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Race 6: AS BAD AS TYSON Craig Wid­di­son 22-JUL17 WOD Raced wide with­out cover through­out 04-JUL-17 COR Bumped on jump­ing. QUARCK Daniel Bow­man 14JAN-17 FLEM COT for­ward if it be­gins well; be­gan well and set­tled close to the lead. Stead­ied pass­ing 200m when crowded for room 31DEC-16 M V raced wide in the early stages be­fore be­ing re­strained to ob­tain cover. Rider stated his mount had no luck from the wide draw, trav­el­ing wide through­out and fur­ther, in his opin­ion, did not ap­pre­ci­ate the Moonee Val­ley cir­cuit. Vet no abs. BASTILLE David & B Hayes & T Dabernig 18-MAR17 FLEM Lost the off fore plate dur­ing the event. DE­MO­LI­TION James Cummings 24-MAR-17 M V got un­bal­anced after re­ceiv­ing con­tact near the 700m. Vet-blood at both nos­trils, 3 months. BULLYWOLFE Den­nis Be­r­i­man & Robyn Be­r­i­man 01-AUG-17 WNBL Checked when over rac­ing near the 800m, poor per­for­mance rider stated may have chocked down, post race vet check no ab­nor­mal­i­ties. IT’S A SHAME BILLY Udyta Clarke 26-JUL-17 SANH Be­gan awk­wardly and lost ground. HARD EM­PIRE Dar­ren Weir 06-JAN-17 HOB Over-raced early. STRATUM MAGIC Nikki Burke 05-JUL-17 SANL Rider was of the view his mount would pre­fer a track with more give. 22-JUN-17 WANG Per­formed be­low mar­ket ex­pec­ta­tions. Rider stated mount may be bet­ter suited to tracks with more give. Post race vet exam - No ab­nor­mal­ity. WORLD OF HOPE Dean Bi­naisse 21-MAY-17 BDGO Slow to be­gin & then stead­ied to avoid heels-Pass­ing 600m was stead­ied when tight­ened for room-Per­formed be­low mar­ket ex­pec­ta­tions-Rdr could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for per­for­man­ce­post race vet exam re­vealed ab­nor­mal­i­ties-sam­ple tak­enTnr since re­ported pulled up very dis­tressed, lac­er­a­tions to both hind legs and n/side black eye which re­quired treat­ment 10-MAY-17 SANH jumped awk­wardly. Held up for run­ning from 500m. Pass­ing 200m when held up had to be checked when dis­ap­pointed for run. Held til 100m. ROCK­ETS RED GLARE John McAr­dle 21-JUL-17 GEES over-raced in the early and mid­dle stages. Held up in the early part of the straight 06-JUL-17 CRAN Slow to be­gin. Got head up when be­ing re­strained in mid­dle stages. Held up when un­able to ob­tain a clear run be­tween 500m & 200m. GETEMHEL (NZ) Nigel Black­iston 20-JUL-17 SALE be­gan awk­wardly and bumped heav­ily with Stryk­inglee. Shifted in near the 300 me­tres bump­ing Winspot. Found to have lac­er­a­tion of near front fet­lock after the event. 22-JUN17 WANG Be­gan awk­wardly. Stead­ied off heels shortly after start. DI­A­MOND SPIN­NER Dean Kron­gold 22-MAY-17 MILD Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Tac­tics queried. When ques­tioned in re­la­tion to the tac­tics adopted today rider stated it had been his in­ten­tion to ride the mare closer to the pace, al­though after be­gin­ning only fairly from a wide bar­rier and be­ing re­luc­tant to stride out he set­tled fur­ther back than

an­tic­i­pated. Per­formed be­low mar­ket ex­pec­ta­tions. Rider re­ported that in his opin­ion the mare was bet­ter suited to tracks with more give in them. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any ob­vi­ous ab­nor­mal­i­ties.

Race 7: TINTAGLIA Archie Alexan­der 01-JUL-17 MORP A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no vis­i­ble ab­nor­mal­i­ties. 11-JUN-17 SW H Raced in re­stricted room over the fi­nal 50m. AS­SERTIVE STAR By­ron Coza­ma­nis 16-JUL-17 GEEL Shortly after straight­en­ing, when lay­ing in, had to be stead­ied when awk­wardly placed on heels. BIT OF A LAD Dar­ren Weir 26-JUL-17 SANH Lost its off hind plate dur­ing the race. 16-JUL-17 GEEL Upon straight­en­ing had to be eased off heels. ROLDANA (NZ) Jamie Ed­wards 30-JUL-17 PAKS Post race vet check no ab­nor­mal­i­ties. SUD­DEN MO­MENT Ron Daniel 31-JUL-17 MILD Be­gan awk­wardly.. In the early stages raced wide be­fore be­ing per­mit­ted to stride for­ward pass­ing the 1600m to take up a po­si­tion out­side the leader.. 17-JUL-17 MILD COT In­ten­tion to be rid­den closer from the favourable bar­rier draw. Be­gan awk­wardly. Set­tled worse than mid­field with cover. VEN­TURA HIGH­WAY Bryce Stan­away 16JUL-17 GEEL Slow into stride. Had dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing clear run­ning in the early part of the straight. 09-JUL-17 WNBL Com­menced awk­wardly and lost ground. KNUCKLEMANNA Bryce Stan­away 05-AUG-17 MOE Raced greenly dur­ing the early & mid­dle stages. Ap­proach­ing the 1700m stead­ied when tight­ened by an­other run­ner, which had been car­ried in. EN­TIRELY PER­FECT (NZ) Bryce Stan­away 23-JUL-17 BDGO Rider briefly lost use of right stir­rup after mak­ing 7th ob­sta­cle. Checked to avoid fallen horse after fi­nal jump. 09-JUL-17 WNBL Rider dropped whip.

Race 8: I’M TELLING YA Amy John­ston 22-JUL-17 FLEM jumped away awk­wardly and shifted in-had to steady mo­men­tar­ily when rac­ing close to heels pass­ing 100m 08JUL-17 FLEM Rider re­ported it was not the in­ten­tion to be for­ward how­ever it over raced in the early stages and as a re­sult set­tled closer. FLASH BOY Danny O’Brien 21-FEB17 SEYM Be­gan awk­wardly. An ir­reg­u­lar heart rhythm was de­tected on post race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion. Flash Boy must be sub­ject to ex­am­i­na­tion by a vet­eri­nar­ian with spe­cial­ist qual­i­fi­ca­tions in equine in­ter­nal medicine, prior to start­ing in any race or trial. The ex­am­i­na­tion should in­clude echocar­dio­g­ra­phy, elec­tro­car­dio­g­ra­phy at rest and at ex­er­cise and any other ex­am­i­na­tion that the ex­am­in­ing vet­eri­nar­ian re­quests. Prior to start­ing in any race, and pend­ing Ste­wards re­ceiv­ing a sat­is­fac­tory vet­eri­nary re­port from the spe­cial­ist ex­am­i­na­tion, such horses must trial. SMOOTH HUS­TLER Bren­dan McCarthy 25-JUL-17 BDLE Was car­ried wider round­ing the home turn. BETTYRAE RUBY Tim Hughes 20-MAY-17 FLEM Jumped away awk­wardly. CAM­BRIDGE LADY Mick Price 27DEC-16 S CK App Michael Dee mo­men­tar­ily lost the use of his off side rein pass­ing 100m. 09-DEC-16 M V COT closer from the inside draw; set­tled worse than mid-field. Rider could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for the dis­ap­point­ing per­for­mance. Vet-de­layed re­cov­ery. RATHER SILKY Michael Kent 07-JUL-17 BDGO Rider re­ported it was car­ried wide on straight­en­ing and fur­ther may not have ap­pre­ci­ated the heavy track con­di­tions. BET­TER STRIKE Shea Eden 17-JUL-17 MILD Bumped at the start and then was mo­men­tar­ily in­con­ve­nienced be­fore ap­pear­ing to clip heels and as a re­sult lost ground. Rider re­ported after strik­ing in­ter­fer­ence at the start his mount set­tled fur­ther back in the field than in­tended. 07-DEC16 SANH 150m con­tact. GOT THAT SWING An­drew Noblet 18-MAR-17 MRPK Be­gan awk­wardly. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no vis­i­ble ab­nor­mal­i­ties. 05-MAR-17 BKVA Be­gan awk­wardly and shifted in. MONAJET Dean Bi­naisse 20-JUL-17 SALE shortly after the start tight­ened be­tween Un­canny Ef­fort which shifted in and Ve­na­tor

out, as a re­sult lost ground. Rider B. Thomp­son re­ported the geld­ing did not feel right in its ac­tion. A post race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion did not re­veal any ob­vi­ous ab­nor­mal­i­ties. 08-FEB-17 SANL rider Ben Thomp­son could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for the per­for­mance. Vet no abs. QUICK KISS An­drew Camp­bell 15MAY-17 WERR Bounded at the start. Over-raced in the early and mid­dle stages. Raced wide with­out cover for ma­jor­ity. IN­TER­CHANGE EMILY John Price 21-JUL-17 GEES slow to be­gin 02-JUL-17 SALE Slow

be­gin. AIR­BORNE MAGIC Kelvin Smith 08-JUL-17 DON Com­menced awk­wardly.

Race 9: BLAZ­ING SOCKS Ciaron Ma­her 20-JUL-17 SALE raced wide with­out cover for the ma­jor­ity of the event. TRACEY’S STAR (NZ) Trent Busut­tin & Natalie Young 22JUL-17 WOD Near 800m raced in re­stricted room for some dis­tance. IRON MA­CHINE Den­nis Be­r­i­man & Robyn Be­r­i­man 05JUL-17 SANL Rider re­ported her mount didn’t han­dle today’s track con­di­tions. KOOLAMA BAY Clin­ton McDon­ald 28-JUL17 GEES re­strained from the start. When ques­tioned re­gard­ing his rid­ing from the 1000m, rider Michael Walker ex­plained that he did not wish to be rac­ing four wide so elected set­tle at the rear of the field. He high­lighted that leav­ing the 800m when he did at­tempt to trail Zeusman, Black Van­quish shifted out in ad­vance plac­ing him fur­ther back than pre­ferred. Michael Walker re­ported that his mount laid in un­der pres­sure in the straight and may ben­e­fit from ad­di­tion of blink­ers. A sub­se­quent vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any ab­nor­mal­i­ties. 20-JUL-17 SALE held up round­ing the home turn (400m) un­til pass­ing the 200 me­tres. BLACK VAN­QUISH Tom Hughes 28-JUL-17 GEES Tight­ened at the start laid out round­ing home turn 16JUL-17 GEEL Be­gan awk­wardly. Round­ing the had to be eased when awk­wardly placed on heels. Rider re­ported that after the geld­ing did not be­gin well, his mount set­tled fur­ther back than in­tended. LOTZA FO­CUS Paul Preusker 27-JUL17 ECHA Rider ex­plained he felt some­thing was amiss with the geld­ings ac­tion over the con­clud­ing stages and on pulling up was mak­ing an un­usual res­pi­ra­tory noise. Post race Vet exam re­vealed no ab­nor­mal­i­ties. 08-JUL-17 DON Rider re­ported after be­gin­ning well from the wide gate she per­mit­ted her mount to stride for­ward and set­tle in a for­ward po­si­tion. DONARCHIE (NZ) Ray Cleaver 20-JUL-17 SALE slow to be­gin. Held up round­ing the home turn (400m) un­til pass­ing the 200 me­tres be­fore shift­ing out to ob­tain clear run­ning. 05-JUL17 SANL Slow to be­gin. GIROUX Mathew Eller­ton & Si­mon Zahra 23-JUL-17 BDGO Be­gan awk­wardly. 09-JUL-17 PAKS raced wide with­out cover. SIR NEMO Tony Parker 23-JUL-17 BDGO Over raced in the early and mid­dle stages. 23-JUN-17 GEEL Raced keenly stages. ROKEBY RED Matt Laurie 20-JUL-17 SALE when ques­tioned re­gard­ing tac­tics, rider C. Sy­mons re­ported after be­gin­ning well from the inside bar­rier his mount set­tled more for­ward than ex­pected. 06-JUL-17 CRAN Stead­ied when rac­ing keenly pass­ing the 1000m. CHANCEOFALIFETIME Wayne Ni­chols 22JUL-17 WOD Pass­ing 800m stead­ied to avoid heels when the pace slack­ened, made con­tact with an­other run­ner and as a re­sult be­came un­bal­anced and lost ground 22-JUN-17 WANG Bumped on jump­ing. PREST­WICK Tony Romeo 02JUN-17 GEES Re­strained from the start.

Race 10: CAN’T REFUSE (NZ) Kelvin Bourke 26-JUL-17 SANH Eased down in the home straight. Post race vet exam - No ab­nor­mal­ity. Swab sam­ple taken. 12-JUL-17 SANL raced three wide with­out cover. AS­COT RED Robert Smer­don 20-JUL-17 SALE on jump­ing mo­men­tar­ily tight­ened be­tween Nearc­tic Chiller and Tav­ernier Blue. BAR­WON Steven Pate­man 02-JUN-17 GEES Raced wide through the early stages be­fore cross­ing to set­tle out­side the leader near the 1400 me­tres. TAN TAT TRUST­ING (NZ) Henry Dwyer 26-JUL-17 SANH Stead­ied off heels near 1000m. 10-JUL-17 ECHA Shifted in jump­ing away. Ham­pered near 700m. Bumped near 200m. Layed in un­der pres­sure home straight. Vet - sus­tained in­jury to right eye. Lost near hind plate. BLUE VIPER Daniel Bow­man 27-JUL-17 ECHA Hung in un­der pres­sure in the straight and from the 400m un­til the 200m proved dif­fi­cult to ride out. 09-JUL-17 WNBL Pass­ing 800m raced up onto heels be­fore shift­ing out, mak­ing con­tact and be­com­ing un­bal­anced. BUENA VELOZ Archie Alexan­der 10-JUL-17 ECHA Stood flat footed (3L). AWAKE IN GRINZING (NZ) Kym Hann 23-JUL-17 BDGO Rider stated when placed un­der pres­sure in the mid­dle stages his mount failed to re­spond and strug­gled to make ground on the soft track con­di­tions. BACK TO THE BOWLER Stu­art Webb 19-JUL17 SANH raced three wide with­out cover. PRINCE ZIGGY Jamie Ed­wards 01-AUG-17 WNBL Held up for clear run­ning in the home straight and did not ob­tain un­til ap­proach­ing the 100m.. 11-JUL-17 GEES Raced wide with­out cover. Pass­ing the 500m had to be stead­ied when in­con­ve­nienced by an­other run­ner which shifted out marginally. CRAFTY MISS Matt Laurie 09-JUL-17 PAKS slow into stride. PRATING Peter Mor­gan 29-JUN-17 BRAT COT - With cover. Set­tled mid field with

NAVY BLUE Dar­ren Weir 27-JUL-17 ECHA Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Shifted in un­der pres­sure over the con­clud­ing stages and be­came un­bal­anced. 16-JUL-17 GEEL Raced keenly in the early stages. Laid un­der pres­sure in the straight. SEUL SPIRIT Tony Parker 16-JUL-17 GEEL Round­ing the first turn at the 1400m, had to be eased when awk­ward on heels. 29-JUN-17 BRAT Raced wide through­out. Rider re­ported in his opin­ion it may not have ap­pre­ci­ated the quick back up. NEW YORK MONTY Glenn Thorn­ton 25JUN-17 WNBL Ap­pren­tice could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for the poor per­for­mance. A pos­trace vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any ob­vi­ous ab­nor­mal­i­ties.

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