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Race 1: ALABAMA CHARGE Rob­bie Laing 21-SEP-16 SALE Bumped heav­ily shortly af­ter start and be­came un­bal­anced. 11-SEP-16 SALE slow into stride. rdr - lay in un­der pres­sure in straight. ARITE GURU (NZ) Tony Parker 15SEP-16 PAKS Hung in un­der pres­sure in the straight plac­ing its rider at a dis­ad­van­tage in rid­ing it out in his nor­mal man­ner. AMBALACHE Peter Ioan­nou 08-SEP-16 MORN Slow to be­gin. DELLE DONNE Mick Cer­chi 30-AUG-16 GEES Com­menced awk­wardly. 15-AUG-16 WANG Checked round­ing the home turn. MISS REM­ING­TON Ken Keys 11-SEP-16 SALE COT - ride for­ward from in­side bar­rier and small field. Set­tled be­hind lead­ers. 30AUG-16 GEES Slow to be­gin. ROLDANA ( NZ) Jamie Ed­wards 16-SEP-16 GEES Slow to be­gin. Ham­pered near the 1400m. In­con­ve­nienced pass­ing the 50m. ANA­HEIM Trent Busut­tin & Natalie Young 05-SEP-16 BLLA Shifted in on jump­ing. CZAR FOX Mathew Eller­ton & Si­mon Zahra 16-SEP-16 GEES Held up for clear run be­tween 600400m. 27-AUG-16 DON Af­ter com­menc­ing awk­wardly was then crowded for room be­tween horses. Was again ham­pered shortly af­ter start. DE­LIGHT­FUL SPIRIT Peter White 17-SEP-16 PAKS Be­gan awk­wardly. Over raced in the early and mid­dle stages 28-AUG-16 CRAN Slow to be­gin. HOOKFANG Cameron Tem­ple­ton 13-SEP-16 SW H Raced wide in the early stages be­fore ob­tain­ing the lead near the 1400m. AMA­ZON EVE Rob­bie Laing 06SEP-16 MOE Sad­dle shifted for­ward near 1600m, plac­ing rider at a dis­ad­van­tage for re­main­der of race. Ham­pered near 1400m.

Race 2: I AM WANTED Trevor J An­drews 21-APR-16 PAKS Ham­pered at start, PP - rider no ex­pla­na­tion raced keenly early stages. Vet slight scratch­i­ness hind gait. LUCKY PROSPECTOR (GB) Robert Smer­don 07-SEP-16 SANL lost its foot­ing near the 400m shifted in abruptly 28AUG-16 CRAN Raced wide with­out cover through­out. ROCKSETTA Mark Ka­vanagh 11-DEC-15 M V R-mount failed to con­cen­trate through­out. Vet no abs. FAST AND FU­RI­OUS Dean Bi­naisse 17-SEP-16 CAUL Ham­pered 700m. hung in­wards in the straight. Vet slow re­cov­ery. 22-AUG-16 ECHA Be­gan awk­wardly. Ap­proach­ing the 900m when over-rac­ing had to be stead­ied to avoid heels. R - may not have been suited

to­day’s heavy track con­di­tions. Pulled up in a nor­mal man­ner. SWAMPLAND (NZ) Henry Dwyer 25-APR-16 MOE Raced greenly and when at the rear of the field ap­proach­ing 800m lay out.

Race 3: DEEP PUR­PLE Rob­bie Laing 18-SEP-16 PAKS slow to be­gin. FLORIDA KEYS Pat Carey 04-SEP16 GEEL Rdr re­ported his mount laid in un­der pres­sure how­ever was of the view that as it did set­tle well the filly would be bet­ter suited to races of a longer dis­tance than to­days event. A post race ve­teri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any ab­nor­mal­i­ties. IDOL David & B Hayes & T Dabernig 15-SEP-16 PAKS Bumped at the start. Stead­ied near 800m to avoid heels. 28-AUG-16 CRAN Slow to be­gin. Raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages. ROCCACHILLI Peter Ge­lago­tis 06-SEP-16 MOE Slow to be­gin. SO DIS­TINCT Rob­bie Grif­fiths 09-SEP-16 GEES Laid in un­der pres­sure in home straight. TROIS VALLEES (NZ) Ja­son War­ren 06SEP-16 MOE Checked when crowded on jump­ing.

Race 4: EMOJI Gra­hame Begg 08-SEP-16 MORN Lay out round­ing turn. OS­CAR DEE Bruce Pur­cell 28MAY-16 SANL jumped away awk­wardly. MOR­TI­FIED Wendy Kelly 16-AUG-16 PAKS Stood flat footed and lost ground (3L). 14-JUL-16 CRAN Slow to be­gin. Had to be eased when crowded for room near the 600m. AU­TO­GRAPH Trent Pen­nuto 16-AUG-16 PAKS Bumped on jump­ing away. LINGA NO LONGA Al­li­son Bennett 13MAR-16 S CK Bumped heav­ily with an­other run­ner turn­ing out of the straight on the first oc­ca­sion. TREICHELN Mark Webb 06-SEP-16 MOE Rider sus­pended for fail­ing to ride mount right out to line. Ac­tions af­fected plac­ings. 13-AUG-16 COLR Slow to be­gin (4L). Rider stated he was in­structed to ride the mare off the pace and for luck how­ever un­der pres­sure through­out event.

Race 5: RECALCULATE Colin Scott 14-SEP-16 PAKS Laid out in the home straight. 28-AUG-16 CRAN Pass­ing the 200m was stead­ied & shifted out to avoid heels of an­other run­ner which com­menced weaken. GOT YOU DOU­BLE Ciaron Ma­her 13-AUG-16 CAUL q’d tac­tics/ more for­ward po­si­tion. Rused good bar­rier draw and with step up in dis­tance, com­pared to C’field on 30th July where was obliged to ride the geld­ing back form the wide draw. MAC­QUARIE MAGIC Ja­son War­ren 29-AUG-16 WOD In­clined to over­race in the early stages. Held up for clear run­ning from the 400m un­til the en­trance to the straight. 03-AUG-16 SALE Be­gan to over­race near 900m, shifted in. MR PAGO Peter Ge­lago­tis 07-SEP-16 SANL COT fur­ther for­ward due to be­ing up in dis­tance; raced out­side the leader. Protest 5th V 2nd dis­missed. Tight­en­ing near line, had to be checked 24-AUG-16 SANH R-did not ap­pre­ci­ate to­day’s Soft 7 track con­di­tions and would be bet­ter suited over more ground. LOCK AND LOAD Mitchell Beer & Max Hin­ton 15SEP-16 PAKS Raced wide through­out. ONYA KEITHY Eric Mus­grove 17-AUG-16 GEEL Ham­pered at the start by an­other run­ner that com­menced awk­wardly & shifted out.

Race 6: KALASHANI LAD Terry Walsh 22-SEP-16 MORN R - stated he be­gan to place his mount un­der pres­sure near the 500m but the geld­ing was not re­spond­ing well and felt un­bal­anced when on the rails. Af­ter shift­ing out and straight­en­ing felt more bal­anced and ex­tended un­der hands heels rid­ing. 27-JUL-16 SANL slow to be­gin. PRINCE TARKEIDA Mark Webb 08-JUN-16 SALE slow to R-must en­sure he rides all his mounts out to the line. ELLE EX­CITE Pat Carey 11-SEP-16 SALE be­gan awk­wardly shift­ing out. GIBBON Wendy Kelly 14SEP-16 PAKS Be­gan awk­wardly. Rider stated it failed to han­dle the syn­thetic sur­face. Post race vet re­vealed no abs. LEVITICAL Ger­ard Moloney 28-AUG-16 CRAN Be­gan awk­wardly. VI­O­LENT SNOW Ja­son War­ren 11SEP-16 SALE held up for clear run­ning on home turn.

Race 7: MELODIES WAY (NZ) Robert Kingston 17SEP-16 PAKS Change of tac­tics To race fur­ther back from the bar­rier. Set­tled at the rear of the field. Held up when round­ing home turn un­til pass­ing 150 me­tres 10-SEP-16 PAKS Rider when ques­tioned in re­la­tion to set­tling in the lead, stated that it was not her in­ten­tion lead and in­struc­tions were to ride with cover, how­ever, af­ter begin­ning well led with­out be­ing pres­sured. LOVE IS GREAT Greg Eurell 22-AUG16 ECHA Laid out un­der pres­sure in the home straight. PAPPANICK Shea Eden 28AUG-16 CRAN Be­gan awk­wardly & lost ground. Shortly af­ter start com­menced to buck con­se­quently took no fur­ther com­pet­i­tive part in the race. CRAFTY DEVIL Dar­ren Weir 19-MAY-16 ARAT Rider stated it would ben­e­fit from its first start over this dis­tance. Vet re­ported no ab­nor­mal­i­ties. GRAEBARB Jerome Hunter 06-SEP-16 MOE Rider could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for dis­ap­point­ing per­for­mance. Post race vet exam - No ab­nor­mal­ity. MERRY MAGIC John R Allen 17-SEP-16 PAKS Raced wide with­out cover through­out. AURO Tony Noo­nan 20SEP-16 ECHA Com­menced awk­wardly. OUR JOVANNA Peter Ioan­nou 26-JUL-16 PAKS Raced wide with­out cover through­out. V - No Abs 12-JUL-16 MURT Was slow to be­gin. RACE BM64 Hand­i­cap 1000m Timely Truce Belinda Simp­son 06-FEB-16 WMAI Com­menced awk­wardly. Hung out through­out the event. 23-AUG-16 PAKS Knuck­led on jump­ing away re­sult­ing in its rider be­com­ing un­bal­anced. Raced wide with­out cover

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