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Read­ing Mike Seccombe’s ex­cel­lent ar­ti­cle on the pol­i­tics of re­mov­ing chil­dren from Nauru (“How Mur­doch got the kids off Nauru”, Novem­ber 3–9) was a re­minder that the in­hu­man pol­icy of off­shore de­ten­tion could not have lasted so long with­out the back­ing of the Mur­doch me­dia. Imag­ine if News Corp had op­posed the pol­icy from the start and pointed out the im­moral­ity, the waste of lives, the trash­ing of con­ven­tions Aus­tralia had signed, and fi­nally the sheer cost of a po­lit­i­cal race to the bot­tom – how long would off­shore de­ten­tion have lasted? The only rea­son we have been blighted with such an ob­scene piece of po­lit­i­cal the­atre is thanks to Mur­doch back­ing a truly lousy episode in this coun­try’s his­tory.

– John Glee­son, Lower Plenty, Vic

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