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Race 1: Cau­then’s Power Slow to be­gin. Doomben 05/08/2017 Sub­so­lar Im­proved on to heels and had to be stead­ied near the 500m. Sun­shine Coast 06/08/2017 Choice Princess Jumped win­ning post shadow on the first oc­ca­sion. Beaudesert 29/07/2017 Broc­son In­clined to lay in when placed un­der pres­sure in the home straight. Doomben 05/08/2017

Race 2: Dar­ing Deeds In­con­ve­nienced near the 1000m and obliged to race wide with­out cover for re­main­der of the event. Sun­shine Coast 30/07/2017 Grand Whis­per Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Ip­swich 04/08/2017 In­ver­aray Frac­tious in the bar­ri­ers, then be­gan awk­wardly, los­ing ground. A post-race ve­teri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no sig­nif­i­cant find­ings. A. Spinks was ques­tioned re­gard­ing the horse’s dis­ap­point­ing per­for­mance. Jockey Spinks stated that after los­ing ground at the start he con­tem­plated set­tling to­wards the rear of the field, how­ever as the speed was only slow in early stages he elected to im­prove for­ward to ob­tain a for­ward po­si­tion as in­structed. He added that after trav­el­ling well in the mid­dle stages the geld­ing was un­der im­mense pres­sure from the 700m and proved dis­ap­point­ing. Doomben 19/07/2017 Sho­neck Af­fair Held up round­ing the home turn and then was dis­ap­pointed for run­ning on straight­en­ing had to be re­strained and shifted out near the 150m. Ip­swich 26/07/2017 Side­walk Talk Slow to be­gin. Ip­swich 04/08/2017 Krup­skaya Bumped at the start. Gold Coast 02/08/2017

Race 3: Siro­can Raced 3 wide with­out cover. Sun­shine Coast 12/02/2017 French Jet Rider ques­tioned re per­for­mance - stated in­ten­tion was set­tle be­hind speed how­ever, geld­ing failed to muster suf­fi­cient speed de­spite his ef­forts and set­tled rear of field. Added when al­lowed to im­prove out­side field upon straight­en­ing fin­ished off fairly but still dis­ap­point­ing in his opin­ion. Of the opin­ion may be bet­ter suited over 1200m. Trainer agreed with com­ments and re­move ear muffs prior to next start. Vet­ted - no ab­nor­mal­i­ties. Gold Coast 02/08/2017 Ky­oto Rose Near the 900m stead­ied when awk­wardly placed at the heels of CASTANITA, which shifted in Gold Coast 05/10/2016 Royal Hoo­te­nanny Had to be stead­ied from the heels of LA DOLCE VITA pass­ing the 800m. Doomben 19/07/2017 Vin­tage Beauty Lost the off hind plate in run­ning. T. Har­ri­son re­ported that it had been her in­ten­tion to ride in a for­ward po­si­tion, how­ever after be­ing slow to be­gin, her mount was po­si­tioned in the se­cond half of the field. Sun­shine Coast 18/06/2017 Hot Gos­sip Stead­ied from heels ap­proach­ing the home turn. Toowoomba 08/04/2017

Race 4: Cate­nac­cio Laid in un­der pres­sure in the straight. Gold Coast 02/08/2017 Dutch Treat Trainer re­ported mare sus­tained an abra­sion to its near hind leg. Gold Coast 02/08/2017 Antigone Over­raced on to heels and had to be checked when the pace was steady dur­ing mid­dle stages be­fore racing with its head in the air un­til ap­proach­ing 900m. Sun­shine Coast 23/04/2017 Says Me Be­came un­bal­anced near the 250m. Ip­swich 26/07/2017 Snow Fields Held up for clear run­ning and clipped heels and blun­dered near the 250m then con­tin­ued to be held up pass­ing the 100m. Sun­shine Coast 09/08/2017

Race 5: Heat Shield Held up for clear run­ning from ap­proach­ing the home turn un­til pass­ing 200m. Bumped heav­ily ap­proach­ing the 100m. Ip­swich 04/08/2017 Sky One Hung out on the home turn. Doomben 12/07/2017 Mon­tana Pines Slow into stride. Held up round­ing the home turn and in the early part of the straight. Ip­swich 26/07/2017 Finest Sail­ing Over­raced be­tween the 1100m and 800m. Bal­lina 28/07/2017 Ma­jor Luck Bumped near 1100m. Over­raced early stages. Raced wide through­out. Gold Coast 02/08/2017

Race 6: Pow­er­ful Flash Be­gan awk­wardly. Gold Coast 02/08/2017 Our Beat­nik Ham­pered at start. Near 500m checked from heels. Over­raced ma­jor­ity of event. Held up in early stages home straight. Gold Coast 02/08/2017 Dream­scope Be­gan awk­wardly. Bumped near 1100m. Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Gold Coast 02/08/2017

Race 7: Wil­low­brook Won­der Raced wide through­out. Doomben 29/07/2017 Hel­fuchi Cast a near fore plate in run­ning Gold Coast 06/05/2017 La Vida Loca Near 900m stead­ied when awk­wardly placed at heels of RAIN ON ME. Raced wide with­out cover for ma­jor­ity. Raced greenly through­out. Gold Coast 02/08/2017

Race 8: Mis­hani Bul­litt Shifted in at the start, tight­en­ing run­ners to its in­side. Held up in the early stages of the home straight. Doomben 10/06/2017 The Am­a­teur post race ve­teri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any sig­nif­i­cant ab­nor­mal­i­ties. Trainer T. Ed­monds in­di­cated the horse would now be sent for a spell. Sun­shine Coast 28/01/2017 Aris­tograts Upon straight­en­ing dis­ap­pointed for run be­tween OUR JA­MAICA and DANE JESTER, then held up obliged to shift back in­side of OUR JA­MAICA to se­cure clear run­ning. Again held up pass­ing 150m when dis­ap­pointed for run to in­side OUR JA­MAICA which shifted in marginally. Rider ques­tioned if opportunity to hold the lead early stages - stated in­struc­tions were po­si­tion where com­fort­able, there­fore when OUR JA­MAICA, drawn to his out­side, pressed for­ward lead con­tent to take a trail­ing po­si­tion be­hind that run­ner. Trainer con­firmed in­struc­tions. Ex­pla­na­tion noted. Gold Coast 02/08/2017 Cap­i­tal Con­nec­tion R. Fradd re­ported at scale that the geld­ing put in an awk­ward stride upon en­ter­ing the home straight and then shifted in abruptly near the 200m when the win­ner im­proved to its out­side. Doomben 19/07/2017 Dane Jester Leav­ing 300m stead­ied when awk­wardly placed at the heels of OUR JA­MAICA, which shifted out. Gold Coast 02/08/2017 Iron­born Ham­pered at start. Held up ap­proach­ing the 300m Gat­ton 28/07/2017 Mr Bel­la­gio Stead­ied from heels near the 800m. Sun­shine Coast 30/07/2017 St Hi­lary Be­gan awk­wardly and bumped ONE GOLDEN DAY Gat­ton 28/07/2017 Know­ing Frank Mak­ing the first turn near the 900m when tempo stead­ied, had to be checked and shifted out avoid heels

as a re­sult raced three wide with­out cover there­after. Doomben 02/01/2017

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