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The Mitre­mate is a slid­ing mitre guide that al­lows the cut­ting of pretty ac­cu­rate mitres us­ing a por­ta­ble 190mm cir­cu­lar saw. The saw is bolted to the slid­ing part of the de­vice, and the fixed part is clamped be­tween the Work­mate’s jaws. The piece to be cut is held against the ad­justable guide piece and the saw is pushed for­wards to make the cut. The Mitre­mate was de­signed to do what the mod­ern slid­ing mitre saw does, in­clud­ing com­pound mitres. Car­pen­ters used to cut an­gled joints by eye us­ing a cross-cut hand­saw, but this re­quired great skill born of long prac­tice. To­day chip­pies take great pride in their mitre saw and stand and most are de­voted to a par­tic­u­lar brand. The mod­ern mitre saw is very quick and im­pres­sively ac­cu­rate. With a stand that sup­ports long stock it per­forms much bet­ter than the Mitre­mate, par­tic­u­larly on long boards, which is per­haps why the Mitre­mate is sel­dom seen to­day.

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