I’m step­ping up and now I’m re­ally start­ing to sweat it up

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I AM more than half­way through my train­ing for the Sweat ver­sus Steam.

And in seven weeks, I have gone from barely be­ing able to run one minute to run­ning 1.5km at a time.

It has taken a lot of blood (well, more like blis­ters), sweat and tears (fat, ugly tears as I scream at my­self ‘why did you let your­self get so un­fit?!) as well as lots of money spent on Band-aids, mag­ne­sium cream (for my aching knees) and some new run­ning gear (girl’s got to spoil her­self oc­ca­sion­ally).

How­ever, it’s all pay­ing off as my stamina is im­prov­ing and I’m feel­ing bet­ter in my­self.

At the start of all this, I re­mem­ber look­ing at the train­ing pro­gram and think­ing ‘how the hell am I go­ing to be able to run five min­utes with­out stop­ping?’ And now I’m run­ning 1.5km in­ter­vals with­out hail­ing down pass­ing cars des­per­ate for water.

And my pained ex­pres­sion has been re­placed with a kind of steely de­ter­mi­na­tion. I have my girls to thank for that. My big­gest (and lit­tlest) fans have been rid­ing their bikes along­side me, spurring and push­ing me to keep go­ing — en­cour­age­ment that I am in dire need of when the legs start wob­bling and I’m gasp­ing for air.

‘‘Come on Mum, you can do it! One more minute,’’ they wildly cheer.

And if they’re not with me, the girls get on FaceTime to cheer me on from the com­fort of their cozy couch.

Bless their lit­tle fit hearts. These girls of mine are part of the rea­son why I am do­ing this in the first place.

Of course, I want to get fit, im­prove my over­all health and look hot in a bikini. But I also want to show my girls that if you set a goal, you can achieve it. No mat­ter how hard or over­whelm­ing it may seem at the be­gin­ning. No mat­ter if it hurts. No mat­ter how much you hate run­ning.

Your chil­dren are an ex­ten­sion of you. They learn from and copy their par­ents. So you need to set a good example.

It’s all well and good telling your chil­dren what they should do. But show­ing them has much more of a last­ing im­pact.

These are the things that go through my head as I am pound­ing the pave­ment, swear­ing silently as my knees and an­kles scream in agony.

Which they will be do­ing over the next five weeks. Be­cause I’ve got to go from run­ning 1.5km at a time to 5km.

It’s a daunt­ing prospect. I’m ter­ri­fied of fail­ing. Be­cause all eyes are on me. Which means my eyes need to be glued on the path, in front of me. And all the chips and ice-cream I can eat when I fin­ish that 5km run.

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