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❝ I left it at that and when I ar­rived home ex­pect­ing to see a dif­fer­ent man ...

MAR­RIAGE over the years can be­come rou­tine, mun­dane and com­pla­cent with the pres­sures of work and just life it­self plus striv­ing to get to where we want to be.

Well I’d like to share our bit of hu­mour re­cently.

My hus­band and a few of the guys from his crew de­cided to take a wa­ger, on who can grow the long­est beard.

No trims be­fore get­ting their ‘pink-slip’.

Well it’s been six months and I must ad­mit his beard is soft but he’s start­ing to look like a cave man.

Last week on his ar­rival home for a well-de­served break, I sent him a text from work to say we may be play­ing bare­foot bowls. He an­swered “OK”.

I text back say­ing, “I’ll need to trim your hair and beard”. His an­swer was a re­sound­ing no.

My text back was “yes, it will be fine”.

Strangely he an­swered back that he was on the way to the bar­bers now.

My re­ply was “I’m hurt you don’t trust me” and he an­swered “it’s not that, it’s be­cause you don’t wear your glasses”

I left it at that and when I ar­rived home ex­pect­ing to see a dif­fer­ent man, I said “You haven’t been to the bar­ber?”.

His an­swer was - “yes I did, they said I didn’t need a trim”. I had to laugh.

Have you seen the ad­vert on TV, M& M’s Cup­board – Get in the bowl.

There’s a lady rest­ing on the lounge who says “hey babe, I could re­ally go for a snack”.

He heads to the cup­board and opens it, he’s at­tacked with fly­ing ob­jects hit­ting him in the head. The M & Ms are lined up with a slice of bread, can of drink, and a ba­nana ready to let loose.

He looks at them and tells them to get in the bowl.

They in turn say “You get in the bowl”.

Hubby and I use this line on each other to break­down the bar­rier on sit­u­a­tions and it’s a crack up ev­ery time.

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