Park­ing for par­ents? They need to ‘harden up’

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ON the is­sue of the lack of dis­abil­ity park­ing spa­ces at shop­ping cen­tres, Univer­sity of the Sun­shine Coast jour­nal­ism lec­turer Dr Jane Fynes-Clin­ton, writes: “Give the spa­ces for ‘par­ents with prams’ to those with dis­abil­i­ties and take the ones for se­niors while you are at it.

“The se­niors who re­ally need a spe­cial park would qual­ify for the dis­abil­ity per­mit any­way and I have never un­der­stood why par­ents get spe­cial parks, even when I had three kids aged three years and un­der.

“Prams are not the un­wieldy con­trap­tions they once were and chil­dren need to learn the way of the carpark, not have the car parks moulded around them.

“The parks for par­ents and se­niors are a courtesy, not a le­gal re­quire­ment.

“And on av­er­age, ex­pan­sion around waists gen­er­ally sug­gest that older peo­ple and par­ents of young chil­dren need to walk far more than they do, so park­ing with the herd and get­ting the legs work­ing would seem ad­vis­able.

“Dis­abil­ity parks are needed for peo­ple to give them equal ac­cess to fa­cil­i­ties and in­clude them in the com­mu­nity.

“Par­ents and older peo­ple should step back for those who can’t step out at all.” What do you think about this? Do par­ents re­ally need their own park­ing spa­ces? Here are the most liked com­ments from our Face­book page: Kathryn Hammond (64 likes) – “The older gen­er­a­tion never had par­ent park­ing all those years ago and we all man­aged to get our ba­bies in and out of the cars and the shop­ping. Get rid of them and add more dis­abled spots. This gen­er­a­tion needs to harden up.”

Cassie Wïnd­sör (42 likes) – “I am ALL for dis­abled park­ing! It is needed and should be left for those who need it. HOW­EVER, YES par­ents do need park­ing spots but likely not as close to the stores as the dis­abled spots. Prams are big and bulky. To avoid dam­ag­ing other cars or your own, th­ese spa­ces are handy as. There is al­ways some pre­cious sod around that will wish the death penalty on you JUST for let­ting your child stand in the same area as their ve­hi­cle!”

Cindy McMil­lan (21 likes) – “I have a dis­abled park­ing per­mit and when there are none left I have no hes­i­ta­tion to park in a pram space. If I ever get fined or called out on it I will take it all the way to the High Court. Have a nice day everyone.”

Tyler Hewett (20 likes) – “The peo­ple who com­plain about not hav­ing them ‘in their day’ would also be the first to com­plain about kids run­ning through the car park and be­hind cars re­vers­ing. It’s for your ben­e­fit as much as the par­ents.”

the first to com­plain about kids run­ning through the car park and be­hind cars re­vers­ing.


Pram parks are con­sid­ered a courtesy for par­ents.

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