STEW­ARDS RE­PORT: Doomben 2/9/2017

The Sportsman Midweek - - De­tailed For­mguide For Strathal­byn -

Race 1: JET­SONIC Slow to be­gin. In­clined to hang out round­ing the home turn. IM­PREG­NABLE Jumped awk­wardly and lost ground. SE­CRET PUZ­ZLE Raced wide with­out cover. Fin­ished a dis­tant last. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed the mare to be suf­fer­ing from car­diac ar­rhyth­mia. Trainer L. Ross was ad­vised that the horse must trial sat­is­fac­to­rily and that a vet­eri­nary clear­ance, in­clud­ing the re­sults of an ECG, must be pro­duced prior to the mare be­ing per­mit­ted race again. BEAU­DA­CIOUS When ques­tioned, D. Browne ex­plained that his mount trav­elled will but did not feel en­tirely com­fort­able in its ac­tion in the home straight and as a re­sult did not fin­ish the race off as ex­pected. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no sig­nif­i­cant find­ings. PEKING ROAD Had to steady off heels near the 50m. Fol­low­ing the run­ning of this race

track was up­graded to GOOD 3 ret­ro­spec­tive.

Race 2: DI­VINE SER­VICE Had to steady off heels near the fin­ish­ing line.

Race 3: STAN­LEY Raced wide in the early stages un­til 1400m. EX­PLO­SIVE ONE Raced wide from the 1600m un­til rid­den for­ward to ob­tain the lead af­ter leav­ing the 1000m. GORADA Held up af­ter leav­ing the 500m. JIMMY HOFFA Bumped on the hind quar­ters near the 300m. MR SCARY Raced wide with­out cover af­ter leav­ing the 1000m.

Race 4: The start of this race was de­layed when DEE NINE ELLE proved dif­fi­cult to load. DEE NINE ELLE A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed that the mare had an el­e­vated heart rate. Trainer T. Gol­lan ad­vised that the mare would now be sent for a spell. PAS­SION­FLOWER Con­nec­tions ad­vised that from the bet­ter draw it would be in­ten­tion to have the horse rid­den more for­ward to­day. The horse set­tled just off the pace. CAPETOWN HUSSEY Held up over the con­clud­ing stages and had to al­ter course to ob­tain clear run­ning. PLUCKY GIRL J. Lloyd was ques­tioned re­gard­ing his rid­ing of the mare. He stated that his in­struc­tions were to race ei­ther out­side the leader, which he an­tic­i­pated would be DEE NINE ELLE, or ride with cover. He said the mare did not be­gin par­tic­u­larly well and he elected to find a po­si­tion be­hind PAS­SION­FLOWER, how­ever was pre­vented from do­ing so ap­proach­ing the 1000m when FLEUR DDOR­AGE im­proved to his in­side and as he did not wish to race three wide he elected push for­ward to race out­side the leader, how­ever was pre­vented from ob­tain­ing that posi­ton when PAS­SION­FLOWER held the po­si­tion out­side the leader near the 800m. He added that he then elected to ease and take a trail be­hind PAS­SION­FLOWER near the 700m for short time trav­elled rea­son­ably well but then when MAG­NA­JOY im­proved to his in­side ap­proach­ing the home turn, he was un­able pre­vent that mare from shift­ing out as PLUCKY GIRL was un­der pres­sure. He added that the mare picked up mo­men­tum near the 300m and got to line very well.

Race 5: HAN­WRIT­TEN Per­formed dis­ap­point­ingly. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no sig­nif­i­cant find­ings. Trainer M. Dunn will be ad­vised that the geld­ing must trial sat­is­fac­to­rily prior to rac­ing again. LIVE FAST Bumped on jump­ing. KHA­LAMA Jumped awk­wardly, shifted in and bumped an­other run­ner. Shifted in un­der pres­sure ap­proach­ing the 100m.

Race 6: BROC­SON Hung in away from an­other run­ner ap­proach­ing the 1400m. POW­ER­FUL FLASH Shifted in and made con­tact with an­other run­ner near the 200m. Had to steady away from heels near the 100m. REAL STING Had to steady from heels ap­proach­ing the 1400m. al­ter course to ob­tain clear run­ning in­side the 100m. GLEN ORD Shifted in ap­proach­ing the 200m, tight­en­ing run­ners to in­side. AH­N­DRAS J. Lloyd re­ported at scale that his mount hung in un­der pres­sure in the straight. PINO­LINO A pos­trace vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed the mare to be lame in the near fore­leg. Trainer L. Birch­leyys rep­re­sen­ta­tive will be ad­vised that the horse re­quire a vet­eri­nary clear­ance prior to be­ing per­mit­ted to race again.

Race 7: LLEN­TRE­COTE Broke through the bar­ri­ers, was quickly re­strained, re­turned to the bar­ri­ers, in­spected by vet­eri­nary sur­geon and cleared to race. MY DIA­MAN­TINE Checked away from heels near the 600m. PIN­DAN PEARL Reared as the start was ef­fected and lost con­sid­er­able ground (6L). A warn­ing placed on the mare in re­la­tion to its bar­rier man­ners.

Race 8: LEGADEMA Ap­pren­tice M. McGil­livray re­ported at scale that his mount jumped awk­wardly. I AM IM­PINGE Raced wide through­out with­out cover. J. Lloyd re­ported at scale that his mount over­raced in the early and mid­dle stages. CHARM­ING PRINCE Slow to be­gin.

Race 9: BROTH­ERLY SE­CRET Trainer R. Heathcote ad­vised that from the wide bar­rier the horse would be rid­den in a for­ward po­si­tion if cir­cum­stances per­mit. The horse was rid­den for­ward and set­tled out­side the leader. MARKS­FIELD Raced wide with­out cover. SABKHAT Held up ap­proach­ing the home turn. DENAR­IUS Ap­pren­tice M. McGil­livray re­ported at scale that his mount laid out through­out the race. CON­STAN­TINE Slow to be­gin.

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