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CASINO Wed­nes­day, Nov 29 and Fri­day, Dec 1

There were two sales last week, with 2593 head sold. Prices were good.

There were 1517 head sold on Wed­nes­day. Veal prices av­er­aged 312.3c/kg, at an av­er­age weight of 236kg. The veal mar­ket was topped with three head sold at $1210.81/head. Top cow price was two head at $1759.50/head.

There were 1076 head sold at Ge­orge & Fuhrmann’s store sale on Fri­day. The av­er­age price for the sale was $1011.38/head.


Bul­locks ave. 261.6c/kg, top 270.0c/kg; bulls ave. 227.8c/kg, top 248.2/kg; cows ave. 204.5c/kg, top 233.2c/kg; cows & calves ave. $1140/unit, top $1240/unit; heifers ave. 217.0c/kg, top 251.2c/kg; steers ave. 259.4c/kg, top 288.2c/kg; vealer ave. 312.3c/kg, top 426.2c/kg; year­ling heifers ave. 291.2c/kg top 310c/kg; year­ling steers ave. 314.1c/kg top 340c/kg.


Bulls ave. $1375/head, top $1850/head; cows ave. $928.83/head top $1740/head; cows & calves ave. $1450.23/head top $1820/head; heifers ave. 310c/kg top 366.2c/kg; steers 313.4c/kg, top 405.2c/kg.


Just un­der 300 cat­tle were sold at Lismore Sa­le­yards on Tues­day. A good run of medium weight veal­ers sold on a slightly cheaper mar­ket than last week, sell­ing from $3.15 to $3.24/kg for an av­er­age of $740.

Weaner steers were keenly sought af­ter, Euro­pean breeds and an­gus steers 240-260kg sold from $3.30 to $3.60/kg for re­turns of $750 to $940. Steve Pit­t­away’s charo­lais X steer sold for $3.40/kg, $918.

An­other good yard­ing of meat­works cows sold to good com­pe­ti­tion but prices were 5-8c/kg be­low last week.

Heavy cows sold from $2.05 to $2.28/kg. Bob and Matt Black’s ro­mag­nola X cow re­turned $1398.

Ian Weir and Son’s fi­nal Store Cat­tle Sale for the year will be held on Satur­day at Lismore. Steers, heifers, bulls and a good run of cows and calves are on of­fer, in­clud­ing 60 an­gus cows with calves.


There were 531 cat­tle yarded at Grafton on Tues­day. Bul­locks and cows sold softer with bul­locks sold to 275c/kg and cows to 229c/kg. Veal­ers to the pro­ces­sors sold to 325c/kg, which was also a shade eas­ier. Re­stock­ers were still very ac­tive, pay­ing up to 402c/kg for light weight an­gus weaner steers.

W R Bul­ti­tude bul­locks sold to 263c/kg weighed 628kg to re­turn $1627/hd; R J Jef­feries bul­locks sold to 266c/kg weighed 660kg to re­turn $1750/hd; JR & BA Carl­ton bul­locks sold to 265c/kg weighed 647kg to re­turn $1704/hd; S A Ca­vanagh bul­locks sold to 274c/kg weighed 603 kg to re­turn $1640/hd; Peter Kennedy bul­locks sold to 270c/kg weighed 690kg to re­turn $1830/hd; BA & MJ Mo­ran bul­locks sold to 270c/kg weighed 665kg to re­turn $1784/hd.

Heifer Sta­tion cows sold to 228c/kg weighed 491kg to re­turn $1111/hd; KR & SS Wood­ward cows sold to 225c/kg weighed 476kg to re­turn $1003/hd; Clais­can cows sold to 226c/kg weighed 345kg to re­turn $1222/hd; P&K Lo­gis­tics cows sold to 220c/kg weighed 675kg to re­turn $1480/hd. N M Smith an­gus steers sold to 344c/kg to re­turn $840/hd re­stock­ers; Jenna Lawrence santa year­lings sold to 326c/kg to re­turn $1098/hd to re­stock­ers; Ramornie Sta­tion an­gus cross year­lings sold to 326c/kg to re­turn $1044/hd to re­stock­ers; J&G Daw­son bran­gus weaner steers sold to 324c/kg to re­turn $912/hd to re­stock­ers; Den­nis Har­daker veal­ers sold to 328c/kg weighed 280kg to re­turn $900/hd.


There was a re­duc­tion in both the sheep and lamb pen­nings. The qual­ity and con­di­tion of the lambs was mixed, rang­ing from very light weight store lambs to some ex­cel­lent heavy and ex­tra heavy weights. This vari­a­tion high­lighted just how much of a dis­par­ity in sea­sonal con­di­tions there is over the draw­ing area. De­mand re­mained high, and re­stock­ers were ac­tive on a large line of young lambs, lighter in con­di­tion.

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