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Rochester ten­nis player Sam Trewick ex­tends him­self to keep this shot in play dur­ing Cam­paspe Ten­nis As­so­ci­a­tion on the week­end. A full wrap of the on court

ROCHESTER Ten­nis Club has started the Cam­paspe Ten­nis As­so­ci­a­tion sea­son in dom­i­nant fash­ion across all di­vi­sions.

While the club sits in 6th and 7th in sec­tion one, the club sits high on the lad­der in all other sec­tions of the com­pe­ti­tion.

For LBU 1, it’s been the tight­est of wins in back to back games to start off the year.

In the open­ing sec­tion one round, it was a win by just two games.

This week, a games dead­lock was won by a one set ad­van­tage.

The win leaves LBU 1 in sec­ond spot on the lad­der, just six points shy of com­pe­ti­tion leader Rich River 1.

The Rich River team claimed its first com­peted re­sult of the year, de­feat­ing Rochester two by 27 games.

The club started the sea­son with a per­fect re­sult fol­low­ing the for­feit of Rochester 1.

Echuca Lawn 1 has con­tin­ued its im­pres­sive start to the sea­son, with a big win over Echuca South 3 at the lawn club on Satur­day.

Lawn 1 took the match nine sets to four, with an over­all lead of 29 games.

In sec­tion two, Rochester 3 con­tin­ued its dom­i­nant start to the year, with a nine-set vic­tory over LBU 2.

This leaves Rochester 3 on 23 points, five points clear of Rochester 4 on top of the divi­sion two lad­der.

In the Ju­nior A sec­tion, Rochester con­tin­ued its dom­i­nant start to the sea­son, with teams 5, 6 and 7 hold­ing the top three spots on the lad­der.

In Ju­nior B Cam­paspe, Col­binab­bin 2 and Echuca South 7 played out one of the best matches of the sea­son so far.

Both teams tied on three sets a piece, with just the one game sep­a­rat­ing the teams at the fi­nal re­sult, with Col­binab­bin 2 claim­ing the 30-29 win.

This match was only to be out­done in Ju­nior B Mur­ray, where Rochester 11 and Echuca South 9 played an in­cred­i­bly even match.

When Rochester’s side claimed the 6th rub­ber, the match ended in a per­fect dead­lock — three sets and 26 games a piece.

In the Ju­nior C divi­sion, both Echuca Lawn 3 and Rich River 4 claimed six sets to love wins.

In the GMLTA, LBU and Echuca South claimed vic­to­ries in their re­spec­tive rub­bers.

Cam­paspe Ten­nis As­so­ci­a­tion

Seniors Sec­tion One LBU 1 (7 sets, 73 games) def. Echuca South 1 (6 sets, 73 games)

J. Howlett and D. John­son lost to Z. Mc­Grath and L. Dean 2-8, Z. Mc­Grath lost to J. Howlett 6-2, T. Ba­con and C. Mun­dine lost to H. Arm­strong and S. Brighton 3-8, S. Brentall and M. Howlett def. M. Sum­mers and L. Beat­tie 8-5, J. Wolfe and S. Champ­man def. R. Cald­well and G. Drakatos 8-5, J. Howlett and S. Brent­nall def. Z. Mc­Grath and M. Sum­mers 8-1, T. Ba­con and J. Wolfe def. H. Arm­strong and M. Brighton 8-3, S. Brent­nall and J. Wolfe def. M. Brighton and R. Cald­well 8-6, D. John­son and C. Mun­dine lost to L. Dean and L. Beat­tie 6-8, M. Howlett and S. Chap­man def. S. Brighton and G. Drakatos 8-3, D. John­son and M. Howlett lost to L. Dean and S. Brighton 2-8, C. Mun­dine and S. Champ­man def. L. Beat­tie and G. Drakatos 8-6, T. Ba­con lost to H. Arm­strong 4-6.

Rich River 1 (9 sets, 85 games) def. Rochester 2 (4 sets, 58 games)

T. Har­ley and D. An­gove def. N. Hock­ing and K. Tay­lor 8-5, T. Har­ley def. R. Holm­berg 6-3, D. Dev­ereux and T. God­frey def. D. Williams and A. In­gram 8-2, C. Egan and K. Egan def. R. Holm­berg and L. Gled­hill 8-0, P. God­frey and J. Dar­gan lost to J. Coghill and L. Williams 4-8, T. Har­ley and C. Egan def. R. Holm­berg and J. Coghill 8-5, D. Dev­ereux and P. God­frey N. Hock­ing and D. Williams 8-4, C. Egan and P. God­frey lost to G. Tiller and D. Williams 5-8, T. God­frey and D. An­gove def. K. Tay­lor and A. In­gram 8-3, J. Dar­gan and K. Egan lost to L. Gled­hill and L. Williams 7-8, T. God­frey and J. Dar­gan lost to K. Tay­lor and L. Williams 1-8, D. An­gove and K. Egan def. L. Gled­hill and A. In­gram 8-3, D. Dev­ereux def. N. Hock­ing 6-1

Rochester 1 (11 sets, 99 games) def. Echuca South (2 sets, 46 games)

T. Holm­berg and M. Ding­wall def. L. Mol­luso and H. Trewick 8-2, Z. Holm­berg def. H. James 6-1, Z. Holm­berg and J. Crock­ett lost to H. James and L. Eish­old 7-8, J. Nel­son and C. Hoop­pell def. B. James and J. James 8-1, B. Letcher and B. McCarty def. J. Guiney and H. Mulc­ahy 8-3, Z. Holm­berg and J. Nel­son def. H. James and B. James 8-5, T. Holm­berg and B. Letcher def. L. Mol­luso and J. Guiney 8-5, J. Nel­son and B. Letcher def. B. James and J. Guiney 8-1, M. Ding­wall and C. Hoop­pell def. H. Trewick and S. Mulc­ahy 8-5, J. Crock­ett and B. McCarty def. L. Eish­old and J. James 8-2, M. Ding­wall and J. Crock­ett def. H. Trewick and L. Eish­old 8-3, C. Hoop­pell and B. McCarty def. S. Mulc­ahy and H. Mulc­ahy 8-3, T. Holm­berg lost to L. Mol­luso 6-7

Echuca Lawn 1 (9 sets, 87 games) def. Echuca South 3 (4 sets, 58 games)

H. Melville and S. Byrne lost to B. Pot­ter and B. Wright 6-8, H. Melville def. B. Pot­ter 6-3, I. Sin­nett and M. Moss def. D. Stapleton and F. Hawken 8-7, I. Sin­nett and M. Moss def. R. Keil and M. Mol­luso 8-5, R. Marks and E. Can­ning def. J. Quinn and A. Durham 8-1, H. Melville and I. Sin­nett lost to B. Pot­ter and R. Keil 1-8, I. Sin­nett and R. Marks def. D. Stapleton and J. Quinn 8-0, I. Sin­nett and R. Marks lost to R. Keil and J. Quinn 2-8, S. Byrne and S. Moon def. F. Hawken and B. Wright 8-5, M. Moss and E. Can­ning def. M. Mol­luso and A. Durham 8-0, S. Byrne and M. Moss def. F. Hawken and M. Mol­luso 8-3, S. Moon and E. Can­ning def. B. Wright and A. Durham 8-3, D. Mack­rell lost to D. Stapleton 6-7. Seniors Sec­tion Two Rochester 3 (11 sets, 73 games) def. LBU 2 (2 sets, 32 games)

C. Mur­ray and K. Geb­bie def. L. Collins and J. McNair 6-3, D. Pain def. M. Jones 6-1, R. Else and V. Snelling def. M. Jones and B. Howlett 6-3, D. Pain and A. Pain def. C. Gar­diner and K. Moroney 6-0, J. God­den and J. McCormick def. L. Ross and K. Dun­can 6-1, D. Pain and C. Mur­ray def. M. Jones and B. Hum­bert 6-1, R. Else and J. God­den lost to L. Collins and L. Ross 3-6, C. Mur­ray and J. God­den def. B. Hum­bert and C. Gar­diner 6-0, K. Geb­bie and V. Snelling def. J. McNair and B. Howlett 6-4, A. Pain and J. McCormick def. R. Eade and K. Dun­can 6-2, K. Geb­bie and A. Pain def. J. McNair and R. Eade 6-1, V. Snelling and J. McCormick def. B. Howlett and K. Moroney 6-4, R. Else lost to L. Collins 4-6.

El­more 1 (11 sets, 72 games) def. Rich River 2 (2 sets 39 games)

R. Byrne and J. DeMaria def. S. Pitts and A. Lodge 6-1, R. Byrne def. S. Pitts 6-1, S. Rath­jen and S. Chap­man def. B. Sud­holz and J. Sud­holz 6-4, R. McCaskie and C. Holm­berg lost to M. Ge­orge and C. Ho­gan 1-6, J. Holm­berg and A. Ro­saia def. L. Pitts and J. Hard­ing 6-1, R. Byrne and R. McCaskie def. B. Sud­holz and L. Pitts 6-2, S. Rath­jen and J. Holm­berg def. M. Ge­orge and C. Dunstan 6-2, R. McCaskie and J. Holm­berg def. L. Pitts and C. Dunstan 6-0, S. Chap­man and J. DeMaria def. J. Sud­holz and A. Lodge 6-3, A. Ro­saia and C. Holm­berg lost to C. Ho­gan and J. Hard­ing 4-6, S. Chap­man and A. Ro­saia def. J. Sud­holz and C. Ho­gan 7-5, J. DeMaria and C. Holm­berg def. A. Lodge and J. Hard­ing 6-4, S. Rath­jen def. M. Ge­orge 6-2.

Col­binab­bin 1 (8 sets, 61 games) def. Rochester 4 (5 sets, 54 games)

H. Bar­low and P. Mor­row lost to R. Fiedler and R. Wolfe 2-6, H. Bar­low def. B. Fiedler 6-1, H. Hamil­ton and M. Ryan lost to J. Baker and H. Hock­ing 4-6, C. Hamil­ton and T. Rath­jen lost to B. Fiedler and B. Baker 2-6, S. Ryan and M. Mor­gan def. J. Hock­ing and E. Ker­lin 6-3, H. Bar­low and H. Hamil­ton def. B. Fielder and R. Fielder 6-4, C. Hamil­ton and S. Ryan lost to J. Hock­ing and J. Baker 1-6, S. Ryan and H. Hamil­ton lost to R. Fielder and J. Baker 4-6, M. Ryan and P. Mar­row def. H. Hock­ing and R. Wolfe 6-0, M. Mor­gan and T. Rath­jen def. B. Baker and E. Ker­lin 6-4, M. Ryan and M. Mor­gan def. H. Hock­ing and B. Baker 6-4, P. Mor­row and T. Rath­jen def. R. Wolfe and E. Ker­lin 6-4, C. Hamil­ton def. J. Hock­ing 6-4. Ju­nior A LBU 4 (5 sets, 33 games) def. LBU 3 (3 sets, 30 games).

Rochester 5 (6 sets, 44 games) def. Echuca South (2 sets, 24 games).

Rochester 6 (4 sets, 37 games) def. Echuca South 4 (4 sets, 27 games). Bye: Rochester 7. Ju­nior B Cam­paspe Echuca Lawn 2 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 5 (0 sets, 23 games).

Rochester 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. El­more 2 (0 sets, 8 games).

Echuca South 6 (3 sets, 32 games) def. Rochester 9 (3 sets, 26 games).

Col­binab­bin 2 ( 3 sets, 30 games) def. Echuca South 7 (3 sets, 29 games). Bye: Rochester 10. Ju­nior B Mur­ray Rochester 12 (4 sets, 32 games) def. LBU 6 (2 sets, 22 games).

LBU 7 (3 sets, 32 games) def. Rich River 3 (3 sets, 26 games).

Rochester 13 (4 sets, 29 games) def. Echuca South 8 (2 sets, 18 games).

Rochester 11 (3 sets, 26 games) and Echuca South 9 (3 sets, 26 games) played a draw. Ju­nior C LBU 8 (5 sets, 35 games) def. Rochester 16 (1 set, 17 games).

Echuca Lawn 3 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rochest 14 (0 sets, 14 games).

Rich River 4 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 9 (0 sets, 7 games).

Rochester 15 (4 sets, 28 games) def. El­more 3 (2 sets, 26 games).


GM2 (B) Nathalia (7 sets, 73 games) def. Rich River Rebels (4 sets, 57 games)

J. Wil­son def. D. Tomkins 6-3, T. Marks lost to J. Bavich 4-6, R. Ni­hill def. D. Cross­man 6-3, J. Daniel def. I. Cross­man 6-4, J. Wil­son and A. Bako­gia­nis def. D. Tomkins and M. Lake 8-5, T. Mark and A. Bako­gia­nis def. J. Bavich and M. Lake 8-2, R. Ni­hill and T. Mark lost to D. Cross­man and C. McGil­livray 7-8, J. Daniel and T. Mark lot to I. Cross­man and C. McGil­livray 5-8, A. Bako­gia­nis and J. Daniel def. D. Tomkins and D. Cross­man 8-6, J. Wil­son and R. Ni­hill lost to J. Bavich and I. Cross­man 7-8, T. Mark and T. Mark def. M. Lake and C. McGil­livray 8-4.

Echuca South (8 sets, 60 games) def. Dhur­ringile Blue (3 sets, 50 games)

J. God­frey def. L. Boehm 6-1, S. Coatesworth def. A. Niglia 6-5, T. God­frey def. J. Del Salvocke 6-0, H. Poole lost to H. Boehm 2-6, J. God­frey and C. Porter def. L. Bo­hem and B. Cum­mins 8-3, C. Pot­ter and S. Coatesworth def. A. Niglia and B. Cum­mins 8-6, T. God­frey and M. Stapleton def. J. Del Salvocke and L. Niglia 8-6, H. Poole and M. Stapleton lost to H. Boehm and L. Niglia 0-8, C. Pot­ter and M. Stapleton lost to L. Boehm and L. Niglia 0-8, S. Coatesworth and T. God­frey def. B. Cum­mins and H. Boehm 8-4, J. God­frey and H. Poole and A. Niglia and J. Del Salvocke 8-3. GM3 West Kyabram Bombers (9 sets, 91 games) def. Echuca Bull­dogs (5 sets, 74 games)

D. Say­well def. G. Webb 6-3, R. More def. E. Mc­Gre­gor 6-1, M. Porch lost to R. Dick­etts 3-6, A. Py­croft def. N. Jef­feries 6-4, D. Say­well and J. Liver­sidge def. G. Webb and T. Char­nass 8-6, R. More and D. Kerr lost to B. Gled­hill and D. Cox 7-8, J. Liver­sidge and D. Kerr lost to T. Char­nass and D. Cox 7-8, M. Porch and M. Hooper lost to R. Dick­etts and L. Gled­hill 5-8, A. Py­cr­fot and L. Say­well def. N. Jef­feries and S. Cox 8-2, M. Hooper and L. Say­well def. L. Gled­hill and S. Cox 8-6, D. Say­well and M. Hooper def. B. Gled­hill and N. Jef­feries 8-5, M. Perch and D. Kerr lost to T. Char­nass and R. Dick­etts 3-8, R. More and A. Py­croft def. D. Cox and L. Gled­hill 8-5, J. Liver­sidge and L. Say­well def. E. Mc­Gre­gor and S. Cox 8-4.

LBU (12 sets, 92 games) def. Nathalia (1 set, 52 games)

J. Mundie def. D. Scad­den 6-5, G. Hum­bert def. J. Mark 6-4, J. Mundie and P. Condliffe def. D. Scad­den and P. Lim­brick 8-2, G. Hum­bert and I. Haines def. J. Mark and A. Wil­son 8-2, P. Condliffe and I. Haines def. A. Wil­son and P. Lim­brick 8-2, K. Condliffe and L. Tooheys def. C. Bourke and H. Gin­nivan 8-6, F. Bail and M. Haines def. C. McLeod and L. Richardson 8-5, N. Ba­con and F. Bail def. C. Bourke and C. McLeod 8-4, L. Toohey and M. Haines def. H. Gin­nivan and L. Richardson 8-7, J. Mundie and K. Condliffe lost to P. Lim­brick and C. Bourke 3-8, P. Condliffe and N. Ba­con def. D. Scad­den and C. McLeod 8-1, G. Hum­bert and L. Toohey def. A. Wil­son and H. Gin­nivan 8-4, I. Haines and M. Hainesy def. J. Mark and L. Richardson.

Tatura Curlews (9 sets, 90 games) def. Rochester (4 sets, 66 games)

D. Smith lost to J. Ding­wall 5-6, R. Thor­ley def. E. Tay­lor 6-3, D. Smith and M. El­liott def. J. Ding­wall and J. Igram 8-3, R. Thor­ley and R. Bal­lan­tyne def. E. tay­lor and K. Hansen 8-3, M. El­liott and R. Bal­lan­tyne def. J. In­gram and K. Hansen 8-4, H. Thor­ley and K. Bal­lan­tyne lost to S. In­gram and K. Lee 6-8, D. Rus­sell and C. Ni­hill lost to E. In­gram and R. Ma­jor 5-8, H. Thor­ley and D. Rus­sell def. S. In­gram and E. In­gram 8-1, K. Bal­lan­tyne and C. Ni­hill lost to K. Lee and R. Ma­jor 4-8, M. El­liot and D. Rus­sell def. J. Ding­wall and S. In­gram 8-4, R. Bal­lan­tyne and K. Bal­lan­tyne def. K. Hansen and K. Lee 8-6, R. Thor­ley and H. Thor­ley def. E. Tay­lor and R. Ma­jor 8-6, D. Smith and C. Ni­hill def. J. In­gram and E. In­gram 8-5.

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Echuca South’s Aaron Loader.

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