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– 100g dried sea­weed (I pre­fer wakame) – 80g sesame seeds

– 10g fried gar­lic

– 10g fried shal­lots

– 5g sweet va­ri­ety chilli pow­der

– salt

Toast the wakame and the sesame sep­a­rately in a heavy-based pan over low heat. The key in­di­ca­tor for the sea­weed be­ing ready is smell; for the sesame it is colour. Ba­si­cally you want to get the sea­weed smelling nutty and the sesame golden brown.

Once they are both toasted, place the wakame in the oven at 160ºC for a fur­ther five min­utes or so to fully re­move any mois­ture.

Grind the sesame us­ing a mor­tar and pes­tle to bruise the seeds and re­lease the oil. Don’t be tempted by the con­ve­nience of a food pro­ces­sor or grind them too far by hand – the aim is to re­tain some texture.

For the fi­nal cou­ple of min­utes of the sea­weed in the oven, add the rest of the in­gre­di­ents to dry out fur­ther.

Re­move the sea­weed and grind to a size sim­i­lar to the sesame.

Sieve to re­move the large pieces, then add the rest of the in­gre­di­ents and work them to­gether us­ing the mor­tar and pes­tle. Once the de­sired texture is achieved, let cool and store in an air­tight con­tainer.

Re­move from the con­tainer us­ing only a dry spoon and this mix will be good to keep for sev­eral weeks.

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