Mo­bil­ity scoot­ers: A men­ace or a ne­ces­sity?

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TALK­BACK ra­dio lis­ten­ers have backed calls for speed lim­its and tougher re­stric­tions on mo­bil­ity scooter users, de­scrib­ing them as a men­ace on our foot­paths.

Bris­bane City Coun­cil wants the scooter limit re­duced from 10km/h to a fast walk­ing pace of 6km/h, and has de­manded that the State Gov­ern­ment in­tro­duce “ba­sic li­cences” to en­sure that rid­ers are phys­i­cally and men­tally fit to be be­hind the han­dle­bars, The Courier-Mail re­ported.

In re­tire­ment ar­eas like the Sun­shine Coast, Gold Coast and Her­vey Bay, many el­derly peo­ple rely heav­ily on mo­bil­ity scoot­ers to get around.

But some say they have be­come down­right dan­ger­ous, pulling out in front of cars, and fail­ing to give way to pedes­tri­ans on foot­paths.

What do you think about this? Here’s what you said on Face­book. Wayne J Wilson – “I will ad­mit I al­most hit a young lass a Booval Fair on my mo­bil­ity scooter (which is lim­ited to 6kph). She had her head down tex­ting and walked into the front of my scooter, so am I at fault?”

Yvonne Voll­brecht – “They are nec­es­sary for a lot of peo­ple to be able to keep their in­de­pen­dence. This is just an­other money mak­ing scheme to pick on the less for­tu­nate. How about rego and li­cences for cy­cle rid­ers ... Oh no, no way they can do that. What is the dif­fer­ence here? NONE.”

Ruby June – “Yes. Very dan­ger­ous when shop­ping... and once you have been hit by one then you will un­der­stand!”

Brett Cane – “Who cares. Surely there are more press­ing is­sues then mo­bil­ity scoot­ers who are mostly used by the el­derly or dis­abled. The way it’s go­ing in 30 years you won’t be al­lowed to leave your house with­out per­mis­sion!” Brendan Matthey – “There is no need for these scoot­ers to go faster than most peo­ple can run. Walk­ing pace is good enough.”

Lind­say Mor­gan – “They use them too fast in River­link. They don’t watch where they are go­ing. And have no re­spect for peo­ple around them. And if they want it to look like a mo­tor­bike, get it reg­is­tered.”

Dar­ren Fis­cher – “I don’t mind peo­ple us­ing them but do they have to go at full speed? I got hit by one by an old guy at Big W while I was car­ry­ing my six-month-old. Didn’t even say sorry.” Danielle Carty – “They need to crack down on the cy­clist rid­ers first and the scoot­ers don't need to have rego or hel­mets. You all be old one day see how you would like to be treated like the peo­ple rid­ing the scoot­ers to­day they need it. The gov­ern­ment af­ter more money for the el­derly.”

Nate What­ley – “You will be old some day! So when you’re on a pen­sion whing­ing you can’t get around be­cause you can’t af­ford to pay rego on these ve­hi­cles, re­mem­ber this mo­ment.”

Clay­ton York – “I’m all for peo­ple us­ing scoot­ers, but please go slow!”

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Some read­ers think mo­bil­ity scoot­ers have be­come down­right dan­ger­ous

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