I’m Eat­ing Diesel?

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As we’ve men­tioned be­fore in this col­umn, the main prod­uct from QER’s pro­posed projects will be Aus­tralian-made, ul­tra-low sul­phur diesel. When I talk to peo­ple about why QER is work­ing to help sup­ply Aus­tralia’s fu­ture diesel needs, many seem sur­prised when they re­alise what an im­por­tant role diesel fuel plays in all our lives. Vir­tu­ally all the goods we use are car­ried on trans­port pow­ered by diesel fuel. What’s more, many of our in­dus­tries are de­pen­dent, mo­ment to mo­ment, on a safe, af­ford­able, re­li­able, high qual­ity fuel sup­ply. Among the big­gest users of diesel fuel in the coun­try are our farm­ers. Diesel is a fuel with spe­cial ad­van­tages when it comes to agri­cul­ture. Diesel en­gines op­er­ate dif­fer­ently to other en­gines, work­ing on the prin­ci­ple of ‘com­pres­sion com­bus­tion’, pro­duc­ing high torque (power) for heavy duty ap­pli­ca­tions like plough­ing, har­vest­ing, earth­works and towing pro­duce to mar­ket. They work very ef­fi­ciently at low speeds pro­duc­ing less wasted heat. Diesel also has high en­ergy den­sity, so diesel en­gines typ­i­cally use 25-35% less fuel than spark ig­ni­tion en­gines, mean­ing farm­ers don’t need to store or han­dle as much fuel, or re­fuel their equip­ment as of­ten. Diesel en­gines are also very ro­bust, so farm equip­ment can per­form heavy duty op­er­a­tions over long pe­ri­ods with­out ex­ces­sive wear, mean­ing higher re­li­a­bil­ity and less main­te­nance. So, while we don’t ex­actly eat diesel, it plays a cru­cial role in pro­duc­ing vir­tu­ally every­thing we do eat. And in the fu­ture, by de­vel­op­ing a high qual­ity, high vol­ume, Aus­tralian-made diesel re­source, QER will be help­ing se­cure the vi­tal fuel sup­plies which Queens­land’s and Aus­tralia’s farm­ers and gra­ziers de­pend upon. Ul­ti­mately this means help­ing se­cure ac­cess to fresh pro­duce from our farms – some­thing we don’t of­ten think about, but some­thing that’s a fun­da­men­tal part of Aus­tralia’s rich qual­ity of life.

Bruce An­der­sen Site Su­per­in­ten­dent, QER

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