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The first step is to make the base­plate and up­right sec­tion. The base­plate is a C-shaped piece of 10mm plate. This one was welded from three pieces of steel, but could be cut from plate if you have any.

The height of the chan­nel is the height of the jack body when fully com­pressed, so this will vary ac­cord­ing to the jack you have. Vee the joins, tack them into place, check­ing that all is square and flush with the front edge of the base­plate, and then fully weld.

This toe jack … used the ba­sic prin­ci­ple of shed eco­nomics — if it is on the shelf in the shed, it is free

The lift­ing car­riage has a socket that is a snug fit to the top of the jack ram and is made from 50mm round with a hole bored to match the ram di­am­e­ter. The height of the car­riage is from the

To make the lift­ing car­riage, clamp the front and sides of the car­riage and tack to­gether. Weld on the con­nect­ing pieces from the socket to the sides of the car­riage. These are 40x5mm flat to each side, and a piece of 25x50mm RHS to the front. Weld a flat plate on the top

The sides of the car­riage tacked to the front

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