Coeur à la crème

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Serves 6

– 250g crème fraîche

– 300ml pure cream

– 80g ic­ing sugar

– juice and finely grated zest of 1 le­mon – ½ vanilla bean split and seeds scraped – 6 x coeur à la crème moulds

– 6 x 20cm squares of muslin

– 60g cas­tor sugar

– 30ml wa­ter

– 500g rasp­ber­ries

To make the coeur à la crème:

Place the crème fraîche, cream, ic­ing sugar, le­mon zest and vanilla seeds in a bowl. Whisk un­til thick. Line each mould with a damp square of muslin and spoon in the cream mix­ture. Bring the sides of the muslin up and fold over the top and place on a tray. Re­frig­er­ate overnight.

To make the rasp­berry sauce:

Dis­solve the cas­tor sugar in the wa­ter with one ta­ble­spoon of le­mon juice. Put mix­ture in a pan and add half the rasp­ber­ries to warm through and then pour into a blender or food pro­ces­sor. Purée and then strain through a fine sieve to re­move the seeds. When serv­ing, care­fully un­mould the lit­tle white hearts, pour the coulis about and dec­o­rate with the re­main­ing rasp­ber­ries. If you don’t have or don’t want to buy the heart-shaped moulds, the process can be done in ramekins lined with muslin. I have even seen some made in tiny (new) ter­ra­cotta pots.

Wine pair­ing:

Bil­le­cart-Sal­mon demi-sec Cham­pagne, France ($100) – Peter Watt, som­me­lier, du Fer­mier

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