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1. Who wrote the Pulitzer Prizewin­ning novel The Grapes of Wrath?

2. Which city is home to the Span­ish Steps?

3. Rik­ishi is the Ja­panese term for what?

4. Which film re­ceived the most Academy Award nom­i­na­tions last month? (Bonus point for nam­ing its di­rec­tor and how many nom­i­na­tions it re­ceived.)

5. Who was the first fe­male leader of a Muslim-ma­jor­ity coun­try? 6. How many steps are ad­vo­cated in the Al­co­holics Anony­mous ad­dic­tion re­cov­ery pro­gram?

7. How do you write 1/100th as a dec­i­mal num­ber?

8. Who painted The Per­sis­tence of Mem­ory?

9. Which three coun­tries bor­der Mex­ico?

10. In com­puter lan­guage, what does the “HT” stand for in HTML?

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