YOUR SAY: De­bate over mak­ing weight loss surgery pub­lic

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Mar­celle Pearce: If peo­ple are anorexic and are nu­tri­ent de­fi­cient, this causes health prob­lems.

The big­gest nu­tri­ent tool in the body be­ing re­duced can­not be a good for the body. If this was the an­swer for peo­ple with health prob­lems maybe they should be wait­ing a while to see what prob­lems this surgery is bring­ing to peo­ple. Don’t weigh the pub­lic health sys­tem down with what could po­ten­tially bring a huge prob­lem down the track. (my opin­ion).

Deb­bie Dawes: If it’s sleeve or by­pass yes but not lap band as it won’t stop peo­ple go­ing and get­ting fluid re­moved so they can eat n drink when they have special oc­ca­sions com­ing up.

Rachel Short: It was in the pub­lic health and they closed the wait­ing list be­cause it was too long. It’s not hard to find af­ford­able pri­vate health and get it done that way.

Jo Hill: Cer­tainly would keep the hos­pi­tals busy around cam­pus!

Rosie Curry: I would like to have it done.

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