Scan or not to scan?

Pub pa­trons di­vided over new ID rules

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❝ When an 80-year-old man needs to pro­vide ID ... you have a prob­lem. — Richard Med­way

PHOTO iden­ti­fi­ca­tion scan­ning for all is a move that’s left Glad­stone res­i­dents di­vided.

While some think it’s a good move to en­sure the safety of pub and club pa­trons, oth­ers say the rule has taken it a step too far.

The Ob­server asked its Face­book­ers yes­ter­day what they thought about the new rules that mean if you want to have a drink in town af­ter 10pm, you need your photo iden­ti­fi­ca­tion.

“When an 80-year-old man needs to pro­vide ID ... you have a prob­lem ... pretty sure leg­is­la­tion can be done far bet­ter than that joke,”

Richard Med­way said. He said sim­i­lar rules had been tested in Cess­nock in New South Wales.

“It doesn’t work, they stopped do­ing that about three years ago and Cess­nock is a trou­ble­some place,” he wrote.

Mary Brough sup­ported the idea of ID checks, high­light­ing it would help stop violence in Glad­stone premises.

“The ID is scanned and shows the time you en­tered the premises and if any­thing hap­pens and the video shows it was you then you can go and say you were some­where else cause they have your id scanned say­ing you were there,” she said. Jo­hannes No­or­der­meer was also in sup­port of the new rule.

“Where do you draw the line? 50? How do you know that with­out ID. Bet­ter off just hav­ing the leg­is­la­tion for ev­ery­one. Also, a 70-year-old out af­ter 10? Power to him.” Mean­while, oth­ers like

Kristy Rohrlach are un­likely to no­tice any change.

“Not worth go­ing out; more en­joy­able hav­ing good com­pany at home and it’s cheaper and you don’t have to deal with peo­ple who want to start fights,” she said.

Rhon­delle Sailor: We should have ID checks all the time, day and night. Then there would be no trou­ble.

Luke Richards: It’s catch 22. I don't want the in­va­sion of pri­vacy but it is ef­fec­tive if there is a prob­lem.

Robert Nur­rie: If they ask for my ID, I’d be flat­tered they think I could be a prob­lem.

Cather­ine Dow­son: I think it is down right ridicu­lous. What would you need that for?

Lex White­side: I “live” at the Queens Ho­tel so it will not be a prob­lem for me.

Karl Decker: There should be an age cut off. Old peo­ple don't make prob­lems.

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