State needs res­cu­ing from years of debt

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JOBS for Queens­land, An­nasta­cia?

With 15 trains made in In­dia, stuck out on a barge in the Pa­cific, we have a pub­lic trans­port train cri­sis at home. The rush is on, as trains have been re­placed by buses for the past months, with tracks under re­pair.

The best pre­dic­tor of fu­ture be­hav­iour is past be­hav­iour and this is a cer­tainty for both La­bor and the LNP.

What can we ex­pect that’s new and a change from the $85 bil­lion deficit, when the prom­ises of mil­lions of dol­lars for fu­ture in­vest­ment mean more debt and a higher cost of liv­ing for Queens­lan­ders?

The politi­cians are try­ing to con­vince scep­ti­cal vot­ers they will make it all right if they win.

These same politi­cians have had their day to re­deem them­selves for three years with no re­duc­tion in the debt sta­tus-quo.

And then along comes a re­fresh­ing, “good dif­fer­ent” down-to-earth leader, un­afraid to tell it like it is.

She is gath­er­ing mo­men­tum as the oth­ers fade into po­lit­i­cal his­tory, just like Camp­bell New­man.

La­bor is guilty of nepo­tism in its DNA.

Beat­tie, who left Queens­land in debt, as did his pro­tege and suc­ces­sor Anna Bligh, con­tinue to be on gov­ern­ment pay­rolls. Politi­cians’ pay should be rel­a­tive to pro­duc­tiv­ity, like in any other job.

Debt re­duc­tion and tight­en­ing the belt should be manda­tory to re-elec­tion.

They went on to big­ger and bet­ter-pay­ing jobs for them­selves with our state in in­sur­mount­able debt: Beat­tie or­gan­is­ing the Com­mon­wealth Games in Bligh’s La­bor seat.

— E. ROWE Mar­coola

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