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Race 1: 1 ALIK 10/06/2017 Kem­bla Grange Knuck­led on jump­ing. When the pace com­menced to slacken near 1000m, had be stead­ied from heels. Raced greenly in the straight & ap­proach­ing 200m was con­tacted on the hindquar­ter by an­other run­ner. Con­tin­ued to race greenly there­after and laid out over the fi­nal 200m. 3 DUNATUN 11/06/2017 Hawkes­bury Near 1000m, blun­dered badly and in at­tempt­ing to re­gain its feet be­came no­tice­ably un­bal­anced lost ground. 4 JAR­RETT 10/06/2017 Kem­bla Grange Bounded on jump­ing. 9 RITABEL

Slow to be­gin. Race 2: 2 TIVOLI STREET 12/06/2017 War­wick Farm Rdr std fm wide bar­rier an­tic to be fwd but when fairly away & when pace was gen­uine early, did not feel it detri­men­tal to chances on heavy track

set­tle 3 wide with­out cover as geld was in good rhythm. Added when be­ing rid­den out over fi­nal 200m geld ap­peared to re­sent use of whip & be­came un­bal­anced near 70m for this rea­son elected to ride it out hands & heels for re­main­der. Trn std, geld was some­what dis­adv by leader be­ing able to dic­tate terms in front with light weight. 8 SAGAN STAR 13/06/2017 Cess­nock Slow to be­gin.

Race 3: 2 NO IN­TER­EST 14/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Slow to be­gin. 3 QUEEN MISTY 7/06/2017

Af­ter be­ing slow to be­gin, from its wide bar­rier was shifted in across be­hind run­ners in early stages. 4 TEN­NESSEE HUSSY 10/06/2017 Royal Rand­wick Be­gan awk­wardly. In­clined to over­race when caught wide with­out cover through­out the event. 5 LIT­TLE MISS BROWN 14/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Lost its near hind plate. 11 FRISKEE ONE 16/06/2017 Dubbo Slow to be­gin; Near the 200m im­proved onto heels and had to be stead­ied

Race 4: 2 KITTEAU 19/06/2017 Goul­burn Slow to be­gin. 4 LOPE DE LOPE 12/06/2017 War­wick Farm Bumped round­ing the home turn. 5 MATE STORY 7/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Near the 250m, was stead­ied to avoid heels. Rdr said that al­though his mount raced wide & with­out cover for the ma­jor­ity of the event, the geld­ing nonethe­less trav­elled sat­is­fac­to­rily to home turn. He said that on straight­en­ing, be­came un­bal­anced be­hind & from point on was never com­fort­able in to­day’s track con­di­tions. Post race vet exam re­vealed no abs. 6 HITTITE 14/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Was checked in the mid­dle stages when

pace slack­ened. Stead­ied to avoid heels round­ing the home turn. 8 COM­MON PUR­POSE 19/06/2017 Goul­burn Slow to be­gin. 9 JAUNTY (NZ) 12/06/2017 War­wick Farm Round­ing the home turn the filly, which was en­deav­or­ing to im­prove, shifted out from be­hind an­other run­ner & in do­ing so made con­tact with an­other rnr. In the straight laid in un­der pres­sure, oblig­ing its rider to change the whip over to the right hand near 150m. 10 DANZIE (NZ) 19/06/2017 Goul­burn Raced keenly in the early stages when obliged to race wide with­out cover. 11 TAQAAREED 14/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Round­ing the home turn was checked when crowded for room. 13 MURRMAID 17/06/2017 Rose­hill Gar­dens Be­gan awk, shifted out & made heavy con­tact with an­other rnr. Rdr std, in­tended to take up fwd pos, but mount was slow to be­gin & then made con­tact with an­other rnr, which re­sulted in it los­ing ground & set­tled fur­ther back than an­tici, how­ever, was still some­what disap in its fail­ure to fin­ish race off & only expl he could of­fer was mount was some­what stirred up prior to race & in his opin­ion not en­tirely com­fort­able on to­day’s heavy track. A post race vet exam did not re­veal any abs.

Race 5: 1 BEI­JING BOARD (GB) 7/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Rdr stated the geld never trav­elled at any stage of race & he at­trib­uted horse tail­ing out to­day due to the heavy track con­di­tions. The Stew­ards deemed the per­for­mance to be un­ac­cept­able, must per­form sat­is­fac­to­rily at an of­fi­cial bar­rier trial. Post race vet exam re­vealed no abs. Passed trial Rand­wick 23/6/17. 2 NAPOLEON (GER) 31/05/2017 War­wick Farm Slow to be­gin. 3 DI­A­MOND MADE 10/06/2017 Royal Rand­wick Be­gan awk­wardly and then was crowded. Rider was rep­ri­manded for us­ing his whip when out of con­tention. 5 RED VIK­ING 16/06/2017 Gos­ford Near 50m was stead­ied and shifted out to avoid heels. Rider was re­minded of her obli­ga­tions to ride her mounts out fully the win­ning post. 7 ART OF DE­FENCE 11/06/2017 Hawkes­bury Was crowded shortly af­ter the win­ning post. 9 DON PEL­LE­GRINO 16/06/2017 Gos­ford Slow to be­gin. Laid out and was cor­rected by its rider near the win­ning post. 10 RED DREAM 19/06/2017 Goul­burn To be rid­den back - set­tled back. Checked mak­ing first turn. Rdr std in­str to be back & com­mence to im­prove from 600m but not go wide too early to pre­vent be­ing car­ried wider. Std elected to shift and fol­low rnr through mak­ing h/tutn but when rnr did not im­prove as ex­pected be­came briefly held up & was stead­ied be­fore then ob­tained clear run shortly af­ter straight­en­ing. Trn conf in­str. Rdr was adv had erred in not fol­low­ing widest rnr leav­ing 600m which would have af­forded clear run sooner.

Race 6: 1 BAL­MAIN BOY 14/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Post race ve­teri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no ab­nor­mal­i­ties. 4 QUICK DE­FENCE (USA) 14/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages. 6 TAKEWING 28/05/2017 Nowra Near the 600m was checked. 7 ORCYM SAM 10/06/2017 Kem­bla Grange On jump­ing, was bumped on the hindquar­ters. Raced wide through­out with­out cover. 10 AN­OTHER SNAPPY 7/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Be­gan awk­wardly. Rdr was ad­vised to fully ride her mounts out right the win­ning post wher­ever pos­si­ble. 11 THE IRON MAIDEN 16/06/2017 Gos­ford Slow to be­gin. Was badly held up shortly af­ter straight­en­ing and was un­able to im­prove un­til ap­proach­ing the 50m. 12 ADABOY ROSS 11/06/2017 Hawkes­bury Near 800m had to be stead­ied. 300m was bumped.

Race 7: 1 NAT KING CU 12/06/2017 War­wick Farm From the out­side bar­rier was shifted in across be­hind run­ners. 3 LEGISTATION 30/05/2017 Hawkes­bury COT - To be rid­den more fwd & try to lead; set­tled on pace with cover. Near 200m laid out to­wards heels & was stead­ied when awk placed on rnr’s heels. Rdr std af­ter be­ing slow to be­gin he had to make some use of mount imp where it was in­clined race keenly due to slow early tempo. Added could of­fer no expl for dis perf other than geld has not per­formed well third up in past. Post race vet rev no abs. 4 BASTIA (NZ) 29/04/2017 New­cas­tle Rdr std est comf lead appr 1600m & led whilst trav well along back str. Added in ac­cor­dance with in­str she al­lowed mount to impr from 800m & geld was fully ex­tended there­after en­ter­ing home str, how­ever did not quicken & was one paced. A post-race vet exam rev no abs. Tnr conf in­str ex­pressed some disap with perf & would re­port back. Rider rep­ri­manded for fail­ing to ride mount out to fin­ish line. Trn since re­ported no abs de­tected on re­turn sta­ble & will now be fresh­ened up. Since tri­alled. 6 BET­TER BE GOOD 14/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park In the early part of the straight was in­clined to lay in and proved dif­fi­cult shift to out­side of the heels in or­der im­prove. 8 HUR­RI­CANES 14/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Laid out un­der pres­sure in the straight. 9 LUCKY FISH 27/05/2017 New­cas­tle When qst re disap perf, rdr std, mount trav­elled well in an off pace po­si­tion. Added when placed un­der pres­sure prior to straight­en­ing mount did not re­spond to his rid­ing from this stages & was dis­ap­point­ing in the man­ner in which it fin­ished race off. A post race vet exam did not rev any abs. 10 CAE­SAR AUGUSTUS 20/05/2017 Rose­hill Gar­dens Shifted in be­hind run­ners in the early stages. 11 STREET PUR­SUIT 7/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park When qtd re disap perf, rdr std, de­spite geld be­ing pres­sured in lead, was never at any stage com­fort­able in track con­di­tions. Co-trn said al­though has been suc­cess­ful on soft track con­di­tions, be­lieved the very heavy track con­di­tions was prin­ci­pal rea­son for the horse’s poor show­ing. Post race vet exam re­vealed no abs. Co-trn since re­ported was sat­is­fied with post-race cond of geld­ing & as prev di­rected will trial prior to rac­ing again.

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