Will they ever learn?

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IN­TER­EST­ING isn’t it? The Queens­land and Fed­eral gov­ern­ments are pro­mot­ing an­other bil­lion dol­lar coal mine in Queens­land’s del­i­cate out­back coun­try at the cost of ground and wa­ter con­tam­i­na­tion, stu­pid­ity and ig­no­rance it seems. And spruik­ing it will bring 10,000 jobs to Queens­land (though other es­ti­mates are maybe 1500 jobs). It would seem they never learnt any ba­sic science or maths at early sec­ondary school. It is a fact the Great Bar­rier Reef is be­ing de­graded by the car­bon byprod­uct of coal and other hu­man fol­lies. So with some short-term profit agenda and maybe a job after pol­i­tics, and scram­bled science and maths, they wish to open an­other gi­gan­tic coal mine to con­tinue the catas­tro­phe on the reef. The reef that un­der­pins a tourism in­dus­try and its tens of thou­sands of jobs gen­er­at­ing around $30 bil­lion in the re­gion. No-one is go­ing to visit a dead coral reef as it wipes out the seafood in­dus­try as well with thou­sands more jobs. The Great Bar­rier Reef is the nurs­ery, breed­ing gar­dens of marine life on the east coast of Aus­tralia – af­fect­ing world seafood sup­plies. Veg­e­ta­tion on land and sea also gives us the air we breathe and takes in as food the car­bon re­leased from the ground via coal and burn­ing off prac­tices. Queens­lan­ders say we can grow crops be­cause of high rain­falls in trop­i­cal rain­for­est ar­eas. But bull­doze the rain­forests and the rain­fall de­clines as it is the for­est that man­u­fac­tures the high rain­fall, plus pro­vides a car­bon sink and fresh air for us all. Duh. Hu­mans do not own the land; we are its care­tak­ers only. Any idiot who can add up and is armed with even mod­est high school science and maths knowl­edge would know that. We should pro­vide the dunce’s cap for the im­pa­tient, self-in­ter­ested money mak­ers and stand them in the cor­ner – it’s sad and crim­i­nal. It is time in Aus­tralia, on be­half of fu­ture gen­er­a­tions, to take Can­berra and greedy big busi­ness to court for deny­ing the young their fu­ture. Brian A Carter, Echuca

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