were cheaper by up to 10c/kg. Steer year­lings were dearer for most cat­e­gories, the light weights were 7-10c/kg bet­ter, while the medium grades were up by 10c/kg.

Year­ling heifers saw a dearer trend of up to 17c/kg for the light drafts, with medium weight heifers up by 10c/kg bet­ter and heavy weights were also dearer by 17c/kg.

Grown steers were slightly cheaper, with the heifer por­tion back by 4c/kg. Lim­ited cow num­bers saw prices dearer.


THERE was a re­duced penning with the num­bers down by 500 head. Over­all it was a good qual­ity, well fin­ished penning with year­lings well sup­plied. There were suf­fi­cient num­bers of light weight young cat­tle to at­tract strong re­stocker com­pe­ti­tion. There was also a good sup­ply of heavy grown steers, and a lim­ited sup­ply of cows.

De­mand was solid through the young cat­tle with both re­stock­ers and feed­lot­ters ac­tive. Mar­ket trends through the steer por­tion were firm to dearer with light weights sig­nif­i­cantly more ex­pen­sive week-on-week.

Medium and heavy year­ling steers to re­stock and feed were only marginally dearer. Year­ling heifers saw a firm to eas­ier mar­ket trend with light weights un­af­fected. The medium and heavy weight feeder heifers sold to a slightly eas­ier trend.

Heavy grown steers sold on a firm to dearer mar­ket trend with some up by 5c/kg.

BEST: Che­val­ley Brothers of Ul­marra was Ven­dor of the Week at the Grafton sale, sell­ing eight heifers. Th­ese two were rep­re­sen­ta­tive, sell­ing for 303.2c/kg at the av­er­age weight of 392.5kg to gross $1190.06/head.

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