Grafton sale doesn’t leave Be­van want­ing

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THERE were two sales last week, with 2194 head sold. There were 1372 head sold Wed­nes­day. Veal prices were stronger com­pared to the pre­vi­ous week av­er­ag­ing 327.3c/kg, at an av­er­age weight of 233kg.

The veal mar­ket was topped by LW & ME Faulks with one head sold for $1272.18.

Kirk Welsh had top cow price, with two head at $1524/head.

IJ & RL Ol­ley topped the sale with a bull at $2411.50.

Ray White had a good store sale on Fri­day with 822 head sold. Av­er­age price was $1186.27/head. Wed­nes­day, Novem­ber 22

Bul­locks ave. 259.5c/kg, top 271.2c/kg; bulls ave. 238.9c/kg, top 360c/kg; cows ave. 211.4c/kg, top 250.2c/kg; heifers ave. 217.3c/kg, top 251.2c/kg; steers ave. 255.2c/kg, top 276.2c/kg; vealer ave. 327.3c/kg, top 420.2c/kg; year­ling heifers ave. 291c/kg top 303.2c/kg; year­ling steers ave. 308.4c/kg top 340c/kg.

Fri­day, Novem­ber 24

Cows ave. $1159.09/head, top $1220/head; cows & calves ave. $1726.99/head, top $2300/head; heifers ave. 314.8c/kg top 358.2c/kg; steers 348.6c/kg top 428.2c/kg.


THERE were 350 cat­tle sold at Lis­more Sa­le­yards on Tues­day.

A pretty good qual­ity yard­ing of veal­ers and wean­ers sold on a firm to slightly cheaper mar­ket when com­pared to last week.

Prime veal­ers weigh­ing from 200 to 260kg sold from $3.15 to $3.32/kg. The Camp­bell fam­ily of Mul­lumbimby sold an­gus heifers for $3.30/kg, $842.

An­gus weaner steers from Re­pen­tance Creek topped at $4/kg, weighed 191kg, re­turn­ing $765. Cross­bred steers and sec­ondary veal­ers sold from $2.80 to $3.20/kg depend­ing on weight and style.

Cows sold at sim­i­lar rates to last week. Heavy cows sold in the $2.15 to $2.30/kg range. Dairy cows in good nick sold from $2 to $2.18/kg.


THERE were 541 cat­tle yarded at Grafton on Tues­day. The mar­ket for bul­locks sold fully firm to see the best bul­locks sell to 285c/kg and the best of the cows to 248c/kg. Veal­ers to pro­ces­sors sold to 336c/kg which was a frac­tion eas­ier on last week. Re­stock­ers showed plenty of strength once again to push an­gus weaner steers to 424c/kg.

Br­yarc P/L bul­locks sold to 285c/kg weighed 720kg to re­turn $2046c/kg; Leo Carlton bul­locks sold to 276c/kg weighed 635kg to re­turn $1741/hd; P L Su­rawski bul­locks sold to 280c/kg weighed 575kg to re­turn $1577/hd; M & S Ad­di­son bul­locks sold to 278c/kg weighed 540kg to re­turn $1491/hd.

AOG an­gus steers sold to 308c/kg to re­turn $1216/hd to re­stock­ers; Lind­say Tutt cows sold to 248c/kg weighed 600kg to re­turn$1483/hd; N J & D A Bard­s­ley cows sold to 242c/kg weighed 685kg to re­turn $1658/hd; Fred Sheri­dan cows sold to 249c/kg weighed 613kg to re­turn $1485/hd; B E T & J J T McGrath cows sold to 242c/kg weighed 628kg to re­turn $1514/hd.

Wing­field & Gil­lett veal­ers sold to 330c/kg weighed 280kg to re­turn $823/hd; B C Che­val­ley veal­ers sold to 318c/kg weighed 260kg to re­turn $820/hd; Suther­land Broth­ers Santa cross weaner steers sold to 370c/kg to re­turn $660/hd; G R & R T J Win­ter weaner steers sold to 380c/kg to re­turn $823/hd; S M & M L Gray veal­ers sold to 325c/kg weighed 255kg to re­turn $830/hd; J D & J S Dut­ton veal­ers sold to 340c/kg weighed 213kg to re­turn $676/hd.


THERE was a re­duc­tion in to­tal yard­ing, how­ever year­ling steers suit­able to feed were in large num­bers. Young cat­tle made up the bulk of the of­fer­ing, but there was a good sup­ply of grown cat­tle, in par­tic­u­lar cows. The over­all qual­ity of the of­fer­ing showed a greater vari­a­tion in both breed and breed­ing with fewer of the larger straight lines.

Con­di­tion was gen­er­ally good, while all the usual buy­ers were in at­ten­dance.

There was ex­tra heavy feeder com­pe­ti­tion, how­ever this did lit­tle to the mar­ket.

SOLD: Be­van and Rita Want of Alumy Creek were se­lected as Ven­dor of the Week at the Grafton Prime Cat­tle Sale on Tues­day. The Wants sold three im­pres­sive charo­lais-cross steers and four heifers straight off their moth­ers. The cat­tle had been graz­ing a...

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