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Race 1: THE UL­TI­MA­TUM Michael Hibbs 28-SEP-17 BDGO pass­ing the 200m was dis­ap­pointed for a run be­tween Broad­way Danza and Golden Flag (NZ), where there was in­suf­fi­cient room to im­prove. Then had dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing a clear run un­til the end of the race and fin­ished off

event not fully ex­tended. Rider Jamie Mott was of the opin­ion the geld­ing did ap­pre­ci­ate rac­ing in­side of other run­ners. A post race ve­teri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any ab­nor­mal­i­ties. SOLAS (NZ) Eric Musgrove 04-NOV-17 TRAR raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages. BARACHINO (NZ) Rob­bie Laing 05NOV-17 MORN Slow to be­gin. Pass­ing the 2000m stead­ied from heels 02

SEYM FIREFREE Cliff Mur­ray 05-NOV-17 MORN Slow to be­gin 20-OCT-17 PAKM slow to be­gin. Race 2: COLUMBIA Aaron Pur­cell 27-OCT-17 ECHA Per­for­mance queried. R: May be suited to tracks with more give. 08-OCT-17 SEYM be­gan awk­wardly. POET’S COR­NER Mick Price 01-NOV-17 BDGO laid in­wards in the home straight. Eased pass­ing

100m when tight­ened for room 08-OCT-17 BDLE Raced greenly in the home straight. BOOKBUILD An­thony Freed­man 03-NOV-17 M V raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages. When giv­ing ground prior to straight­en­ing near 250m, checked from heels, Dur­ing the in­ci­dent clipped the heels of My Uni­corn. SNOWS BRO Ja­son War­ren 28-OCT-17 Y VL Raced keenly in the early and mid­dle

stages. Laid in un­der pres­sure over fi­nal 200m. 10-OCT-17 MORN Raced keenly through the early stages and then raced wide. Lay out near the 700 me­tres. PRO­CE­DURAL Craig Black­shaw 10-OCT-17 MORN A post race ve­teri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any ob­vi­ous ab­nor­mal­ity.

Race 3: BOOZE FREE Michael Ryan 08-OCT-17 SEYM Jumped awk­wardly over raced early 10-SEP-17 SALE stood flat footed and lost ground (5L).. EL CHORRILLO (NZ) Rob­bie Laing 29-OCT-17 SALE Rdr re­ported the horse raced greenly when un­der pres­sure in the straight and struck with whip near 100m, shifted in abruptly oblig­ing him to cor­rect his mount. SMOK­ING BUL­LET Cliff Mur­ray 19-JUN-16 SALE Be­gan awk­wardly. Wide with­out cover through­out. MOJOS Ray Be­sanko 29-OCT-17 SALE in the mid­dle stages, raced keenly. Near 500m stead­ied when tight­ened-Be­tween the 200 me­tres and the 100 me­tres, had trou­ble ob­tain­ing a clear run. RIPPLEBROOK Sharyn Trolove 29-OCT-17 SALE be­gan awk­wardly, shifted in mak­ing con­tact with an­other run­ner. In the mid­dle stages raced keenly. Held up when un­able to ob­tain a clear run 500m un­til pass­ing the 200m 19OCT-17 MOE Be­gan awk­wardly and bumped an­other run­ner. THE AU­DI­TOR Shea Eden 29-OCT-17 SALE slow to be­gin. Race 4: LORD WENT­WORTH Wez Hunter 04-NOV-17 TRAR Un­suc­cess­ful protest against 3rd place-no in­ter­fer­ence-had some dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing a run for a short dis­tance ap­proach­ing 400m-Near the 100 me­tres was obliged to change course 12-OCT-17 BRAT Stead­ied over fi­nal stages. RIVER RE­WARD Glenn Cross 03-NOV-17 M V held up when un­able to ob­tain a clear run­ning from the 600m un­til near the 200m. 15-OCT-17 CRAN Slow to be­gin. Made con­tact with an­other run­ner pass­ing 1000m. STASIO Char­lie Gafa 07-NOV-17 BDLE slow into stride. Had dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing a clear run round­ing the home turn 04NOV-17 TRAR protest by 4th placed dis­missed-ap­proach­ing 600m layed in & ap­peared to clip heels-RDr said re­gard to tac­tics, not given firm in­struc­tions and af­ter be­gin­ning well he elected to take up a for­ward po­si­tion. When ques­tioned with re­gard to the seem­ingly im­proved per­for­mance tnr ex­plained that the geld­ing had taken time to gain race fit­ness and to­day was rid­den in a man­ner which suited. STATELY BOY Shea Eden 05-NOV-17 KILM Be­gan awk­wardly shifted out and bumped heav­ily with an­other run­ner. TAI­LORED Nathan Dunn 15-OCT-17 CRAN Slow to be­gin. Checked from heels, which was weak­en­ing ap­proach­ing 400 me­tres. THE GROUNDS­MAN Kim & Gayle May­berry 29-OCT-17 SALE raced wide with­out cover. BRANDO Chris Meagher slow into stride. Rider re­ported geld­ing would be bet­ter suited to longer jour­ney­post race vet exam did not re­veal any abs. MIGHTY MITCH Ja­son Bridg­man 02-NOV-17 SEYM Be­gan awk­wardly.

PER­SIAN EM­PIRE (NZ) Trent Busut­tin & Natalie Young 02-NOV-17 SEYM Raced wide with­out cover. 08-OCT17 BDLE Be­gan awk­wardly. Raced tight near 700m. MISS CON­SPIR­ACY An­drew Noblet 14-OCT-17 PAKM Held up for clear run­ning round­ing home turn & early part of home straight. Rider fined for fail­ing to ride mount right out to line.

Race 5: FIERCE COM­MAND Ray Be­sanko 29-OCT-17 SALE raced wide with­out cover 08-OCT-17 BDLE Ham­pered on jump­ing. WEN­NER Ken Keys 05-NOV-17 MORN Near 50m stead­ied from heels-Rdr re­ported geld­ing would be bet­ter suited to longer dis­tances-post race vet exam failed to re­veal any ob­vi­ous abs. DRY BIS­CUIT Michael Ryan 05-NOV-17 MORN Bumped at the start with Ris­ing Son. Rider could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for per­for­mance-post race vet exam failed to re­veal any ob­vi­ous abs. ROSEBERRY STREET Shea Eden 29-OCT-17 SALE held for a run from pass­ing 500m un­til ap­proach­ing 200m 20-OCT-17 PAKM raced keenly in the mid­dle stages. CARUSELLE Ian Hutchins 29-OCT-17 SALE Rdr ques­tioned re­gard­ing tac­tics ex­plained from wide bar­rier mare be­gan well and rather than race wide, he elected to take lead in early stages, which was not pre-race plan 13-OCT-17 CRAN Slow to be­gin. GUADAL­CANAL (NZ) Reg Man­ning 07-NOV-17 SAPH Be­gan awk­wardly. Race 6: STORMY SHORE Ken Fythe 19-OCT-17 MOE Over raced in

the mid­dle stages. TRAN­QUIL MISS George Doderico 29-OCT-17 SALE held up for a clear run round­ing the home turn. DANC­ING HARE An­thony Freed­man 11-OCT-17 BDGO Bumped and car­ried wide near 500m. 28SEP-17 BDGO on three oc­ca­sions near the 300m, the 200m and the 100m, jumped shad­ows the track and be­came un­bal­anced as a re­sult lost mo­men­tum each time. EL­E­GANTLY WASTED Lenny Xuereb 19-OCT-17 MOE Rider stated mount did not han­dle Soft 6 track con­di­tions. Post race vet exam - OK.

Race 7: RED BELLE Mon­ica Cros­ton 25-MAY-17 MOE Slow to be­gin. When rac­ing greenly pass­ing the 500 me­tres be­came un­bal­anced when rac­ing tight on the in­side. Raced greenly in the straight and was in­clined to shift ground. CLUB TROPICANA Mathew Eller­ton & Si­mon Zahra 01-NOV-17 BDGO raced wide with­out cover 12MAY-17 GEES frac­tious in bar­ri­ers, vet­ted passed fit. rdr - had come to end of prep. vet no abs. LADY LOUISE Ray Be­sanko 16-JUN-17 GEES re­strained in the early stages. FOR A SONG Rob Blacker 21-OCT-17 WOD Bounded on jump­ing awayRdr ex­plained mare was caught wide through­out and this detri­men­tal to its per­for­mance-post-race Vet exam failed to re­veal any abs. SMUG SAT­IS­FAC­TION Henry Dwyer 10-OCT17 MORN Ham­pered at the start. 21-SEP-17 PAKS Raced keen early and mid­dle stages. Rider re­ported raced greenly through­out. SPLASH AROUND Eric Musgrove 20-OCT-

17 PAKM raced wide with­out cover. im­proved perf q’d - trn - had taken time to gain fit­ness, suited by soft track and slow tempo. BELLA MIS­SILE Sharyn Trolove 07-NOV-17 BDLE raced wide with­out cover.

Race 8: PURE AD­DIC­TION Rob­bie Grif­fiths 25-OCT-17 GEEL Be­gan awk­wardly & was checked off heels. 27-SEP-17 FLEM be­gan awk­wardly. RUTH’S BOY Bren­dan McCarthy 10NOV-17 CRAN Raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages. 22-OCT17 SEYM Pass­ing the 800m when the tempo stead­ied com­menced to over­race. TELL THE TRUTH An­drew Noblet 10-JUN-17 FLEM Rider stated it set­tled fur­ther for­ward than an­tic­i­pated and it may have come to the end of its cur­rent prepa­ra­tion. Vet re­ported no ab­nor­mal­i­ties. GAUT­ENG GAL Rachael Cun­ning­ham 05-NOV-17 KILM Raced keenly in the mid­dle stages 27-OCT-17 ECHA Slow to be­gin. ANSINNA Shea Eden 10NOV-17 CRAN Raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages. FROMPARIS WITHLOVE Leon & Troy Corstens 17-OCT-17 KYNE near 300m was mo­men­tar­ily eased to avoid heel­sRdr could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for dis­ap­point­ing per­for­mance of mare other than it was obliged to race wide with­out cover through­out event-post race vet exam failed to re­veal any abs. WARRIGAL MAC Reg Man­ning 02NOV-17 SAPH Slow to be­gin. Lay out mak­ing the home turn. Lost its near fore plate in run­ning.

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