I’ll be say­ing no to same sex mar­riage

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THE same-sex mar­riage de­bate has po­larised our na­tion. A gen­der-spe­cific mi­nor­ity and “do-good­ers” de­mand­ing equal rights to marry, as le­galised in many Western­ised na­tions has forced earnest de­bate which has di­vided our peo­ple.

The rights of the ma­jor­ity which be­lieve in the tra­di­tional view, have now been com­pro­mised, al­low­ing age-old tra­di­tions to be ques­tioned and shaken up to keep in step with mi­nori­ties world-wide. Its po­lit­i­cal value has no bounds, with ev­ery break-away in­de­pen­dent and op­po­si­tion to con­ser­vatism jump­ing on the band­wagon.

With our own chil­dren de­mand­ing what ev­ery­body else has, we, through guilt or oth­er­wise not want­ing to of­fend or iso­late them, give in to their tantrums. Par­ents face this dilemma daily in their fam­i­lies. Many have given up on draw­ing a line in the sand.

Now we see it on a na­tional scale, learn­ing fast what other gov­ern­ments have re­lented to giv­ing up and giv­ing into.

We want to have what other na­tions have, equal say and equal rights, while some here are not ready to give up long-held def­i­ni­tions of “mar­riage” as it was in­tended by God.

It was an in­sti­tu­tion where two at­tracted op­po­site sexes are com­ple­men­tary, in­tend­ing “to be fruit­ful and mul­ti­ply’!

What hap­pened to this idea of mar­riage as it was in­sti­gated? Not phys­i­cally pos­si­ble!

Again, a plebiscite on such an sen­si­tive is­sue, is the only de­mo­graphic way. Politi­cians who sup­port the po­lit­i­cal de­bate are pet­ri­fied of a neg­a­tive out­come. It should not be left to politi­cians who think more of their po­lit­i­cal ca­reers than what their con­stituents think. I want a say!

— Eloise Rowe Tan­num Sands

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