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IAN Weir and Son re­port that 210 cat­tle were sold at Lis­more Sa­le­yards on Tues­day. It was a mixed qual­ity yard­ing with a small num­ber of prime veal­ers, a few good lines of weaner steers but se­condary cat­tle were the norm.

Prices were on par with last week’s good sale. Prime veal­ers sold in the $3.15 to $3.28c/kg range.

The Dee­gan fam­ily’s charo­lais heifer vealer sold for $3.24c/kg to re­turn $940.

Weaner steers sold from $3.20 to $3.70ckg de­pend­ing on weight and qual­ity.

The cow mar­ket was strong with re­stock­ers com­pet­ing with meat op­er­a­tors on se­condary lines.

The best of the heavy cows, two drought­mas­ters, sold for $2.30c/kg to re­turn $1340.

Don’t for­get the monthly store cat­tle sale this Satur­day at the Lis­more Sa­le­yards, Tweed St, North Lis­more. A good lot of steers, heifers, bulls and 150 cows and calves will be on of­fer.


FAR­RELL McCro­hon re­ports that num­bers im­proved to 400 head at Grafton on Mon­day.

The mar­ket for bul­locks held firm to top at 274c/kg. Cows sold dearer by up to 10c/kg to see a top of 242c/kg. Vealer to the pro­ces­sor sold fully firm to dearer to top at 324c/kg. Re­stock­ers were once again very strong through­out the sale.

Mrs BA Ens­bey bul­locks sold to 274c/kg weighed 620kg to re­turn $1695/hd.

Jack­son Green bul­locks sold to 273c/kg weighed 630kg to re­turn $1715/hd.

JR & BA Carl­ton bul­locks sold to 265c/kg weighed 623kg to re­turn $1645/hd.

PK Pass­low cows sold to 241c/kg weighed 580kg to re­turn $1393/hd.

MT Mul­li­gan cows sold to 235c/kg weighed 510kg to re­turn $1189/hd.

BG & BJ Scott cows sold to 230c/kg weighed 475kg to re­turn $1090/hd.

W & M McCro­hon cows sold to 226c/kg weighed 492kg to re­turn $1107/hd.

J McGregor angus weaner steer made 352c/kg to re­turn $1020/hd to re­stock­ers.

Mark Brown angus weaner sold to 340c/kg to re­turn at 884/hd to re­stock­ers.

DL & K Baker veal­ers sold to 324c/kg weighed 225kg to re­turn $727/hd.

RA Brown angus weaner steer made 384c/kg to re­turn $700/hd to re­stock­ers.

NJ & DA Bard­s­ley charo­lais weaner steer sold to 402c/kg to re­turn $617/hd.

HJ & NF Ens­bey charo­lais weaner steer made 374c/kg to re­turn $707/hd.

RD & JL Attwood charo­lais steer made 334c/kg to re­turn $1013/hd to re­stock­ers.

Lacey & Pass­low angus cross weaner steers made 380c/kg and re­turned $867/hd.

The next store sale will be Thurs­day, Novem­ber 16.


There was a small in­crease in the over­all num­bers this sale. All cat­e­gories were well rep­re­sented, how­ever there was a large sup­ply of year­lings.

The qual­ity of the of­fer­ing was very good and con­di­tion mostly for­ward to well-fin­ished.

Heavy cat­tle were in large num­bers in both the young cat­tle and ex­port sec­tions. The full field of reg­u­lar pro­ces­sors and feed­lot­ters were in at­ten­dance and com­pet­ing strongly.

De­mand for year­ling steers was strong through­out re­sult­ing in firm to dearer mar­ket trends. The light weight year­ling steers to re­stock­ers were firm to slightly dearer.

Medium weights to re­stock­ers and feed­ers saw lit­tle but qual­ity and breed re­lated price vari­a­tion.

A high qual­ity pen­ning of heavy year­ling feeder steers av­er­aged higher on an oth­er­wise firm mar­ket trend.

There was a small amount of vari­a­tion in the mar­ket for year­ling heifers with some sales strug­gling to main­tain their pre­vi­ous value. How­ever, as com­pe­ti­tion for sup­ply in­creased and qual­ity im­proved the mar­ket re­sponded pos­i­tively to show a firm to dearer trend. Some sales in the medium and heavy weight feed­ers were up to 8c/kg dearer.

The very best of the heavy grown steers showed an im­prove­ment in qual­ity and sold as much as 10c/kg dearer.

The gen­eral run of heavy steers were sim­i­lar in qual­ity to the pre­vi­ous week and were firm to cheaper, up 10c/kg in places. Well fin­ished heavy grown heifers sold to a dearer trend with age re­lated dis­counts ac­count­ing for a wide price range.

There was lit­tle change in the mar­ket for medium weight cows. The good sup­ply of well fin­ished heavy weight cows sold to a dearer trend, up 6c/kg in places, with all pro­ces­sors com­pet­ing strongly.

Heavy bulls were firm to 3c/kg dearer.

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