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Healthy River Road­show in Echuca tonight

SINCE the 4 Cor­ners re­port Pumped there has been a grow­ing con­cern within many com­mu­ni­ties along the rivers of the Murray Dar­ling Basin. The al­le­ga­tions of wa­ter theft, the po­ten­tial cor­rup­tion with the ad­min­is­tra­tive sys­tems and the in­quiries into the cur­rent Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment’s com­mit­ment to the Murray-Dar­ling Basin Plan leave us all in the dark. So much so there is now what is called the Healthy Rivers Road­show aus­piced by the Lifeblood Al­liance. A rolling voice from com­mu­ni­ties con­cerned the Murray-Dar­ling Basin Plan will not be fully im­ple­mented, sold out by lob­by­ists with se­cret agen­das. Mean­while peo­ple on the river whose liveli­hoods de­pend on the wa­ter are left aghast at the un­known quan­tity of mis­man­age­ment. En­vi­ron­men­tal flows are not for con­sump­tion, not for sale and that is bind­ing in law. The basin plan is a land­mark agree­ment for our na­tion. So for those of us that want to know more, there is a se­ries of pub­lic meet­ings be­ing held in Septem­ber along the rivers. Echuca will be host­ing a Healthy River Road­show tonight at the Amer­i­can Ho­tel, start­ing at 7. Come hear some fan­tas­tic minds who want to share with you their pas­sion for en­vi­ron­men­tal flows. Let this be the en­cour­age­ment we all need to stand up and de­mand bet­ter gov­er­nance for our wa­ter. To en­sure our rivers and com­mu­ni­ties are healthy and vi­brant into the next mil­len­nium. Tues­day Brow­ell, Tor­rum­barry Let­ters to the ed­i­tor must be no more than 300 words. All let­ters must in­clude the au­thor’s name for pub­li­ca­tion and a res­i­den­tial ad­dress and phone num­ber for clar­i­fi­ca­tion and ver­i­fi­ca­tion. Un­less emailed, all let­ters must in­clude a sig­na­ture. The ed­i­tor re­serves the right to edit or with­hold let­ters.

No. 9922

WORLD Sui­cide Pre­ven­tion Day on Sun­day was an in­ter­na­tional day to recog­nise the im­pact of sui­cide and fo­cus on the part we can all play in pre­ven­tion. To­day is R U OK? Day. This year’s global theme for sui­cide pre­ven­tion was ‘take a minute, change a life’. It was a time for us all to take a minute to ac­knowl­edge the pain sui­cide brings when it touches our lives. I did, to re­flect on the lives lost to sui­cide and all those I have met dur­ing the past year who have been af­fected by sui­cide and are pas­sion­ate about chang­ing all our lives for the bet­ter. Ev­i­dence tells us that our per­sonal at­ti­tudes to­ward sui­ci­dal be­hav­iours can ei­ther help or hin­der some­one’s like­li­ness to get help or give help. We must work to­gether to de­bunk the myths sur­round­ing sui­cide and change the way we think and com­mu­ni­cate about its pre­ven­tion. Thank you to all of our mem­bers and friends for the events and cam­paigns run in sup­port of sui­cide pre­ven­tion this month, par­tic­u­larly on and around Septem­ber 10 and for to­day. Go onto our web­site and look at the na­tional events cal­en­dar and you can also see what is hap­pen­ing in other coun­tries by vis­it­ing the In­ter­na­tional As­so­ci­a­tion for Sui­cide Pre­ven­tion (IASP) web­site. Thank you again for all you do to raise aware­ness and the ca­pac­ity of Aus­tralian com­mu­ni­ties to sup­port each other to live. Please take care dur­ing this pe­riod of height­ened con­ver­sa­tion about sui­cide and talk to a trusted fam­ily mem­ber, Sue Murray, Chief ex­ec­u­tive, Sui­cide Pre­ven­tion Aus­tralia WHAT about this plebiscite over chang­ing Aus­tralia’s mar­riage laws to per­mit any cou­ple to be mar­ried re­gard­less of gen­der? If the Yes vote wins, will Chris­tians think­ing and act­ing ac­cord­ing to an op­po­site be­lief be sacked, taken to court etc? Or will there be ‘ex­emp­tions’? That ques­tion is scarcely rel­e­vant. Je­sus told his first 12 dis­ci­ples they must “take up their cross daily” – i.e. be will­ing to be per­se­cuted or killed any time. Je­sus him­self died, nailed to a cross by those hat­ing his teach­ings and life. His mod­ern-day fol­low­ers can hardly go look­ing for “ex­emp­tions”. ON FRI­DAY evening I was out get­ting din­ner for my fam­ily when I had a slight fall on my way out of a lo­cal take away store. It was no big deal but see­ing as though I am 30 weeks preg­nant I want to firstly thank the only kind gen­tle­man who came to my aide. De­spite be­ing highly em­bar­rassed I think I am more em­bar­rassed that out of a shop full of five other peo­ple — in­clud­ing the shop owner — only one man of­fered to help. No-one else checked to see if I was okay, helped me to my feet or of­fered to carry my food to the car. No-one. And that is the most dis­ap­point­ing thing of all. So to the seag­ulls in the shop that just watched and didn’t help me — shame on you. To the gen­tle­man who helped me, may kind karma find its way to you. Thank you again for help­ing a heav­ily preg­nant women to her feet.

Clumsy mother-to-be, Echuca

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