Bech­tel sued for $2m

Woman given no warn­ing of haz­ards

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AN IN­TER­NA­TIONAL com­pany that once had a strong pres­ence in Cen­tral Queens­land is be­ing sued for up to $2.026 mil­lion over a trip on a ferry.

Bech­tel has been named as a first re­spon­dent in a work­place in­jury claim filed last month in the Supreme Court in Rock­hamp­ton by lawyers rep­re­sent­ing for­mer em­ployee Melissa Joy List.

Ms List suf­fered a closed head in­jury with dizzi­ness and vom­it­ing as a re­sult of a fall on a ferry in 2014, along with bi­lat­eral shoul­der in­juries, right wrist strain, bi­lat­eral hip and knee in­juries, cer­vi­cal and lum­bar spine in­juries, left groin and nerve in­jury with chronic pain syn­drome.

She also now suf­fers from ad­just­ment dis­or­der with de­pres­sion and anx­i­ety. Doc­u­ments state Ms List, 38, was em­ployed as a lag­ger and fork­lift op­er­a­tor of Bech­tel’s LNG con­struc­tion project on Cur­tis Is­land. The sec­ond re­spon­dent is River­side Ma­rine Glad­stone, which trans­ported work­ers be­tween the is­land and the main­land. It was on one of these trips be­tween the is­land and Glad­stone that the ac­ci­dent took place.

Ms List was on the up­per level of a ferry on Septem­ber 22, 2014, on her way home from work dur­ing rough weather con­di­tions and needed to use the toi­lets on the lower level about 12.15pm.

The doc­u­ments state Ms List used a steep stair­way to change lev­els and as she walked down in her work boots one of her feet slipped for­ward. She lost her bal­ance, fall­ing to the bot­tom of the stairs.

The court doc­u­ments stated the stair­way, while steep, was also wide and Ms List could only have hands on one side rail at a time. The claim states nei­ther Bech­tel or River­side Ma­rine warned Ms List of the dan­gers of us­ing the stair­way.

Due to the in­juries, Ms List has on­go­ing re­quired med­i­cal treat­ment, lost her job and has re­duced em­ploy­a­bil­ity. Bech­tel and River­side Ma­rine Glad­stone were ap­proached for com­ment ahead of pub­li­ca­tion but no com­ments were pro­vided.

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