STEW­ARDS RE­PORT: Doomben 12/8/2017

The Sportsman Midweek - - Detailed Formguide For Doomben -

Race 1: BUD­GET BEN­DER When ques­tioned, J. Tay­lor re­ported that in his opin­ion his mount did not ap­pre­ci­ate the quick back-up from last Sun­day and may not have han­dled the step up in dis­tance.

Race 2: BI­NARY Trainer K. Sch­weida ad­vised that from the wide bar­rier and with pace ex­pected to be slow, horse would be rid­den in a for­ward po­si­tion if cir­cum­stances per­mit. After be­ing rid­den for­ward in the early stages, was forced to race wide and then eased to take up a po­si­tion mid­field. Fin­ished dis­tant last. A post-race ve­teri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no sig­nif­i­cant find­ings. EX­PAT ENVY Raced wide through­out.

Race 3: 1050M MADAME LILY Had to steady away from heels after leav­ing the 800m. ONE IN ONE OUT Hung out pass­ing 800m de­spite ef­forts of its rider. Ap­pren­tice R. Ride re­ported that her mount hung out on both turns. BEAUDACIOUS Had to steady away from heels pass­ing the 800m. MAKE HER OWN WHEY Held up round­ing

home turn. MY MAISIE Raced wide with­out cover. START DREAMIN Slow to be­gin. HI SEXY Had be checked pass­ing the 800m when taken out by an­other run­ner.

Race 4: ROCKY KING Raced four wide. Forced wider at the en­trance to the straight. LUCKY ME­TEOR Raced three wide with­out cover. Forced wider at the en­trance to the straight. HANWRITTEN Stead­ied away from heels ap­proach­ing the 600m. Jockey R. Ste­wart was ques­tioned re­gard­ing his rid­ing of the geld­ing in the early stages. He stated that he had been in­structed to be pos­i­tive and that the horse does not muster early speed and as a re­sult he did not bus­tle the geld­ing in the early stages felt that HARD STRIDE would go for­ward and lead STELLA OMBRA he race out­side of HARD STRIDE. He added that when this did not hap­pen, he was then un­able to ob­tain a po­si­tion be­hind those horses when TAILLEVENT im­proved to his in­side. He fur­ther added that in his opin­ion the geld­ing did not ap­pre­ci­ate racing re­stricted room in the mid­dle stages. His ex­pla­na­tion was noted. Trainer M. Dunn was also ques­tioned re­gard­ing his in­struc­tions to R. Ste­wart. He stated that he ad­vised R. Ste­wart the geld­ing would prob­a­bly lead but he did not need to as horse does have a ten­dency to take some time muster speed. Mr Dunn said he was dis­ap­pointed that R. Ste­wart was not more ag­gres­sive in the early stages to try and clear HARD STRIDE. TAILLEVENT Stead­ied away from heels ap­proach­ing the 600m. Shifted out at en­trance to the straight, tak­ing run­ners to out­side wider on

track. Bled both nos­trils. In­el­i­gi­ble to race for three months and prior to starting again must per­form sat­is­fac­to­rily in a 1000m gal­lop in the pres­ence of stew­ard. POW­ER­FUL SAGA Knuck­led on jump­ing.

Race 5: The dec­la­ra­tion of cor­rect weight was de­layed to al­low T. Har­ri­son, the rider of BIANTIC, to view pa­trol footage of the start to de­ter­mine whether she could make an ap­pli­ca­tion to have her mount de­clared a non­run­ner due to the geld­ing get­ting its off hind leg up on to the bar­rier par­ti­tion just prior to start. After view­ing the video it was es­tab­lished that her mount had been af­forded a fair start. SAGAMAMA Raced wide with­out cover. The ve­teri­nary sur­geon re­ported that the horse was ex­hibit­ing a cough post-race. Con­nec­tions were ad­vised that the horse would re­quire a ve­teri­nary clear­ance, in­clud­ing re­sults of an en­do­scopic ex­am­i­na­tion, be­fore racing again. CASHING UP Raced wide with­out cover un­til near the 800m. KNOW HOW Ap­pren­tice M. McGillivray re­ported at scale that his mount be­came awk­ward near the 800m and brushed the run­ning rail. RE­ALLY REILLY D. Browne ad­vised that the geld­ing over­raced in early stages, how­ever trav­elled well un­til placed un­der pres­sure when it failed to re­spond to his rid­ing. SNAP­PER As J. Mor­ris was be over­weight, A. Allen sub­sti­tuted as rider. J. Mor­ris fined $200. Held up round­ing the home turn. ROGALI In­spected by the ve­teri­nary sur­geon at bar­ri­ers after it was found to have blood in its mouth and cleared to start.

Race 6: BEAT STREET Raced wide with­out cover. DEE NINE ELLE Dif­fi­cult to load. A warn­ing was placed on the horsees bar­rier man­ners. D. Browne was stood down by the Club doc­tor fol­low­ing his ride in this event and rid­ing re­place­ments were made as per the Stew­ards Race Day Sum­mary.

Race 7: The dec­la­ra­tion of cor­rect weight was de­layed when stew­ards viewed the video to con­sider whether they would lodge an ob­jec­tion in re­la­tion to in­ci­dent in the straight in­volv­ing SILI­QUA and SAIPAN.. Stew­ards did not pro­ceed with an ob­jec­tion cor­rect weight was semaphored. SAIPAN Bumped after leav­ing the 100m and taken wider on track. AGAPANTHA Shifted in on jump­ing and made con­tact with an­other run­ner. Raced wide with­out cover. ZIP TO THE MOON Bumped on jump­ing. Over­raced in the mid­dle stages. RHYME NOR RHYTHM M. Cahill re­ported that his mount laid out for the ma­jor­ity of the race. JACK­POT Raced wide with­out cover. SILI­QUA Jumped awk­wardly. Shifted out after leav­ing the 100m, mak­ing con­tact with SAIPAN, tak­ing that run­ner wider on the track. A. Spinks was ad­vised that in sim­i­lar cir­cum­stances he should stop rid­ing his mounts and straighten.

Race 8: Prior to the run­ning of 7, con­nec­tions were ad­vised that D. Browne was in­dis­posed and that the only rid­ers avail­able were ap­pren­tices. Fol­low­ing run­ning of Race 7 an ap­pli­ca­tion was made by the con­nec­tions to scratch colt as they were not com­fort­able with en­gag­ing an ap­pren­tice due to the horsees racing traits. After con­sid­er­ing their sub­mis­sions, stew­ards ac­ceded to the ap­pli­ca­tion and SO IN­VIN­CI­BLE was de­clared a late scratch­ing at 3:22 pm. On the an­nounce­ment of cor­rect weight, stew­ards or­dered that all monies in­vested on SO IN­VIN­CI­BLE be re­funded, with the fol­low­ing de­duc­tions to ap­ply to suc­cess­ful wa­gers placed prior to 3:22 pm: > 5 cents in the dol­lar for the Win #16 > 7 cents in

dol­lar for place of win­ner #16 > 7 cents in the dol­lar for 2nd #4 > 5 cents in the dol­lar for 3rd place #10 CAL­LIG­RA­PHER Ap­pren­tice T. Brooker re­ported at scale that her mount hung in through­out the race, prov­ing dif­fi­cult to ride. EXCELEBRAZIONE Bumped near the 200m. JOHNNY WHITESOX Bumped heav­ily shortly after the start. Shifted out to im­prove in­side the 200m and made con­tact with an­other run­ner. ROCK NN SUM­MER Tight­ened for room shortly after the start. TOO EASY BRO Held up mo­men­tar­ily near 200m. WHYPEEO Slow to be­gin. Over­raced in the early and mid­dle stages. I AM IM­PINGE- Had to be stead­ied away from heels near the 200m. PER­FECT RAIN Shifted out shortly after the start and made heavy con­tact with JOHNNY WHITESOX. FELINO BEL Stew­ards ac­cepted trainer B. Guyys ex­pla­na­tion for fail­ing to de­clare a rider by the pre­scribed time. Held up in early stages of straight and did not ob­tain clear run­ning un­til after the 200m.

Race 9: MAG­NUS COR Slow to be­gin. Brushed the run­ning rail near the 600m. BEL SE­LENE Raced wide with­out cover. ALL THAT IS Held up and had to steady off heels near the 100m. MAGIC DI­A­MOND Had to be checked when tir­ing near the 100m tight­ened for room be­tween SOROR­ITY SIS­TER, which shifted in marginally, and ALL THAT IS, which shifted out when taken out by an­other run­ner. TEMUJINNS QUEEN Raced wide through­out.

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